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Long walk meeting new friends

January 8th 2013 3:39 pm
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Well I am in the new place. I have meet many new kids and they all seem so nce just like a small town. there is one dog that seems to have some issues a troublesome kid. He is allowed to go off leash and runs in trouble, and does not listen. He does not listen to his mom either. Helikes to chase cats which is not nice, but in his defense we would not chase them if they did not run . some of the cats act like they own the neighborhood. That is cats for you. I went for a long walk around the neighborhood which was fun. I got tp see all the new sights and souns. On wednesday I am excited I get to go to the dog park and see old friends. On Thursday I have to go to the vet and get my check up and shots. well I got to go


My new place

January 7th 2013 9:54 am
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Well my two humans sisters have moved into a new palce. It was sad to leve my old house, but it was an old house and needs a lot of work so it was best to say good bye. My new neighborhood is nice and there are a lot of nice dogs to meet. I have met several of them and they are all very friendly.




January 6th 2013 8:51 am
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well we moved to the new place yesterday. It is ok , any place would be good as long as I am with my family and not the streets., or a shelter. There seems to be alot of dogs here so new friends to meet. The cats do not like it here. IT is rainy today it rained really hard at night and early morning. I am at my old house helping bring stuff over to the new place still. I do not like rain it cramps my style! I really miss my momma human- I really wish she was here. I lived at that house for 12 years. I will miss all the old dogs in the neighborhood but will still go and see all my old friends at the dog park. I actually live closer to it now then before. I guess I should go and help my humans pack- they can not do anything without my help. Looking forward to meeting new friends.


Moving and walking with the dogs

January 5th 2013 11:39 am
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well we are packing up to move. I really do not want to move. But that is life. This morning I went and walked with my friends chloe and Bernie. It was a nice little walk. I am helping myhuman sister with her running. I am also keeping paws crossed and saying prayers to the big guy that she gets her job. see later


feeling ok

January 4th 2013 7:46 am
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well I am feeling ok., My back and hips are ok. My human sisters were worried about me because I did not eat my dog food and just ate snacks, cat food and human food. well Maybe I did not like the New food that they got me. It was suppose to be better for dogs! My question was what dogs would eat it. They went and got me the old stuff and going to take the old "good" food to the food closet where they volunteer. it is cold. I love cold weather but below Freezing weather is not for me. I only have 10 more days at my new old house, maybe shorter they might move on the 12. I hope Nice dogs live in the neighborhood, and hope there are squirrels there. well I hope all you dogs are ok and have a good day



January 3rd 2013 8:43 am
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It is cold here. I know I live in California and most people think we are always warm, and that is true for Southern Ca However, here in Sacramento it gets cold. The past two morning have been below freezing and I admit it does warm up to be much warmer than most of the country it is cold in mornings and evenings. Today I went just for a short walk as it was so cold my paws were cold. I can hardly wait until March when it starts to get warmer. However, I also hate the heat. I guess I am just hard to please


A New year

January 2nd 2013 7:05 am
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It is Cold! It got below freezing! Now it is only 38 degrees. Nothing new except my family isin love with the dog who plays dog on re runs of the Petti coat Junction. They watch that show every weekeday at 6.30 am. I do not think the dog if that great! But atleast a dog has a big role on the show which is nice. well I should go and help pack too. I am going to the dog park. Keep paws crossed that my human sister get one of the 2 jobs she is trying to get. Have a good day.


Happy New Year

January 1st 2013 7:33 am
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Hello all
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope 2013 is a good year even though #13 is bad Luck! There were alot of Booms going off to celebrate the new yearI was Not scarred! My one human sister is going to be a vegitarian now and re start her training of running. I am going to help her. t is freezing here it is 32 dgrees. I like the cool weather. I hope 2013 brings my family Luck they NEED it. Saying a prayer my human sister gets a Better job. Every pup enjoy the New year!



December 31st 2012 6:21 pm
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Hi Just stopped in to say happy New year to all. Sorry I have not written. I have been busy. I hope I have better Luck and wish all the dogs a happy, Healthy, Lucky ,prosperous New Year!! Happy 2013!


Wild day

December 2nd 2012 8:09 pm
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Our weather has been wild and wooly. It has been raining for 5 days. Of course we had some breaks but we have gotten over a lot of rain. At least 5 inches of rain. Last night started the worse of the storms. The wind blew and the rain poured all night. Then this morning there was even more rain and wind. I was a little frightened on of our trees would fall down, but thankfully it did not. The park near our house has a creek flowing through it, and it flooded a lot of the park. By afternoon the weather had cleared up and road flooding went away, The water in the park even began to go away. I hope we do not have another wild weather day like today for a long long tim

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