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Abbey's Life

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Heart Broken!!!

June 14th 2013 11:36 am
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It is Nikita the kitty here. I have some very sad News. Abbey dog died to -day June 14 2013 at 10 am. She had been sick for a while and been going down hill. She died of Cancer of the intestines and a form of dog Lou Gerhics disease. She could not walk and was bleeding inside very bad.
Abby O'Brien
Sept 16 1999-June 14 2013--- Gotcha Day Aug 16 2000,

She is survied by her 2 sisters and me- Nikita Cat.
She was proceeded in death By Lucy kitty and her momma human.
Abbey Loved to run and was Like Steve Prefontaine of the doggy world.
she love to hike go to do Park and on any Byes.
Abbey will be very much missed by her family and friends.
It is a very sad day!



May 24th 2013 7:32 am
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Well last night there was an earth Quake here in Californai in a town about 100 miles away fom us. I felt it the floor shooklike some one dropped a big ball on it. It was kinda scarry. They say us animals can predict Earth quakes and have a special feeling about them. It was in plumnas county about 100 miles from here up by Alsmaore lake. It 5,7. I hope wedo not have another one.
On the bright side of life we registewred for the Doggy Dash for saturday June 8th 2013. I am very excited for it- It is place to be seen, Today Ricki comes to stay for 10 days which will be very fun. well i got to go and help look for jobs with my human sister. they really hate theirs.


Windy day

May 23rd 2013 10:10 am
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Boy it is a windy day. I think it is cliamte change, on Monday it was 97 degrees then today it is in the 70's. yesterdy I had alot of bye byes which is very fun. I LOVE to go on bys byes. I am still sad about Lucy dying. I miss her so much!! It is Lonly with out her.
On Friday little Ricky Beiri comes and stays with us for 2 weeks. It will be very fun. Then on June 8th 2013 the big dog event of the season comes, which is the the SPCA Doggy Dash- a place to be seen if you are a dog. I am very excited about it. Epona will be going with us too. well I am going to go for a walk around the neighborhood. I cannot believe that it is memeorial day weekend. Any one have plans. Boy isthis year going bye Fast!
well I should go I am going to walk around the neighborhood and see what is going on and get the gossip. I will talk to you later. I hope all the kids in Oklahma are doing ok. Thanks to all the nice furs who gaveme nice gifts and comments. Thanks Willa


dreming of Lucy

May 22nd 2013 9:48 am
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This morning I was taking a nap after my early morning walk. When I deamed of Lucy. I guess I dreamedof us having a fight because I barked in my sleep and rubbed my nose according to my human siter. then I got up and look all olver the home for her. I miss her so much both Nikiat and I misss her so very much. I know she loved me in her own little way- she may come accross as a grouchy kitty but deep down insdie she was a teddy bear who Loved Me! After all we had been through 4 terrible things together. the death of oure beloved Momma human, Sophie, Scrappy and moving to this new home that we really do not like. I want lots of attention now that Lucy is not longer with us- I am very loney. Hopefully with Ricky coming here to visit for 2 weeks it will make the issue a little better. I hear my human sister are thinking of getting a another kitty or a dog which would be GREAT! For once the dogs would out number the cats! well I got to go and do errends and go for a walk. see ya later


On the bright side andother sad news

May 21st 2013 6:27 pm
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Hello again
Even though w Lost little Lucy My heart aches for her and I miss her terribley. Ricky my little dog friend is coming to stay with us for 2 weeks. I am excited, as I have Not seen Ricky for about ayear. he is one kind dog and a goodfriend. My other dog friend Sammy I will not see any more as he and his momma are moving to River side ca. well Take care freinds. Lucy I miss you so much I look for you and you are not here. It is quite with out you


I am SAD!!---Lucy died

May 21st 2013 6:24 pm
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well I am SAD! Lucy kitty died today due to throat and mouth cancer. I am very sad and I will miss her very much. we had known each other for 12 years- sure they were rocky years but we knew each other and I considereed us friends. I am just heart broken that she is no longer with me- or will I get her food( i guess I can get Nikita's- but she is more fiesty) well not much to write because my eyes are filled with tears and I can not see to type. Thanks to all the nice dogs for the gifts to me I appreciate them. I will always miss you Lucy and I will Never forget you! You were one cool and kind cat! sure you thought you were ttuff but deep down you were a marshmellow and a had a soft spot for me- even though you did not show it I knew you liked me- ,aybe loved me Like I loved you.
RIP Lucy- you are very much Missed!! Have fun at the bridge with Scrappy Sophie and Mickey.



May 13th 2013 7:53 am
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Thank to all the kids who sent nice gifts and comments to me. I really Love them and appricate them. It so kind for you all to give them to me. Boy is it Hot. I do not like hot weather, and I am very scarred that this summer will be blazing will be in the 100s most of the time, it is in the 9o's now. I think it will be climate change. Sammy left and it is quite with out him. He will be here again this weekend then he is moving to Riverside Ca in June. It will be sad never to see him again. Doggy dash is right around the corner. Then after Sammy leaves we will be having ricky come and stay with us for a week. well i guess I should go, but before I go I should say Congrats to Nikita for being DDp on Catster, so Congrats to her.


Sammy is Here!!:) HOT weather-- Lucy Kitty is sick!!- very sad

May 11th 2013 9:48 am
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well My friend Sammy is here. I am excited, we always have a nice time together. we went to dog park and played with all our friends. We also went walking with paco TJ, Bernie, Cleo and Epona. there are alos alot of nice dogs in this new neighborhood. there are 2 little squirts that think they own it- Bella and Cooper.
It is very hot here- climate change. I hate the heat- It really cuts back on my bye bye and other activities as I hate the Heat and do not do well in it. I hope it is not a Hot summer but afraid it will be.
My kitty friend Lucy kitty is sick with cancer. Cancer sucks just like climate chnage. she has it in her mouth and throat. It still does not stop her from growling at me when I try and steal her tuna. I am very sad that Lucy has Cancer. It will be lonely with out her. she was at the house before me. She was pretty mellow and accpeted me more than Sophie did, well i got to go and see what sammy is up to. Bye Take care.
Oh yesterday one of myhuman sisters brought Lucy Clam chowder soup to eat and she did not like it- so Sammy and I got it it was very Yummy! I hope I get it again. I also stole a few bites of donuts and that was delious to. But do not think I will get those agian- I had to much human food and my human sisters say to much human food is not good for me-- silly humans what do they know.!



April 22nd 2013 5:46 pm
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wellI celebrated earth day by going to an Earthday celebration this weekend it was fun. There were alot of dogs out. Boyis it HOT it was 89 degrees, way to hot for this time of year= climate change, This Satursay April 27th is petaoolza, which is an very fun thing for dogs to do. It is a place for all the cool kids to be seen. Today little Scrappy birthday if he was alive on eath > He would have been 5 years old. The dogs in the area are trying to cut down on their carbon paw print now the humans have to it- if you ask me I do not think dogs did not do much damage to the Earth to cause Climate change except go for rides in the car- which is very fun. I hope all the kids are safe in Boson and in the midwest from all that flooding. I got som Baccon, then when I come home from the park I will get some watermellon. YUMMY!
I had to have a bath today. I do not know why I did not feel that I was dirty- I felt perfectly clean. Humans re silly they always think I am didrty when I am not. What is the big deal anyway if I go around dirty- Dirty dogs have more Fun ayway.


Walks and activities

April 4th 2013 6:27 pm
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Boy have I been busy going on walks this after noon 2 walks. It was raining this morning- shouldn't this happen in the winter- silly global warming! any dog live in th Bay area in ca? Did you get to see president Obama? Boy you are Lucky if you did! Opening day of Baseball- I love Baseball out minor League team allows dogs to go to some games I love Baseball and can hardly wait! Then on April 27th I get to go to petapoolza which is a wonderful thing for dogs and one of 2 things where all the cool dogs are seen and meet each other dogs. I can hardly wait until that day. Oh I got some Tuna and boy was that delicious- I Love TUNA . Oh I better congratulate Lucy for being DDP today. well i got to go see ya all later.

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