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1 25 09

January 25th 2009 9:03 am
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we told mom it was time to update the family page,
she does ok n the single ones but misses this one.

winter has jumped on us with both feet cold and snow that just wont stop.

the snow is kinda fun but we would sure like some warm.
this is bryces first winter and he really seems to like it. he and grace have a blast running and romping.
dylan would rather have a human outside to play with and when its this cold, neither will stay out long, so he doesnt either.
moms waiting for the day we one of us runs acrossed the little fish pond and it has thawed enough one of us falls in. the money is on bryce!

well, not much new here, just counting the days till spring
so we will bark again later


Nov 5th

November 5th 2008 10:45 am
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we were once two, but we are now three. we have a bryce. hes been here almost 3 months. and has really livened the place up.
the 3 of us just love to play! and we sure love the weather we have been having its been warm and sunny most of the time.
but we are waiting to roll bryce in his first snow! the problem is that when it starts it wont stop, so we are in no hurry. its really hard to drag mom out to play when its cold. shes a wenie when it comes to cold. must be cuz she is furless. silly humans they would be much warmer if they had fur coats. and we think they would be cuter.
well off to play


aug 14

August 14th 2008 4:21 am
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well, silly mom just realized we had no diary on our together page!
so we made her start one!
we got the most wonderfull gifts from maine last week! Kili & Suvi sent us TOYS!!!! how special is that! thank you two!!!

we cant believe summer is almost over! that means school starts and moms back to full time! and doesnt get a break again till thanks giving!
we sure wish she would win the lottery.
well, mom says this is all for now, she has a list of do`s before the big family dinner tonite.
why do humans scrub the shower before people come for dinner? is she gonna give them a bath first???

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