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My friend Fred and Patty

February 2nd 2009 4:53 pm
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Today I am going to write about my friends Fred and Pat. Fred is not feeling well, and he is a older gentleman so I thought I would write about him and you can not mention him without talking about pat
I first met Fred when I was 11 months old. He walked his dog with Patty and her dog at the local park. Fred and Pat (Patty) always had treats. When I was at the park they always would give me a treat. They taught me to climb on the picnic tables and that is where I learned my love of climbing.
Eventually the local dog park opened, and I started going there to play. Soon Fred and Pat came with their dogs Jake and Sam to the dog park. Sam always played freesby and I would steal it. They never got mad, just laughed. Eventually they decided it would be more fun to walk outside the dog park on the path. They would come by the fence of the dog park and give us all treats. I would get so excited and jump on the fence. I would bark and wag my tail, and Fred just loved that. This continued for years They bought me special treats when I did not like the treats they were passing out. When I was on a diet they bought low calorie treats for me. They always said I was special
Now Fred has lost most of his sight, and I have gotten older. However, he still comes to the park with Pat and walk the path giving dogs treats. Even though I do not jump on the fence I always wag my tail, and run to him. He always says there is the pretty girl and is happy to see me. He has even convinced me to walk with him. I walk a couple of rounds before I go to the dog park. I think he really likes me. I hope he gets better soon


Superbowl Sunday

February 1st 2009 4:30 pm
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Today is the Superbowl and not many people in my town are very excited about the supperbowl. Of all the dogs I know I would say most of them want the Pittsburg Steelers. I also want the Steelers, but my family is not very big football fans. We like baseball, basketball, track, swimming type sports. I think our favorite is baseball with basketball as a close second. I do a lot of running, but it is more fun to participate than watch. Well, I guess I should go watch the game, so I can keep up with the conversation tomorrow.


Trying hard

January 31st 2009 5:07 pm
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Well here it goes again. I have gained some weight back so now I have to lose it again, and even more. I walked 2 miles this morning, and then I went to the dog park, and walked three laps around the park. After that I went into the dog park, and I ran around with a new dog friend named Boo, and my old friend Comet. We ran and pretended to chase squirels. We had a good time running, but I tired out early. I had fun though. I made another new friend, but we did not play together. Her name was Ruby, and she was an Anatolie Shepard. She did not want to play with me which was good as I was a little tired. Then in the afternoon I had to go for a long walk. I kind of tired, but I went anyway. Mom said I need to lose weight, in fact we both do. Now I am going for a evening walk. Man it is hard to lose weight.


It is whoo boy day

January 30th 2009 4:51 pm
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My day started out great today. I had the most wonderful dog walk early in the morning. We saw Ever's mom out in the morning and took a minute to say hello then we continued on just enjoying the early morning
Then I got a nice surprise as I got to go to the dog park. I was so happy, and jumped out of my skin. At the dog park I saw my friend who is really nice, as she enjoys running too. However, today she was outside the park without a leash. She was so happy running, that she almost ran into the street. It was very scary.
After the park we went to the pet store. Oh boy my human put me on the scales, and that was very scary. I found out I have gained all my weight back. It is very scary. I do not know how it happened. I get a lot of exercise. I am sure it was not stealing cat food, begging food, or eatting cat friskey from the bowl. I sure I must have something wrong with me. Maybe I could get lipo suction. I know I do not want my tummy stapled as then I could not eat much. That would not be fun. Oh well got to go for a walk


Oh boy I got to go running today

January 26th 2009 4:51 pm
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Oh I am a very lucky dog today. I to go running. It has been raining, and I can not run in the rain, plus my back hurts. I have Lumbar Stenosis so I get painful back sometimes. However, I took my medicine, and I am feeling well. As a result I got a big surprise this morning. I was told I got to go run. I was so very happy. I ran and was so excited. I ran around and barked. The dog friendly races will start soon, and I need to get back in shape. In fact Feburary 8 is the valentine race. It is so great as the charity benefits the humans, but they are so nice they let us dogs run too. A lot of race here do not let dogs run in them. This makes me very sad. Fortuately, there are several dog groups that put on dog runs, and there are other groups that let dogs run. I can hardly wait for the day when us dogs will be welcome at all race, and I know that day is coming soon. Going to go for a walk


After the rain

January 25th 2009 4:21 pm
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We had 4 long days of rain. Not just hard rain, but a lot of drizzle. It is just enough to make everything all wet and muddy. We got about one and half inches of rain. I could not really go for long walks, run, go to the park, or have much fun. It was pretty boring. However, I understand that we need the rain, but 4 days is to much. If I was in charge of the weather it would rain for 1 day then clear up for 3 days and rain 1 day ect. It would make it nice for us animals.

One good thing about this rain is mud puddles. Boy do I like mud puddles. I am nine years old, but whenever I see a mud puddle, I jump in and chase around. It is so much fun. It is so much fun to play in the muddle puddles. I know a lot of people do not like their dogs playing in the muddle puddles, but if they were to jump in and play they would see how much fun it is, and they would not complain about us dogs in mud puddles.

Today I got to go to the dog park and I saw a lot of my friends. I also played in mud puddles. It was a lot of fun. Stella, Comet, Buddy and I run in all the mud puddles at the park. We had a lot of fun. We also watched a couple of squirrels in the trees. My friend Pixey really loves to watch the squirrels. She trys to get them, but she has never even got close. I also went on a long walk, and it was very nice. There were a lot of cats out, and I tried to say hello, but they ran off. One cat acted like it would be my friend, but when I got real close the cat ran off. I wish the cats would be my friend, as I am a very nice dog.
Well, I hear some dogs barking as they are on walks, I guess I should go on my evening walk


January 23rd

January 23rd 2009 4:18 pm
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The rain finally arrived. It came in like a lion on Wednesday night, and it continued until today. I know we need the rain, but 3 days of rain and it is going to continue until next week. I just wish it would clear up for a day or two so I could go for a walk, maybe go to the dog park and see some of my friends. I guess I should be happy as hopefully we will continue to get enough rain so we can have nice green parks, yards, and fields. We also do not need any more fires. Last year there was so many forest fires it was scary. I was worried about all the pretty trees being burned up. I was also worried about the squirrels and other animals. I love to chase squirrels, and if something happened to them I would be a very sad dog.

On Tuesday Obama became the 44th president of the Uniteds States
I was so happy. I watched him get sworn in and heard his speech it was very good. On Pets for Obama we had a celebration, I just wore my fur as my ball gown was lost at the dry cleaners. I looke good in my furs. My family already likes some of the stuff he has done.
I can hardly wait for the economy to start to improve. I know a lot of dogs and cats lost their families due to the economy, and that breaks my heart. I know once things get turned around cats and dogs will have it easier.

On Wednesday night I the dog park got it's new board and it is all new except for the treasure. I really like the new board, and hope they do a good job.
Well, I think it has stopped raining for awhile so I think I go for a short walk before it rains again
A thinner


January 19th

January 19th 2009 4:22 pm
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Oh boy I am excited tomorrow Mr. Obama takes office. I am so excited. I think he is going to make a great president. I can hardly wait until he makes the most important decision of his life what kind of dog is his family going to get. It will be pretty exciting. If I did not like my family so much, I think I would apply job as there dog. I am also hypo-allegenic which they are looking for, just a bit older than a puppy.

For the past week the temperatures have been very warm her, and no rain. I love the temperatures, but realize it is winter and we should be colder, and see more rain. I am worried that we have not gotten much rain. I do not like be cooped up during the rain, but we do need it.

Since today was a holiday I went to the dog park, and there were a lot of my friends there too. I got to play with Sassi, Tigger, and Skylar. It was a lot of fun. It was one of the lady Pat's birthday. So Happy Birthday to Pat.

Not only do I get to see Obama take office on the TV, but Wednesday the dog park is getting a new board, and that should be very exciting. We elected the first man to be our board president. He seems nice, and always gives good treats, and that is why I voted for him. Can not have a dog board president who doe not give good treat. Oh well I got to go for a dog walk.
Abbey who is thinner now.


January 11th

January 11th 2009 5:06 pm
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I got a new friend today at the dog park. Her name is Skylar and she is a 5 year old Golden Retriever. We had a good time running all over the dog park and just wrestling. It was a lot of fun. I hope to play with her again. She is a really nice dog. I also got to play with my friend Tigger, and Sassy. It was a lot of fun. I am glad I got to go to the dog park. Oh yes I saw my friend BJ. He was at the park with his dad as his mom and human brother and dog are up in Redding visiting the humans sister's family. They come home later today. He is having fun with his dad. I did a lot of errands with my family which was fun. I love to go bye bye. I have one trip left which will be later today.
Obama will become the president in 9 days. I can hardly wait. It is going to be such an exciting day. I wish my family lived in Washington D.C, and maybe we could go to the parade. I hope it is not to cold for his big day. However, I think the most important decision we will make is what kind of dog he will get. I hope it will be a Wheaten mix. They are good for allergies, and we make great dogs.
I am going for a evening walk.
a thinner Abbey


January 9th

January 9th 2009 4:05 pm
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Yeah I loss some weight. I lost about a pound which is good news. My mom is so happy. I have been doing a lot of walking and running since Christmas. I am so happy my tail is just wagging so hard. I bet that will help me burn even more calories. I am very glad my diet plan is working. I bet I will lose 10 pounds by the time I go to the vet. I think I have to go some time in February to get my shots. I hate the tought of that. I bet when I tell Lucy that I lost some weight she will be jealous. She is also on a diet, and everyone things she has lost weight. However, I really do not thinks so. She has not cut down on snacks or increased her activity leave like me.
It is a beautiful day here. It is clear, and feels like spring. I hope it does not get to hot as I really do not like hot weather. I think this weekend is going to be even nicer. I think I go outside and enjoy the weather.
A thinner Abbey

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