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Sad day sammy went home

March 3rd 2013 8:27 pm
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well today is a very sad day. My friend Sammy went home todsya. his mom came and got him,. We had alot of fun together. I hope to see him again this spring! Sammy is a very fun dog to have around, is a mischievious Soul. It rained alittle todya and it is to rain more which would be good cause we need the rain. Nothing else going on see ya later. Hope all the dogs had a GREAT and FUN weekend. back to the old grind! Good night!


Sammy and very fun and need 3 friends

March 2nd 2013 9:59 am
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well sammy is stillhere until sunday afternoon. It will be sad to see him go. I have been a very busy dog. last night we went to dog park and I meet a very nice Dog named Bridget she was a pittbull. Sammy played with lots of dogs. Bridget and I had had a wonderful time! This morning we wnet for an early morning walk where Sammy triedd to chase squirrels around the neighborhood. Then we are going to walk with our friends Bernie and Cleo and play at teh park again. My human sisters try and keep him away from the cats as he harasses them and they beat him up! so the cats can have some peace with out freaking out. It is a beautiful day then it is going to rain next week which we really need. I need 3 friends on dogster to make it to 3000. Well all have a great day! I hope my human sisters get a job. see ya


Sam Sam Sammy is Here! A busy Day.

March 1st 2013 5:01 pm
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well Sammy finally got here at 8pm Thursday. It is so nice he is Here. We have had a Busy day. We went to walk my friends Bernie, Cleo and Epona we had an excellent time. Then we got to go and sit in the car while my sister had an interview which was fun( even though Sammy Hogs the seat or tries to!) that is why I had him sit up front. Then we went on individual walks around the neighborhood which was nice because it is such a nice and beautiful day.. Then tonight we get to go to the dog park which will be very exciting as I never get to go at night, we ususally stick to the day time. I hope there are alot of nice dogs to play with. My human sister got us extra treats which is nice dince there are 2 of us and Sammy does make a pig of himself. well I go to go and get ready for the park. Before I go I will say to Lucy Congrats to her for getting it again!I also hope Obama gets the Sequestor thing fixed. Have an EXCELLENT weekend. see ya


SAMMY COMES!!!!!!!! Lucy and Nikita Choosen DDp on Catster

February 28th 2013 9:25 am
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well Hello Dogs and all my friends( which you all are!)
Today is the Day!! Sammy comes to visit for 4 days. Boy am I excited. I can hardly wait!! I have a very exciting weekend planned for us. I am sure all his dog friends can hardly wait to see him either. I hope he has not changed much in 4 months. Well before the cats beat me up I have to say Congratulations to Nikiat and Lucy for both bing DDp on Catster. they are very Lucky Kitties. They are also extra Blessed that 2 very nice cats made Beautiful pictures for them to celebrate there day- Friday an Jameson. I wish they would do that for me. maybe they should not be so selfish with their Luck and share with our human sisters and they can get jobs that are decent and pay well. It is a very nice day- yesterday it was 68 degrees. It is suppose to be hot all week then rain next wednesday. Strange weather=Climate change global warming!!! well I am going to go for a walk with my friends. yesterday max and Mc dougal went home so I will not see them for a while which willbe sad. But I get to walk with my friends Epona, Cleo ,and Bernie. well got to go. see ya later! Have a Great Day



February 27th 2013 9:10 am
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Well on Thursday 2-28 13 my friend Sammy comes to stay for a while. I am looking forward to it. He is such a fun dog to have around and plus it equals the playing field. I got some terrible scarry horrible news from Nikita yesterday. She told me that yesterday she got to go on a bye bye after the vet visit( which went very well!) that she got to go into a human store- and did not like it all( thank goodness!) I am glad that the cats do not like going on Bye byes because I felt that my humans were trying to make them like dogs and take them Bye byes. Speaking of Dogs I heard my human sisters saying that whenthey get decent jobs they are going to get another dog. That makes me happy!!!:):):) I hope the Dog GOD helps them out getting jobs s I can Have a dog friend to pal around with and stand up to the cats with. I saw them looking at Petfinder dogs- I think that I should say in what dog we get since I am goign to be around him and she is going to be my friend. Many of my dog friends have dog sisters and brothers and like it and I LOVED it when Scrappy lived here and was alive to have another dog around who truely understands DOGS!!
I get to go to the dog park 3 days when Sammy is here and walk with myfriends. Ia m very excited. I got to go to the dog park today which I have to go and get ready for . Iam excited to see all my friends. Well i guess I should go and see all my freinds at the dog park, walk chelo, Bernie, Mc dougal Maxwell andEpona. Maxwell andMc dougal are going home to their dads tonight so I will nto see them for a while which will be sad. See ya Later. Have a Great Day!!


Still being picked on

February 26th 2013 7:57 am
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Well I am still being picked on! Nikita hit me for No reason, It is not my fault she has to go to the vet today to have her mouth checked.By the way Nikita I am NOT going on for moral support you can go by yourself. So do not take your anger out on me . It sure is a nice day in the 6o's it is like spring. My human sister is running I wish my back was better so I could go and explore the new areas with her.Oh yes Sammy is coming on Thursday . I am very excited about him coming to visit. I have Not seen him since October. It will also even up the playing feild for a fw days 2 dogs vS 2 cats, Not I will have an alli. I have alot of plans to do with Sammy. I hope he has Not changed much and the same old goof ball. well I got to go,my typist has to go and get the nut oh oh Imena Nikita reafy for the Vets see ya
P. Ok I will confess Nikita is NOT a nut! just a Cat.


Walks and I am being picked on by Cats and good news Sammy- is coming

February 25th 2013 8:56 am
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Well I had a very good time walking with my walking group that my human sister and I joined. I had a WONDERFUL!! there were 3 other dogs in the group. It was very fun. I really enjoyed it. I hope to go next week and it will be very nice that Sammy gets to come too. He will be visiting us this weekend. I am very excited that he is coming to visit, I have Not seen him since October. I hope he has not changed that much, after all it has been 4 months since we have seen each other.
well the cats are picking me for no apparent reason. I have done nothing wrong! All I am doing is sitting minding my own bussiness and Nikita will come up to me and hiss at me and then bop me several times on my ears and Nose. She will jsut come by ad hit me several times. I do not understand cats1 they are a little temperemntal and strange! Then there is Lucy she sits all high and mighty Diva like ad glare at me and give me dirty looks. I do not do anthing wrong. In fact I think I am pretty nice to them I let them sit where ever they want and sleep where they want. I even help them out by cleaning up their cat food bowl so that they do not getin trouble for Not eatting all their foodm but for some strange reason and I would say a very strange raon they get mad at me for helping them out. I think they are ungrateful cats. well I think I am going to take a rest- I had a nice long walk this morning and Iam tired. See ya around
PS. I forgot to Say Congrats to Nikita for being the DDP on Cataster again! she is one Lucky Kitty. Well have a GREAT DAY!



February 24th 2013 8:13 am
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well I am excited today I get to go for a long walk down the bike trail. I love that place. It is nice and fun , you get to see alot of dogs there and some times if you are lucky wildlife like deer. It is cold and windy but sunny. I think this afternoon it should warm up. Oh congrats to Nikiat for Being DDp on Catster. She is one Lucky kitty. I enjoyed the treats I got on National Pet treat food day. Today is national Pet adoption day from a shelter or rescue groups so If you need a pet go and get one. Adopted dogs make wonderful Pets! well I am going to go and rest and wait for my walk. see ya Have a GREAT DAY


A cold sat and National Pet Treat DAY!!;)

February 23rd 2013 8:09 am
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Boy is it COLD!! I guess March will come in like a Lion and go out like a Lamb. I am going to go to dog park which will be fun as usual! I found out that I think that this neighborhood has alot of strange people in my dog view. there are some people who got a yokie just to breed and make mney off. Silly and cray people pets , dogs and cats are to be compaignsNOT money Makers! Hey all you dogs out there it is national Pet treat day!!! yep it was on the news CBS this Morning- Now our humans can NOT cmplain on how many treats we eat! because after all it is NationaL treat day for us--
well ia m going to get some treats!


alone with the cats

February 22nd 2013 4:20 pm
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Not much is happening to day. My family had to work so I stayed home most of the day alone with the cats. It was ok, but lonely. Tomorrow my family works so I will be once again alone with the cats. It is ok, but Nikita likes to hiss at me for some reason I did find a chew in the cupboard and helped my self. I chewed on it for awhile and got most of it gone. I will save the rest for tomorrow.
I hope all the animals in the midwest and east are nice, warm and safe as it sounds like a big storm hitting your areas. Mom use to live in midwest and knows those storms are pretty wild. I hope spring comes soon as it is always pretty.
Have a good day.

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