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after the superbowl ravens won

February 4th 2013 10:52 am
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well the superbowl and teh Ravens won. that is the team Ireally wanted to win, I just said I wanted 49ers to keep the peace with the CATS. Baltimore is myfavorite city and I would like to go and vistit and maybe even live there. I got to go and walk with my friends Epona , Bernie and Chloe. It was very fun. Today is very nice. My back is still othering me. I like superbowl food- Last night I got some pizza which was delicious! I d not get pizza that much- but on special occassions so I guess I like the superbowl for the food and my team won! its Ravens Baby! I got to go see ya later. Have a great Day


Superbowl Sunday 49ers V Baltimore Ravens- the Harbaugh Superbowl

February 3rd 2013 5:49 pm
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well today is the day many folks have been looking forward to. I do not get that excited about it. I like Puppybowl and kitten bowl that is before the superbowl and by purina and Animal Planet. I think it should have a Dog bowl and cat bowl along with the puppy and kitten bowl. I hope the 49ers win but the lights went out so who knows- the Ravens are ahead. The lights wentout at the superbowl stadium. well that is ok it will time for the 49ers more time to relax and energize. I think humans spend way to much money on this game and the money could be used for better reasons like helping homes animals, environment, homeless people, poor people , schools. Well I should go back- dinner was served and I think the cats left some food behind and I want to go and get it before the cats come back for it. My back is about the same. I got to go to the odg park and see all my dog friends. It was nice to see all of them and catch up on the odg gossip. I got to take 3 short walks around the neighborhood today. I wills ee ya later. The game is back.


Ground Hog Day

February 2nd 2013 8:01 am
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Well the ground hog did not see its shawdow so they say it will be an early spring. Well i didnot need a ground Hog to tell me that-I could tell by the way it feels. It is very Strange weather=Climange. Tommorrow is superbowl sunday- many people predict the Baltimore Ravens to win- I still want the 49ers.There was a wild party inour Neighborhood again the same people.I get to go to the dog park today and Sunday.Well Nothing much else going on see ya-



February 1st 2013 8:41 am
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well I enjoyed the cookies that my human sister and I made yesterday. they were very Tasty!!! Ihad 2 nice short little walks around the neighborhood, It was very nice. It is like another early spring day.On sat I get to go to dog park and see all my friends which I am very excited about! I Love to see those friends and catch up on all the dog gossip. Sunday is the superbowl I want the 49ers to win. I like to watch the commercials. I wonder why football teams are not named after dogs Like the Wolves, coyotes, Hyhenias - they name them after cats and we can be tough like cats so why not. there is the Bbteam minnesota Timmberwolves and Hocky team the Coyotes- But no Baseball or football teams- I do not think it is fair they name them after birds reptiles cats But no dogs. I think Dogs need to take this as an issue and boycott until some changes come- But after this years super bowl. My back is feeling a little better. see ya later. Going on a walk


Cookies- Human news is Bad

January 31st 2013 6:13 pm
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well let me congarulate Lucy for beig DDp on Catster again. That is GREAST! My human sister and I made soem Vlaentine cookies. I ove these cookies- they are frozen little ones that you just pop in the oven and cook. they have little hearts on them. Boy do I LOVE these cookies. I was watching the news with my human sister-which is very sad and scarry about all the gun murders, climate change and the economy- Just very sad. Boy am I glad that I am a dog and really do not have to worry bout that crap that much. I can not believe that it is almost Feb, My back is still bothering me and Lucy had an upset Tummy she seems to be feeling better. well I think tha I am going to go and beg for some cookies and wait for my other human sister to get home.
well I am going on dog patrol.


Back bothering me

January 30th 2013 9:23 am
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well My back is still bothering me. I hope it gets better instead of worse.I have that weird disease and I wish it would get better. Congrats to Lucy and Nikita for Being DDp on Catster. This mornign they tried to steal My breakfast but my humans saved it. it is cold day. well got to go and jobs. see yaAbbey


cats going bye bye and me being a cats punching bag

January 29th 2013 7:04 pm
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Some thing strange is going on here. well the computer keeps messing up whcih is not new. the real strange thing is that My cat sister Lucy likes to go bye bye and my human sister has given into her demand and have teken her, I do not like the fact that she likes it and they take her. she hogs the seat. She is not a fun camper to be with- she complains that they take to long in the stores and errands instead of enjoying the moment of being with them like I do. I also do not like the fact that Nikita keeps beating me up for NO reason at all. She walks by me - hisses at me andthen hits me with her paws. I hav no clue what I did but she keeps on doing it. I will be sleeping and there she is hitting my ears! that Cat has issues more since we moved. well Nothing new going on. got to go My back is about the same.
see ya later


Trouble with my legs

January 28th 2013 7:19 pm
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Well, it seems my legs and back are giving me trouble again. I think I over did and will just need to rest for awhile. I went to dog park on Sat and Sunday plus a medium length walk. I am sure I will be fine in a day or two. It makes mom very sad to see me struggle to get up, but I know I will be better soon. Mom and I met a new dog today when I was out for a short walk. It was a jack russell terrier. A real nice dog
Well nothing else is going on.


I did nothing wrong and Dog Park

January 27th 2013 8:23 am
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well Last night I was peacefully sitting on the floor and out of no where Nikita came up and hit my ear and hissed at me. she was jogging around then came over and id it. I have no idea why she did it I was just minding my own bussiness!. Cats what can I tell you! Ever since we moved she has become a Monster! always doing some mischivious stuff, and starting fighting with me for no apparent reason. well atleast I get some peace from her and get to go to the dog park. If my human sister goes to church I think I will ride along just to stay away from Nikita. I had wonderful time at the dog park. I was there just for a short while but it was a wonderful time. I love going to the park and seeing all my friends and catching up with all the dog gossip. Later on I get to go for a long walk around the new neighborhood. well i guess I will go and rest up from the dog park. I have to rest my back and hip.


dog park

January 26th 2013 7:57 am
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well I get to go to the dog park today. I am excited. I hope I do not tirer myself out and have to rest my back again. Well atleast Nikita did not steal my food today or at dinner. Itis foggy day it is suppose to rain today. Did you hear New Zealand wants to kick Cats out of the counrty- that is stupid, strange and sad. Well my human sister likes beingon Dogster with me but some people think it is strange- I would say that they are animal people- problerly some one who spends hours on face book and twitter( what ever thatis) Dogster is so much better than those 2 things in my view. superbowl is only 8 days away I hope the 49ers win since my team did not go- which is the jacksonville Jaquirres or Greenbay Packers. I will see ya later I am off to the park.

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