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Oh no another strict diet

October 27th 2009 7:42 pm
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It has been decided (not by me) I have to go on another much stricter diet. No human food at all. I guess I gained a lot of weight, and you could really notice when I was with Rick. Rick is about my size but much thinner. His mom has him on a diet, and so my family has decide I need one too as I am fatter than him. I going on longer walks, and running 3 times a week for 1 hour and half. I love to run so that does not bother me. What does bother me is I have to cut back on human food, and a little on my wet dog food. It is really not fair.
I guess losing weight will help my back so I should be excited to lose weight so my back does not hurt so much



October 23rd 2009 8:03 pm
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On Wednesday afternoon my mom came home with my dog friend Rick. Rick is younger wheaten mix. I was glad to have him come for a visit. After he came over he went outside where the neighbor dog jumped the fence and invited herself over to play with us. I first I thought it was a little rude, but soon found myself having fun playing with both Dakota and Rick. Soon we went for a walk together. I showed him my neighborhood. Since he is younger than me, he walked a lot faster, but stopped often to smell the neighbors yard. We went home, and had dinner. In the evening we just hung out together getting to know Lucy and Nikita. Neither one of them really liked him, but I told him to keep trying to get them to like him, and eventually the would give in, and be his friend.

The next morining we got up together went outside and barked at the newspaper delivery man, and then went on a nice long walk. In the evening we had a cook out in the backyard as the weather was nice. Both Rick and I got a hamburger. We also went on a long evening walk, and did some errands with the family.

Today we went for a long walk, and he went to the dog park with me. It was fun as we played together at the dog park. When we got home both our paws were so dirty we had to get them washed together in the bath tub. It took mom a long time to clean out the tub.We also went to the pet store for dog, and cat food and we both go two dog biscuits. Later in the afternoon Rick went home. I was so happy to have another dog live with me, and had fun. I hope we get to take care of him again


The rain returned again/ and a complaint

October 19th 2009 6:17 pm
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Well, today the rain returned. I was very lucky as I was able to get an early morning walk which was somewhat long. It was just partly cloudy, and we thought it would not rain. However, it soon began to rain, and were glad we got a walk before the rain. However, the clouds are beginning to clear off, and I will get to go on my evening walk which is good as I need to lose more weight. Both the vet and family think my back will feel better if I lost more weight. Being on a diet is hard when there is human and cat food around to smell.
I think the best way to stay on a diet at my house is if everyone started to eat dog food. If it is good enough for me, then it is good enough for all.

I just heard on the news that Continental Airlines will not let Pit Bull dog fly on their planes. This is not fair at all. A local dog rescue group wanted to fly one of their dogs to its new home on Continental, but the airline would not let the dog fly. I think that is so unfair to Pit bulls as most are very nice. I will not let my family ever fly on contintel airlines. Anerican Airlines will fly the dog to his new home.
Thanks for American Airlines.


Lovely Day at Apple Hill

October 18th 2009 6:33 pm
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I had a wonderful day again today. I am such a lucky dog who family loves spending time with her. Today I got to go to the foothills where they grow apples. A lot of apple farms get together, and sell apples, have craft shows, allow you to pick apples, ect. I was so happy we went to one farm that had a small pond and a lot of land to wonder around. We looked at the crafts and then headed to another farm down the road, and did the same thing over and over again. We got some apples at the second farm. Several of the apple farms had nature trails, and we walked on them which was very nice.
At one of the farms I got my feeling hurt as there were several signs that said the dread words "No Dog Allowed". I had to wait outside with one human sister while the rest of the family went in and got some cinnamon apples. Thankfully, they did not buy anything else
I just hate those words no dogs allowed. I do not understand why us dogs can not go to certain places. It is just not fair. Oh well. The rest of the apple farms let dogs on their farms, and it was fun as there were a lot of dogs out. All in all I must say I had a great weekend


What a Day

October 17th 2009 5:23 pm
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Today I had a wonderful day. I went for my usual early morning walk, barked at the newspaper delivery man, saw the dogs I always see, and sniffed all the new smells. Then I went to a short trip to the dog park. I saw my friend BJ,Pickey,Chance, and other dogs. After I came home I found out we were going for a nice car ride up to the mountains and hike around on a real pretty trail. The trail was very nice with lots of interesting things to look at. I had to climb up some steep hills with rocks. It was fun, and it was nice to walk in the cool weather. I did not expect to see many people out hiking in October especially since it snowed up in the higher elevations. However, I saw a lot of people, and many dogs which was nice. I always enjoy seeing new dogs. When we got done hiking we had a nice picnic, and of coure I got some human food which is always fun.


a fun day for me

October 3rd 2009 7:34 pm
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I had a wonderful day. I could not ask for a better day. It started off good with my usual barking at the newspaper man, then off for our walk. The weather was nice and cool with a hint of wind. However, today when I got home I got brushed instead of just petted. Then after a short time I was told we were going bye-bye. Of course I was excited. I jumped in the car and away we went. Shortly we arrived at a park that I knew well. We walk over to the registration table and then walked around looking at the vendors. Many of the vendors gave some sample of their goods. It was great. Then our friend came with her dogs and we looked around and waited for the race to begin. Right before the race was to begin I got a red ribbon tied on my collor and a bandana around by neck and the race/walk began. It was such a pretty walk as it was along the river, us dogs even got to put our paws in the river after the walk. We also go some ice cream by Variety dog food, and it was good. If you get a chance to try I would go ahead and try it. I give it four paws up, and so do most of the dogs. There was also games and contest to watch. It was a lot of fun, and I had a great day



September 25th 2009 8:18 pm
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I like to take a early morning walk with my mom. It is a lot of fun. There is usually a lot of dogs with their dads or moms. I usually see the regular cats who like to hit me and run off, or pretend to want to be friends just so they can hit me when I get closer to them. Of course there some dogs on walks that I know such as the Jack russells, the rat terrier family, Dakota, and Lola who always barks at me when she meets me on the sidewalk. Of course I bark at her too. However, yesterday I got a surprise. Mom and I turned down this one street that we had not been in awhile, and right in the middle of the street there were bunnies. I had never seen this rabbits before. When I saw them I was suprised I stopped and looked then I kind of did a little job. They did not see me coming, but just as I got close they heard moms foot steps and the jingling of my collar. They stopped eating grass in the yard and looked at me. For one moment I thought they would let me approach them. However, I was wrong. They took one look, and they ran away. I was very sad, and I did want to run after them. I was on a leash so I could not, and mom would not cooperate so I could not chase them.



September 18th 2009 8:17 pm
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Well, another birthday has come and gone, and I have to say it was pretty good. Being 10 is o.k as I do not feel a bit older. I was not feeling to good on birthday as I had a tummy ache. I mostly rested, and the next day I was feeling so much better. I went for a long walk and everything seemed o.k.

I got a lot of nice presents from my family for my birthday. I got a orange bear, a hedge hog, and some chews which I loved. I have played with both the bear and hedge hog, and tonight I am working on one of my chews.

I thank all of my nice friends for all the nice birthday wishes and rosettas I got. It made me a very happy dog. I thank you all so much you made my birthday special.
Well, going to go finish my chew


what a nice weekend, and it may get better

September 14th 2009 5:01 pm
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I had a wonderful weekend. I had so much fun with my family and other dogs I am so happy.
It started of on Saturday. I got to go to the dog park, and all of my dog friends were at the park. I had a really good time running and playing with them. The weather was cool and we all had fun.

Sunday was real special. We went to woofstock. Woofstock was a fun dog festival for dogs and humans. There was a fun walk or run. Mom and I walked with our friend Becky and her dog Chance. It was Chances first fun walk so it was all new to him. On the walk we met another nice lady and her dog Wrigley. She was from Chicago, and love the Bears and Cubs. We are also Cub and Bear fans so it was nice to talk to another fan who does not live in Chicago. After the walk/run there was a nice festival with games, vendors,frisbee, and flyball demos, and lots of other fun activities.

Today was cool and rainy, but I was able to get a walk in as the rain stopped for a short while. I thank the rain for letting me have a good walk. My friend and neighbor dog Dakota spent most of the day with me, and it was o.k. She is a dog who loves to play ball more than anything. She does not like to wrestle, but does like to run.

I am getting real excited for my 10th birthday this Wensday. I know my family will give me a great day. I just hope the cats are nice to me.
Nikita and Lucy hate me, and they let me know that everyday as the hit me or hiss at me. Yes, the cats rule the house what can I say they have claws, and I do not. Oh well going to go get some dinner and think about my birthday


I have been a busy dog

September 10th 2009 5:13 pm
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This past month I have been very busy dog. I have gone on many hikes which I love. I always enjoy the new smells, and looking at all the pretty sights when hiking. It is especially fun to see a squirrel or chipmunk. Since I am always on a leash I can not chase them, but can look at themfrom a distance. I also go on picnics when we go hiking. I love to eat outside.

I also have been busy with my dog friends. I have been busy playing with them at the dog park. One day I got hurt at the park. One of the dogs accidently ran into me, and hurt one of my back legs. It hurt for quite awhile, and my family was very worried. Mom even called the vet who said just give me rimdyl. I use rimdyl just when my back hurts a lot, and I had not been taking it when I got hurt. Any way I am feeling a lot better now.

I have also been doing some running and walking which is fun. I like to do both, and enjoy seeing a lot of other animals when out in the area. I still have not made friends with the neighborhood cat, but I am still working on that. This Sunday is a big dog festival called Woofstock and I am going to run in the race, then I will enjoy the festival.

Next Wednesday is my birthday, and I am looking forward to it as I know I will get a lot of nice presents. My family always gets me a lot of nice things.

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