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January 24 2008

January 24th 2008 11:59 am
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Oh boy what a wonderful week. Yesterday I gotta go to the dog park. I had a wonderful time! I walked around the big park with some human friends and dog friends. Most of my dog friends get to walk leash free outside the dog park- oh not me! I have to stay on leash- my human does not trust me to walk without a leash- What kind of person does not trust a dog especially me with a cute innocent looking face to walk with out a leash. Humans they do not understand dogs just wanna have fun- chasing squirrels leash free!. i went in the park and there were many big muddy ponds for me to splash and jump around in. It was really fun- All the humans thought I was just so cute- and they were right. I gotta play with my friend Pixley. Then I came home and had to have a bath. I really hate baths! plus I hate the fur heater that blows hot air on my fur. I did not get to go to school for Ralley Obidence- because the darn rain started and did not stop all night- Rain really spoils a dogs day and night. Today I went running with my human- I really love to run!!! I am coaching her to run in the Davis Stampede. Boy does she need alot of help! She gets upset when I stop and snoop intoi things- doesn't understand a dog needs to know who has been on the trail and left messages I need to know about. She got upset at me and told me not to bark at the mailman. I Hate the mailman-all dogs don't like him doesn't she know that? It started to rain so we had to cut our run short to only about 6 miles. Well that is about all I have to say> I hope you are having a wonderful dog day.


January 27 2008

January 27th 2008 9:05 am
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Well I went to the dog Park Yesterday-could not go in it was all muddy and my human would not let me in to play in the mud-Humans? I just walked around the park with my friends- but not leash free. I went running today it was ok a short run. Its a rainy and cloudy day. My freind B.J gets his stitches out Tuesday so he will be at the park on Wednesday- can hardly wait to see the dog.


January 28 2008-Abbeys life

January 28th 2008 9:14 am
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Well I have been a very busy dog . It rained yesterday. I was busy doing errands with my humans- I love going bye-bye with my folks. Last night they went out to dinner somewhere , where the food smelled really good- I had to sit in the really cold car and wait for them. You would have thought they would have brought me a out a doggy bag- but no they didn't. Then when we got home I wanted something to eat- I was told no Abbey you had dinner- you don't need anything else to eat. You need to loose weight- I NEVER tell them what to eat or when to eat it- I just hope they will share it with me. I went to dog Park had a lot of fun with all my friends. I have to take my human moma to the doctor today for her eyes. I am going running this afternoon- have to get my human sister ready for the Half Marathon this Sunday- I am the her coach- she can't do with out me!. Obama won South carolina-yeah ho a bark goes out to him- A high paw to you. I guess I want the New Your Giants to win the Superbowl cause my cats do- if I don't support their teams I will be clawed and hit all the way to the door- mycats don't like me- I do not know why I am a very nice dog. I get a fan club where ever I go- I am so cute- its hard to be humble when you are so cute like me.I take everyone in a loving paw embrace


Janauary 30 2008

January 30th 2008 8:29 am
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Hello World. Well it is going to be a running week for me. I ran monday- Tuesday and today. I love to run! The rain ruined my run yesterday. I hate the rain!! you can not go outside to play. I got to go to dog park today. I got to see my friend B.J he just got his stitches out from surgery. He is doing well.I am alittle upset that John Edwards dropped out- my humans really wantwed him, I did not . I went with the young cool dogs and I support Obama for president. I think he will do a good job for the Country , World and the dogs. I do not like the Clintons- I don't think they are dog people- they did not treat Buddy or Zeeke good,like a dog should be treated in my dog view of the world. I got to go to the Dog doctor for tests on my thyroid- they think it runs to slow. My cats are quite happy that I will be gone all day. They are having a party for two!!! I am quite sad that I will be away from my family for so long. I hope I have school to night- I LOVE school- I have not been there for 2 weeks do to the rain! Ralley Obidence is COOL!!!


Sunday February 3 2008 Superbowl Sunday

February 3rd 2008 2:44 pm
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Wow what a wonderful fantastic day! My diary was choosen as the diary of the day- what a very pleasant suprise! Thank- you so much dogster- it awfully kind of you. My cat friends who I live Sophie and Lucy had their diarys choosen too. Sophie's today and Lucy's Friday February 1 2008. I am so happy my tail is really wagging. I hope it does not get tired.
I went to the Davis half Marathon with my human sister, I am her coach I run alot with her. I did not run to day- to far and that stupid no dogs allowed polic y- You know how we feel about that. When she was out running I went with the rest of my family for a walk and got to meet los of very nice dogs I would say about 100 dogs- all very nice waiting for theit human folks to get done running too. After she got done running she got some treats- all she got for me was two soy and fruit bars- she kept he good stuff for herself!! So I had to help myself. She was eating her dessert pizza and when she was not looking I took a big bite out of it. Well you know how humans feel about dog germs, she gave the rest of the big piece, it was very good!! Well if she would have shared I would not had to steal a bite- you dogs understand these things- sometimes humans can be selfish about their food they are eating and belongings. The superbowl is today- I want the New york Giants to win. Well I am a little tired- the game starts soon. Hope all you dogs had a fantastic day like I had- Woof Woof to you. Good day Hugs and Wags to you Abbey


Monday February 11 2008

February 11th 2008 8:23 am
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hello Friend- well its been a week. It has been a very busy week. I watched the superbowl. my team won- the giants! what a great game. I helped my family vote. They voted for Obama. come on dogs out there we need to get our humans tos to vote for Obama- we don't want another 4 years of Bush. we want to plant a Bush back in Texas. I went to Dog park just had a wonderful time there with all my friends. I just love going to dog park. I went running 3 times last week then on Saturday 2-9-08 I ran the Valentines day run with my human sister. we had a wonderful time- it was really fun and we did very good. It was a little hot! I don't like hot weather, anything over 60 degress is way to hot! to run anything over 30 degrees is way to hot. it has been sunny the past week- thank goodnes no rain! I posted on Canine Americans for Obama. Come on Dogs sign up and we can be as big as my sisters group on Catster-pets for Obama. Well I am gona run today and tommorow. Valentines day is Thursday- I Love Valentines day. I can share my friendship with all my dog friends. I have lots and lots of dog friends. Well I am going to dog park so gotta go. Woof Woof- Abbey


February 12, 2008 Another great day

February 12th 2008 4:13 pm
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Oh what a wonderful day. The day started out great and stayed great. I went for a morning walk with one of my sisters. Came home and ate a great breakfast. Then I had to practice my rally obedience drills. I did good and had a great time. Then my other sister took me running. Oh how I had a great time getting those legs running. It felt so good. I had a great fun. I am going on another walk later on tonight with my mom. It will be fun, and I am expecting to have a great dinner.
Tomorrow I am going to the dog park to see my friends. It will be nice to see them. I hope I can meet some new dogs too. At night I have rally obedience class. I have a good teacher who does not get mad. Well, I do not have much else to write. ps. The only bad thing that happened to me was my cat sister Sophie beat me up cause I went running-oh well. Tommorrw I get to goValentine shopping for my friends- that will be fun!!! Woof-Woof Abbey


February 16, 2008 Oh my another great- week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

February 16th 2008 1:36 pm
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Hello Friend
I had the most wonderful week a dog could want. The weather has been great. I could go out for walks, runs, dog park, school, and the back yard to play. I had so much fun. I also got to pass out valentines to dogs at the dog park. My human sister bought them for me to pass out. I passed out 30 valentines to the dogs at the dog park. They all loved them, and I even got to meet knew dogs by passing them out. The dogs enjoyed them. My family got me some treats and 2 busy bones. Those busy bones are so good. I just love them so much. Yesterday I went to make-up rally-obedience and It was so much fun. At the end of class, I got to go play on the agility equipment. It was so great. I have not done Agility in 6 months, because I have a sore back called caudea equina syndrome and it hurts to climb. I thank Nola so much for letting me play on the agility equipment. I love ralley obedience class now it is so much fun. I just wish all dogs could have as much fun as I do.
Today I went to the dog park and had fun fun fun in the winter sun. Then I have been doing errands. I love the dog park and errands. One of my human sisters does not have to work for 3 days. I get to have fun with her, and tomorrow I get to run down the American River Bike trial (Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Woof woof Abbey


February 20 2008

February 20th 2008 9:11 am
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Hello. Well it is another raining and gloomy day. I hate the rain! I am happy that obama won- its 10 in a row!! (hey Sophie thats better than the Sac Kings Basketball team!) I am going to go running if it stops raining and do errands. My human sister gets a little upset when I am out running and I chase Squirels. It is really fun-you dogs understand and what do you expect I am a Terrier mix. well gotta run- woof Woof Abbey


Abbey's Life February 21, 2008

February 21st 2008 10:22 am
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Oh boy it is not going to be a good day,because for rain. I did get a short walk and run at the dog park in before the rain. I hate rainy days. I hope it stops soon. Yesterday it really rained, and I could not even go running. Who ever said it never rains in California lied. Looking forward to rain free day
Woof Abbey

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