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A beautiful day

February 24th 2009 8:59 pm
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Well the rain stop today and I was a beautiful day. It started partly cloudy and for awhile it looked like it could rain. However, the clouds went away and the sky was a really pretty blue. In the afternoon the weather seemed like spring. The birds were singing and the sun was out. It made me have spring fever. In fact we have a little over 3 weeks until spring so I can hardly wait. I am hoping it stays nice so I can go hiking this Sunday
Tonight my Family, Lucy Nikita and I watched President Obama speech. It was great. We are so glad he is our president.


Attack Cat

February 23rd 2009 5:04 pm
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Every day I go for a morning walk, and for the past few weeks I have seen a cat. I am a dog who loves cats and thinks it would be nice to have on for a friend. This cat comes down its drive way meowing and acting like it wants to be friends. It even follows us for a few houses. I always turn around and the cat runs home. Some times I can pull and mom gives in and I follow the cat back home just hoping the cat will stop and we will be friends. Being that we really do not want the cat to follow us and get lost we started walking on the other side of the street. Then the cat started meowing and running into the street. I would go over to see the cat, and the cat would run away. Then today, I saw the cat. I went over and the cat did not run. I was happy, and I thought finally we would meet and become friends. The cat walked over slowly and finally stopped. We looked at each other for a few minutes. I layed down,and then all of the sudden the cat came running toward me and hit me in the nose. I just looked at the cat, and then the cat came back and hit my tail. I turned around and the cat ran off. I would never hurt the cat, and I wonder why all of the suddend the cat decided to hit me. I do not understand.


Rain again

February 22nd 2009 4:06 pm
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It is raining again today, and it probably will rain all week. Like I said before I know we need rain, but why not a break between storms. 5 storms in one week that is a lot of rain. It is a warm storm so not much snow for the mountains, and we also need more snow. Snow is what we use for water in the summer when we get little or no rain at all.
Yesterday, I got to go to the dog park, and play with some of my dog friends. It was a lot of fun. I meet a new dog named Arrow. She was a new dog to park, but all the dogs liked her. I wrestled a little with her and it was a lot of fun. I looked for squirrels with Kiya and ran with tigger and another dog. It was all a lot of fun.
Going to see if rain has stopped so I can go for a walk


My friend Taz

February 20th 2009 4:35 pm
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I have a nice Jack Russell friend Taz. She is brown and white and has a very short tail. I met her about 8 years ago at the local dog park. She had a brother Pepper who I played with at the park. Pepper and I wrestled all the time at the park. I must admit I love to wrestle. Anyway I was the only dog who she did not get mad at when they played with her brother. All the other dogs she growled and barked at when they played with Pepper. However, when Pepper and I played together she just sat and watched us play. When Pepper died she was very depressed. Then she got a sister and she was happy once again. Although Taz and I never played together. We did always enjoy seeing each other, and we both enjoyed finding people with treats. Today, I found out my friend who is 14 years old may have had a stroke. She is not doing good, and may go over the rainbow bridge today. I will miss her, and dog park will certainly be a bit more quite. Thank you Taz for being a friend


Puddle jumping

February 18th 2009 4:34 pm
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It finally stopped raining and the sun is out. It is actually a fairly nice day. The ran left a lot of muddle puddles. I love muddle puddles they are so much fun to jump in. On our early morning walk there were several puddles that I was able to jump into eventhough I was on a leash. Then I got to go to the dog park. Man there were a lot of puddles. The park where there the dog park is located in had a ton of puddles, and even the parking lot had puddles. I was able to jump in some and it was fun. However, when I got into the dog park where I did not have to wear a leash I ran and jumped into all the puddles. When I jumped in I kind of did a little dance splashing the water all around. It was so much fun. I made a lot of people laugh at me when I was in the puddles. It was a fun time.
Tonight I am going to a dog park meeting at Petco. The meetings are always boring, but sometimes another dog will come. Then I get to visit. Usually I am the only dog and everyone makes a fuss over me, and I like it. Several of the people buy me treats, and that is always fun. Jo always buys me a couple of treats, and Karen usually has some in her pocket that she gives me. I am so lucky I have such nice human friends. Well I going to go get a evening walk


A day of surprises

February 17th 2009 7:23 pm
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Today I was looking in my toy box and what did I find. A toy I did not know I had. I think my mom put in the toy box for me to find as a surprise. I know I would not have forgotten this cool toy. The toy a found was a small brown stuff squirrel. It is a good size for me. When I found the squirrel I got all excited and ask my mom to play with me.
We played fetch with the squirrel, hid-n-seek with the squirrel, and chase the squirrel around the house. I had a lot of fun playing. I wanted to take the squirrel outside, but my mom would not let me as it was raining again and did not want it to get muddy.

Another suprise was again from my mom. Mom went to the store today to get some supplies. I did not think she was going to get me anything. When we got home she showed me this bag of treats. Oh I was so excited. The treats tasted like cheese and pizza. It was very good. I could of eatten the whole bag, but mom would let me. As I am on a diet I could only have two treats. Oh well they sure were good.


Mean people and a windy day

February 14th 2009 4:18 pm
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Today was supose to be a good day for me and it started off that way. I got up early and had a good breakfast which included a small sample of cat food. Then I went for my early morning walk which was short, and I wonderd why it was short. Then I got home, and found out I was going to run in a race today. Oh I was so excited too. I ran around the house with pure excitement, jumped in the car, and was looking forward to going. When we got to the place the race was being held, I jumped out of the car and barked with pure excitement. I followed my running human around the area, would not let her out of my sight. I even got a small treat to help me keep my energy going. I met some dogs who were also walking or running. I was at the start line and all fired up and ready to go. When the race started all the sudden my back started hurting real bad. I slowed down, and went to the side of the road or path. I was out of the way of most of the runners. In fact most runners stayed on the path. Only a few went of the path to run. Finally my back hurt so much I sat down as I could not go any more. Some of the runners got mad as swore at me. One even kicked me. My human yelled at them, but they did not say they were sorry. Well, we turned around and went back to the start and then to the car and home. I was very sad I could not run, but even sadder that people got mad at me when I was hurt. Well, I guess I will not be running much as I will do mostly walking. Walkers are much nicer and understanding. Gotta go rest



February 10th 2009 4:18 pm
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Well, I have been off and on a diet, but today I was told that today is the day we get serious about our weight. My mom needs to lose weight too. We are going to start going on long runs and walks. I have to stop begging at the dinner table, and humans have to stop giving into my big brown eyes. It is going to be tough tonight as mom is having Chicken for dinner. Oh boy I do love chicken a lot. It is so good. Mom said she might cut back on my dog food and let me have some chicken. That is good for me as I really do not like dog food that well. I just eat dog food cause it is there. Mom said I could only run a few days a week as I have a bad back I can only run every couple of days or I get real sore. However, I will be going for long walks every day. She hopes I lose a lot of weight so my back won't bother me that much The vet said dogs who weigh less do not have as much pain in their back. I hope it is true. I have been practicing my Rally Obedience drills and that keeps me busy too. I guess tonight I am going for a long walk, but it is a bit windy and cool. Tomorrow I am walking with my group so that will be good to see all my dog and human friends. Going to get ready for my walk.


Between storms

February 9th 2009 7:29 pm
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Well the rain stop and Sunday was a pretty good day. I went to a race that was an hour away from home. It was nice to get out for a ride, then a run. I had a good time as there were many other dogs at the race.
Today the it is not raining, but did rain in the night. I was lucky as I got to go the dog park and play with some of my dog friends. Not many were there as it was cold and muddy. I love mud puddles so it was an excellent day. It was fun to see my friends who I had not seen for awhile. My human also took me for a long run before she had to go to work. It was nice as I have not ran along distance in a long time
I am training for the big race which is this coming Saturday. It is the valentines run and dogs are welcome. I am going to rest my paws for now


It is raining

February 6th 2009 7:14 pm
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Wednesday night the rain came and it has been raining off and on for the past few days. I am hoping that the rain will stop so I can go to the park tomorrow. However, we do need the rain. I think it is to rain all week so hopefully it will help to end the drought. Us Californians really need rain.
Next Saturday I have my first run of the year. I am very excited, but I do not know if I will get enough practice runs in before the race, so I hope I do not do to poorly. However, if I do not run will, I can blame the weather.
Gotta go

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