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Best books for dogs

March 21st 2010 7:53 pm
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I love to hike here in California. However, in California you are not allowed on the trail in most of the state parks. There are a few that allow you to go on the the trails, and fewer that allow you to go on the fire trails. That is why I love California Dog Lovers Companion. There are a lot of local parks and open space that have miles of hiking trails that allow dogs. Some of these place I would not even know about if mom had not gotten the book. A lot of the places are in the mountains which are really beautiful. The most suprising is that near the San Fransico-Oakland there are lots of open spaces where there are miles of trails and no signs of any of city nearby
One of my favorite places I found in the book is Lake Del Velle. It is beautiful trail and they are rather hilly. They only sad thing is dogs are not welcome. You have to be careful not to fall down any of the steep hills. Anyway, I hope this year I can explore more places from the book.


Losing weight ect

March 19th 2010 8:22 pm
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I am so happy I lost 1/2 a pound and that is despite getting a few bites of cat food, and my friend Pat giving me a treat when we are out walking. I am very glad I am losing weight as I feel better. Severla people have even commented on how much thinner I look. It sure is nice to get told you look thin rather than you are fat.

Despite losing weight something strange is happening to me. Loud nosies are scarring me a lot. We were at the dog park and a car back fired which sound like a gun shot. It really scared me, and I wanted to go home, but mom made me stay for awhile. Then the next time a man blew a loud whistle which again scared me, and I wanted to go home, and mom made me stay. I am a little scared to go into the park, but once I am in for a few minute I start to play. Mom is still worried why all the sudden I get scarred a loud noises. I think it is I am just wiser and know loud nosies are scarry


My day and diet

March 13th 2010 8:25 pm
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It was cool and windy but it was a good day for a St Patricks'sDay Parade. There was lots of Irish music and dancing. There were even a lot of dogs watching the parade. It was really nice parade even though it is not St Patrick's Day yet. Tomorrow there is a race, and even more Irish music. Mom is silly as she does like the bagpipes. I think they are a little squeeky but they do not hurt my ears

I was lucky enough to get to also go to the dog park early in the morining. I meet my walking group and it was fun. We had to cut are walk short as it was opening day for the little league, and they took over most of the park. We went over to the dog park and walked and played. I meet a real nice westie who played with me for a long time.

My diet is not do so well. I have not had any mistakes, but I have not lost any more weight. I can not cut any more of my food so I think I am going to have to start walking longer. Our walking group walks about 2.5 miles, and mom and I were walking real long, but my back problems put an end to the long walks. Mom thinks we rested enough so we can start going on longer walks. I think we will start that tomorrow.
Going to rest up for my walk


My Diet

March 9th 2010 7:47 pm
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Well another week has passed and I am still on my strict diet. Now all the walkers I walk with in the mornings at the park where we walk about 3 miles are not giving me any treats. It is hard to see the other dogs in the group get treats, but not me.
However, they do give me lots of pets so that is nice, but I do prefer the treats. I have not had any human food, and have to go to my bedroom when mom is eatting dinner. I am told I am such a good begger she would give into me. I really have not had any cat food, but I have tried. Mom caught me stealing some of Lucy's left over dinner. I was only trying to help to make sure nothing went to waste. In this economy we need to learn not waste food. You can say I am just a helping dog. Of course mom sees it another way.

I have been doing a lot more walking. Yesterday we went on two 3 mile walks one in the morning and one at night. My back seems to be able to allow me to do this much walking. I do love to walk, and especially if it is at a park. I love to hike, but must always wear my leash as mom doe not trust me. I am lucky I live in California were there is a lot of good hiking especially in the mountains after the snow has melted. Anyway I hope I continue to lose weight, and hopefully I will be able to be to have treats.



March 5th 2010 7:38 pm
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About 2 weeks ago mom was told I need a very strict diet as I was getting very fat. They told her to take away all human food (Not Fair To Me), cut way back on can food, and give me a 1/2 cup of dry food in morning and night. Well, it has been hard for both me and mom. I am very good at trying to steal the cat food, but I usually do not get any of the cat food. That is something mom says we have to work on not eatting cat food even thought I do not get much it is high in fat. I am also very good at begging, or should I say I use to be good at begging. It does not matter how hard I try to beg food. It does not work, as mom has made me stick to the diet. My little brown eyes do not even melt her heart any more. Mom says it is more important for her to stick with this diet so I will not get sick and live a long time. I had only one set back and that was Sunday night I had a couple of bits of pizza. I must admit, and I hate to admit this fact, but I do feel much better since being on my diet. I have much more energy and I just seem to feel better. Over the last 2 weeks I have lost 1 pound and about 4 ounces. I think that is pretty good for a dog who likes to eat. Even though I do feel better, I still wish I could eat human food. It taste so much better than dog food. Well, mom is going to make me stay on this diet, and I guess I better learn to live with these new rules.


Back problems

February 15th 2010 4:34 pm
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I am little bit sad. I had to stop running for awhile. My back is very sore. I have lumbar stenosis which is inflammation in the area where tail and back meet. The spinal canal is narrowing and causes inflammation. As a result it hurts to do a lot of walking and running. It is also hard to get up after laying down. I love to run, and not being able to run makes me sad. Mom got me some fish oil which is suppose to help with inflammation, and I take rimadyl every other day. However, I still have pain. On Saturday I went to the Valentines Day run/walk. My mom wanted to run with me, and I wanted to run too as I thought my back could do the 4 mile run. However, I tried and ended up just walking the 4 miles. It took me 1 hour which is not bad for a dog with a sore back. It was after the walk it was decided I would not be running for abou 6 weeks. I can walk, but not to far. It sure is hard getting old.


I have been tagged

February 6th 2010 12:28 pm
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I have been tagged and need to write 10 things I love
1. I love going for walks I could walk forever
2. I love to run
3. I love to go hiking
4. I love my family more than any thing including cats
5. I love the dog park
6. I love to bark
7.I love eat food
8. I love to puddle jump
9. I love to go for car rides
10. I love to play with stuff toys

I am going to tag
Buddy boy


Puddle Jumping

January 24th 2010 4:01 pm
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This morning I got up and found a pleasant suprise, it was not raining. After 6 days or rain I thought it would never stop raining. The yards we getting just soaked and there were many puddles in everyone's yard. I could not jump in them as I just went for short walks during short rain breaks. Today, I went to the dog park, and boy there were some puddles. Not a lot of puddles as the sun came out yesterday afternoon so many were beginning to shrink and dry out. The puddles that were at the park were fun. I ran and jumped right in the puddles. I danced and splashed around. I even chased my dog friend Brinkley into the puddles even though Brinkley's mom was shouting no Brinkley. After she saw us in the puddle she just laughed We had so much fun playing in the puddles. It was a lot of fun, but like all fun things it came to an end. Now the rain has returned, and from what I understand it will continue until Wednesday. I know we need rain, but can't we have a week free of rain, not just a day and half? Doing to go see if the rain is still coming down, and if it has stopped I hope to get a short walk.


First few weeks of the new year

January 8th 2010 7:53 pm
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Well, it is 2010 and it looks like it might be a good year. However, it started off rough. I do not like loud sounds or fireworks. Well, right at midnight people started doing fireworks at their homes, and other people started honking their car horns. All this scared me so much I spent the rest of the night in the safety of the bathroom. However, the next day things got better as I found out I was named Top Terrier of the Month at top terriers. I was very excited and happy. Then I got to go the dog park, and see many of my dog friends who had the same fear I had, and I did not feel so bad. I also have been doing on my diet so I feel much better. I have been working with my mom on training for a 10 k. We both need to lose weight. We enjoy or long morning walks together, and walking with our walking group. Now a couple of days ago I got a brand new leash. I was so excited. It is a bright green and some pretty white and pink designs on it. I really like my new leash. It is always nice to get something new. So all in all I have been a very happy dog.


The end of the year

December 30th 2009 7:42 pm
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Yippy, yippy, yippy the new year is coming. I have no idea what is going to happen in 2010, but I am looking forward to seeing. I not looking forward to new years eve as there is always fireworks going off, and I am scared of the noise. I did not get scared of loud noises until I was at agility class, and I heard gun shots going off. Class was out in the country and people were hunting. I have never been the same. I am hoping that my back gets better soon and I can once again run with my human sister. I really miss running, but I need to rest. Well, here is to another good year

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