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My birthday

September 16th 2010 6:57 am
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Today I am 11 years old, I do not feel old as I still walk a lot, hike, go running and play. Mom said she is so glad I am still around and I make her so happy. I am glad I am still alive with a lot of energy despite a bad back. However, my back has gotten better since I lost 7 pounds which I am still need to lose 5 more pounds.
I got some chicken strips and 2 stuff brown and blue bone to chase and play with mom when we are playing. I am going to get a small piece of cake and maybe just maybe a little ice cream
I hope my cat sister are nice to me today.
Sounds like I will have a good birthday



August 7th 2010 4:22 pm
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My vacation went well. Mom and I did a lot of hiking and visited some relatives. It was fun, and I had a good time. I must admit I did miss my cat sisters, and was glad to see them when we picked them up. I was so happy, but they were not to happy to see me.

Today is my cat sister Lucy's birthday! She is 12 today and she does not look a day older. We are all helping her to celebrate well. She does not play much with toys so she got a lot of nice good smelling treats. I could not try even one. I tried to sneak one treat, but momma saw me, and said "no Abbey that is cat treats" Did she offer me a dog treat no. She just petted me which felt good. Any way the cats get some special cat food to help them celebrate. I wonder if I will get something special too? Well, it is getting close to dinner time so I think I will go wait for dinner


oh no it the forth of July

July 4th 2010 7:08 pm
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Hi friends
Well, last night did not go well for me. It seemed like everyone in the area was doing noise fireworks, The noise sounded like we were being bombed I was so scared my little body shock, and I panted so hard mom thought I might have a little heart attack. She was very worried. I was so scared I would not even go for a evening walk. I finally found some relief in the bathroom. However, I just layed awake there all night, and mom came and checked on me several times. In the morning I got a surprise Mom, my aunt and Grandma went for a hike. It was so nice I was so happy. THe park said there was mountain lions and coyotes, but I did not see any, they probably were hiding from the fireworks. I did see a lot of dog, and people. I guess the dogs need to get de-stressed too.
My grandma's legs are really sore and weak so I walk really slow with her. I made sure she did not get behind. Then we had a nice picnic and I got a hot dog which was very good. Now I am home, and once again scared. I have already heard many of the fire crackers going of, and I refuse to go outside. Mom took me out front to take care of business, but then went quickly went in. I sm very scared, and know I will be pulling another all nighter.


scarry time of the year and very- HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 2nd 2010 9:11 am
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Hello Dog Friends !! Oh boy it is a Hot one in old town o Citrus Heights ca(NorthernCA) It has been in the 100's and upper 90's. It is blazzing!! $th of July is around the corner and alot of scarry noises are around at night. I do not understand how humans can like those things that go boom in the night and have colors in them. To me they sound like bombs falling onmy house- Very scarry!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think they should be outlawed to protect us dogs.I do not know of 1 dog who likes them. Someone turend the heater on and set it to the 90 degress- it is so hot. It is a misserable time of year for me.
June was a much better month for me, no booms and lots of dog things to do- July-NOTHING!! I did get to go to a base ball gme the Rivercats vs. the Tacoma Rainers. The Sac Rivercats won, I guess us dogs brought them Luck! Only problem was it was on the hottest day of the year 104 degrees. very hot. On Saturday 7-3-2010 we are having a bar-b-que and I get hot dog and marshmellow. I can hardly wait for that day. I LOVE HOTDOGS!!
Last night in the middle of the night some cat food can feel on the floor and someone ate it, my humans think it was me. But I did see a Racoon eating it- but no one beleives me. They think I did it. I didn't the racoon did. You know they always blame the chudbby kid- well Nikita is chubby,and Lucy they could have gotten out of the room and ate it- they have snuck out before. It was the raccon or them who ate it- I am not sure, and If I did know I wouldnot tell. All I know it was not me.
Happy 4th- I hope the booms don't scare all my friends
Love ya


the weather and a very busy dog month

June 22nd 2010 8:05 pm
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Hello friends. well its been a while since I have written to you- yep it sure has. Well May was a very enjoyable cool month no days in the 90's-- yupee I was so happy about that- it did rain alot in May and I do not like rain as it ruins dog park days. But keep the cool weather- I do not ike anything over 80 degrees! Today was way to hot 92.!!!!!
June has been a busy dog activity month for me. June 5th I ran in The Sacramento Spca's dog walk and run, it was a 5k and I did very good. It was alittle warm that day 92 degrees. It was fun it is a hppening place to be seen. I got a cute little dog shirt for participating. June 19th was petapolza- That was a very fun day. it did get a little warm at 88 degrees. They had a lot of dog food vendors and I got a lot of free treats.Then my aunt went befind moms back and bought us a hotdog and chips to eat. Mom did not know about this because she has me on a strange diet --still!! and I have lost weight and she does not want me eating junk. Boy was that fun to enjoy a hot dog and doritos cool ranch chips. That was just so enjoyable- I can still taste it. Bare Naked ladies gave a free concert there, it was ok. I am glad that it was just a name of a group and they were not naked as naked humans are funny looking-lol. My next activity and sadly the last for a while is bark in the park, with the Sacramento ca River cats. I hope it is not to hot- temps are expected in the 90's but I sure hope I get another hot dog! They are so tastey!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope ther is alot of shade.
That is all for now friends I will keep you updated.


a nice Sunday

April 20th 2010 6:59 pm
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Sunday was a beautiful day. It looked like spring had finally sprung in Sacramento California. It was sunny and temps were not cool or hot. In fact it was just right.
I had a very nice suprise for the day. I got to go hiking!, and it was fun. We did not go to far as the mountains still have a lot of snow and trail would be hard to follow. We got in the car and drove for awhile, then we got to the park, and I was so happy.
My tail was wagging and I was barking with excitement. We walked down the trail and saw some squirrels that looked like fun to chase, but I was on a leash so could not chase them, just barked. I looked at all the nice trees and wild flowers as they were very pretty. I smelled everything I could it smelled so good. The trees, flowers and other plants were in full bloom and looked good. It was so nice to get out and enjoy nature. I can say I had a great day, and can hardly wait until the next hike.



My first run after resting

April 13th 2010 7:35 pm
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Last Saturday it did not rain, but was cloudy so I had my first run in many months. I was so glad to get out and run, and after the run my back did not hurt at all. I was so glad to run and I hope to run again soon. I have to take it slow as I do not want to hurt my back. After my run which was about 45 minutes I went with mom to a dog event. At the dog event I got a massage which felt really good. Of course I love my back rubbed so I was in doggy heaven doing the message.

I hope spring comes back here, and hopefully I will be able to run again. I think I might get to run this Thursday


the cat, walk, and me

April 9th 2010 8:40 pm
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The other day mom and I we out for our morning walk when I could tell something was not right. I kept turning around, but mom would not stop or look at what I was looking at. She kept telling me to keep walking we trying to lose weight. Excersice is good for you. Then finally, I just stopped and would not walk, I stood there with my head looking back. So mom turned her head. What did we see but a cat following us. When we stopped the cat stopped and stared at us. I wanted to turn around and see the cat, but mom said no. We started up again, but a few seconds later I stopped and turned around, and the cat was following me again. This continue for a few minutes. Then finally mom decided to let me go see the cat as we thought for sure the cat wanted to be my friend. I went over there with my tail wagging and a spring in my step. As I got closer to the cat, the cat ran under a car and just starred at me. I layed down and looked at the cat. Mom then told me to come on, and we continued on our walk. However, I could tell the cat was still following me. Mom knew to, and she must of got scared as she started to run so the cat could not catches. When she finally felt safe she stopped. Humans sure are funny. Whoever thought they would be afraid of a little ol cat.


Weekend fun

March 29th 2010 6:48 pm
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I had a good weekend. I joined my walking group walking in a nearby park on the nature trail. It was a lot of fun. My friend and I walked about 3 miles it was nice to see all the plants blooming and everything smelled so nice. There were a ton of squirrels out playing. One of the dogs did not have to wear a leash, and he chased some squirrels. His mom said he was to slow to catch them, but the squirrels were scarred. I could not chase the squirrels, but did enjoy looking at them

On Sunday I got to go to the dog park, and I had fun playing with some of my dog friends. I meet a nice Cairn Terrier who was fun to play with. I also had fun doing some errans with mom. I also had fun helping do yard work. Mom and I pulled a lot of weeds and cleaned up some of the flowers beds.

I guess you could say I had a good weekend which is good as it looks like it will rain all week and may rain on even on the weekend. I had plans to go for a nice spring hike, but we do need rain.


I am a thief

March 26th 2010 4:16 pm
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Yes, I became a thief yesterday. I had not stolen anything for many years. Of course when I was a younger dog I use to steal other dogs toys at the dog park, and then they would chase me around the park to get their toy back. It was all in fun, and they always got their toy back. However, when I was really little I was a stray dog I would steal from trash cans so I could eat, and begged from people, that is how I got caught. Now I stole from my own family. I have been on this stupid diet and I am always hungry. So the other day mom had a dinner roll on the table she was eatting, and the door bell rang. Mom answered it, and I jumped up put my paws on the chair reached my little neck and stole the roll. When mom got done talking I was running up the hall with the roll in my mouth. There was nothing she could do, and just to be safe I ate the evidence. Anyway I am now a thief.

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