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January 8th

January 8th 2009 4:51 pm
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Today I got some very sad news. My friend Ernie was hit by a car on Christmas. His mom and dad were at some relatives and Ernie was staying with one of there friends. Ernie got out of the ladies yard when she was at church. Apparently, he was trying to get home. He was hit close to his house. We are all so sad to hear that Ernie died.
Ernie was a wheaten mix like me and that is why we were friends. He came to the dog park from time to time, and we would run around together. He will be missed by all who knew him. He was a very special dog.
We only 12 days until Obama becomes our president. Me and all my democrat dog friends are looking forward to Obama becoming president. We know he will lead us out of this terrible mess we are in. I do feel sorry for him as it seems like it is going to be a long hard mess to fix.
I have been doing a pretty good job with my new years resolutions. I did have a few slip ups when it comes to cat food. Cat food taste, and smells so good it is hard to resist. I wish I had not made the resolution to quite eating cat food. I am doing pretty good about not eatting the cats food, but I am not perfect. I have been working on my weight loss, and I think I have lost a lot of weight. Tomorrow I am going to get weighted so I will know how much I have lost.
Going to go for a evening dog walk.


January 7th

January 7th 2009 7:28 pm
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Another ugly foggy day. The only good thing I can say about the weather is that it is not hot. I hate hot weather. This morning I went for a nice long run. I must of run a lot of miles. It was very nice. I love to run. It is kind of funny that I am a bit chubby, and yet I run a lot of miles, and I also walk a lot too.
Not much is going on so I think I go play with one of my dog toys


January 6th

January 6th 2009 7:39 pm
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I was woken up early today at 4:50 by the newpaper being deliver to our home. It usually comes around 5;30. I barked and barked. I need to let the family know the paper is here, that is my job. My mom was already up and getting my breakfast ready. So after barking for a while I decided to get up and get the day going. I had breakfast then went for a long morning walk. It was really nice and not to cold, but by the time I got home it was foggy. The fog eventually cleared up and it was a pretty nice day. I guess the weather will be the same until Thursday when we get rain.
I have been doing pretty good with my new years resolutions. However, I have gotten into Lucy food, but only one time that I remember. I have not lost any weight but I am trying.
My back hurts a little, and I really did not want to go for a evening walk. Mom let me go home, but then she later took me for a walk. We just went around the block, and my back did good. I took a pill to help with inflammation, and pain and it helped some. I think if I rest tonight it will be much better.
I am still looking forward to seeing Obama being president. He really seems like he cares. I just hope congress goes along with his ideas. The economy needs help, and in fact the whole planet needs help. Well, I going to go rest
Looking forward to January 21


January 5th

January 4th 2009 4:32 pm
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Today is Sunday so it is suppose to be a day to relax. I have been resting a lot, but not to much, Early in the morning I went for a long walk, and it was cold. There was frost on the lawns, but there were a lot of other dogs out for walks which was nice. Then I played with my family for awhile. Went out back to visit neighbor dog, play, and just roam around. Then I went for another long walk around the neighborhood. I again saw a lot of dogs out walking. I went home played some more than I finally got to rest. I am going to go for another walk in a short time. I am on a diet and so is my mom so we are getting a lot of exercise. I am kind of tired, but I love going for walks. Well, mom says it is time to go so I am of on another walk


January 3rd

January 3rd 2009 5:08 pm
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Oh my what did I do? This morning I was sitting on my bed with mom and Nikita jumped on the bed and started hitting me and hissing me. All I was doing was just sitting minding my own bussiness. I will never understand cats. I thought we were friends but I guess not (that makes me sad). I guess Lucy talked her into not being my friend.
Today I went to the dog park even though it was cold and windy. There were several of my dog friends at the park. I ran with Tigger, and Sassie. It was fun and I had a good time. Because it was so cold we did not stay to long, but long enough to have fun. It is nice to see dogs who like you when you live with two cats who like to beat you up just for fun.
I also went on two walks today I trying to stick to my new years resolution and lose weight. I walked a lot, and I hope my weight starts to melt off soon. I have cut back on treats so that should help.
Unfortunatley my resolution of not stealing cat food has not been kept. I could not help myself as this morning I saw Lucy's half eatten breakfast. She was not eatting it so I thought I would give it just one taste. However, soon the leftover breakfast was gone. It sure was good, but I know I should not have eatten the food. Oh well, I try the same resolution next year. I guess this means I can continue to steal cat food. Going to watch the news. Only 16 days left to Obama is our president


January 2nd

January 2nd 2009 8:54 pm
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Well, it is finally the new year, and I am glad. New years eve was not good for me. There was a lot of fire works and loud noise going off. It really scared me. I was sure glad my family was home and I was so scared I was shaking. I hardly slept at all. I heard the noises for a long time. I was glad when morning came.
In the morning I went for a long walk, and then later in the day my family and I went for our New Years Day walk down the bike trail. It was foggy and a bit cool. However, it was very nice. There were a lot of people and dogs walking on the trail. We came home and took down the Christmas decorations. It was sad to see the tree go, but it will be back again next year.
On New Years Day I got a really nice suprise. My diary was feature of the day. It was really nice. As a result I got some new friends, and some nice gifts. Thanks to all he pmailed me and gave me a gifts.
Today I went to the dog park and played with my friends Stella, and Tigger. We ran around the park together. It was a lot of fun. However, there were not many dogs at the park as the weather was not cloudy. We had to leave the park early as it started to rain. The rest of the day I just rested from all my trauma and activities. I went for a walk tonight and it was cold, but not raining. Well I got to go see what is going on


December 31

December 31st 2008 7:29 pm
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2008 is just about over. It was not to good for my family as we had a lot of bad luck. The worst was having our fur sister Sophie get sick, and then die. It was a very sad time for our family. One good thing was the country elected Barack Obama for our new president. He seems to be a very good person to be the president. He already is acting very presidential. It will be interesting to see all the things he does to help our country.
I guess this time of year we are suppose to make our resolutions. I spent most of the day thinking about what I needed to do to improve myself. I think I am a pretty good dog but there are a few things I need to do to make my family, cats, and vet happy. I think I will try, but no promises, cause I am kind of happy with the way things are going,
Here are my resolutions
1. To lose dog weight so my humans do not worry about my back and we do not have to go to the vet.
2. Not steall Lucy's food. I am tired of hearing Abbey do not eat Lucy's food even though I am just cleaning up her plate
3. Not to bark to much at the mailman (oops I do not think I better do as the mailman may start to bring more mail.
4. To continue to make my family happy. This I know I can do cause they love me and I love them so much. It just makes my tail wag evertime I think of them.
Those are my resolutions that I will try to do.


December 30th

December 30th 2008 5:03 pm
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It is foggy out here. This morning is was really foggy, and could not see much in front of your face. I was a very lucky dog as I got to go to the dog park today. It was a lot of fun and I saw a lot of dog friends. My friend Tigger and I ran around the dog park, and it was fun.
I do not have rally obedience tonight as the school is closed for the holidays. It is kind of nice to have two weeks off from training, but I still have to practice my drills
Well, the year is almost over, and I am glad this has not been a very good year. Especially cause our fur sister Sophie died. I also lost many of my dog friends. The only really go thing that happened was that Obama got elected as president. That really made me a happy dog. Can hardly wait until he becomes president of the United States.
It will also be interesting to see what kind of dog Obama gets. Biden got a German Shepard and that is pretty neat. Although I am not a German Shepard I think they are pretty cool. My friend Davis, Mallory, and Abbey are all German Shepards and they are great dog.
I think I will go for a good evening walk.


December 29th

December 29th 2008 4:29 pm
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I had a great Christmas. It rained in the night and the wind blew, but by morning it had cleared up. It was a bit cloudy and damp, but nice enough for a long morning walk.
I got a lot of nice presents for christmas. I got some chews, treats, and stuff toys. I am a very lucky dog to get such nice presents. Santa was very good to me.
In the afternoon I went for a long walk with my whole human family. We went down a local trail, and it was fun. A lot of other people and their dogs were also there out for a walk. When we went home we had a nice roast beef , potatoes, and other food. I love roast beef and potatoes. We also have cookies and peppermint ice cream.
I went for a long walk yesterday and today as both me and mom are trying to lose weight. We are both looking fat. We walked about 3miles which is easy to do. Well, I going to get ready for a nice evening walk.


December 22

December 22nd 2008 8:07 pm
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Happy first winter solicist. Today is the first full day of winter. It was somewhat cold, but not to cold. It was foggy this morning, but it cleared up and was just partly cloudy. It might rain on Christmas Eve, and I am hoping it does not as my family and I are going down the bike trail. It will be a lot of fun.
I went to the dog park this morning, and passed out some Christmas gifts to my dog friends, and I also got some gifts. I thank BJ, Sam, and another goldern retriever named Nala Last night we went to look at some neighborhood lights. They were really pretty, but not to many people have decorated their houses. It is sad, but I guess it is the economy. Next year Obama will have a lot of stuff fixed or on the road to recovery and the economy will be better. People will decorate a lot more then ( can not wait until then). My Aunt Dorothy sent her package today, and I got a nice present. The gift was not wrapped so I saw it was milk bones before momma could wrap it. I can hardly wait to try some. I love milk bones. Well gotta go.

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