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Buster's day

Easter Tagged!

April 5th 2009 2:21 am
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Well I better start doing these again. We've been bad and haven't been responding, Sorry pups, we don't woof too much around here.

Anyway this is for my good pal Alabaster!

1. What is your favorite color for Easter eggs?
green with pink speckles

2. Would you rather be a bunny or a chick?

3. How many Easter eggs do you think you'll find when you get to hunt them at your house?
A Million, BOL!

4. What kind of Easter basket are you hoping for?
The kind that traps Trixie and carries her off far, far away!

Gotta think about tagging my other pals, later....


Tagged By the Lovely Faith Lynn!

April 27th 2008 11:15 pm
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Here are the rules:

Each player needs to tell seven random facts about themselves. Tagged dogs post the rules in their diary and their 7 facts. Then choose 7 pups to tag and list their names. Let them know by pawmail or rosette that they have been tagged and to read your diary for the instructions on how to play.

1. I am a 2X shelter dog reject. By my wacko Mom chose to adopt me and has put up with me 5 years now. I have do wonders at modifying her behaviour.
2. I love car rides thats the best, especially in town, so I can act like an psycho and only bother Mom.
3. I am a HOUSE dog. I only stay outside when it's nice and Mom locks the doggie door. Then I stay in my dog house except to bark at the meter readers, exterminator, mail man...
4. I am a bed hog, but Mom wouldn't sleep without me. If I don't move she just rolls over and uses me as a pillow, I'm pretty soft, not too lumpy when I curl up in a ball.
5. When we go for walks in the neighborhood, I act like a donkey (that's the nice word that mommy doesn't use) and embarass myself. So we Walk out in the wilderness away from civilization. Mom likes that better anyway.
6. I live with Trixie (rat dog) and Lucyruth (cat). Trixie is a funny animal, 13 lbs of energy, she likes to growl at me, bite my cheeks and eat poo. The cat just stays away from me ...prima donna...(rolls eyes)
7. I have the best life ever, exept when it's time for toenail trimming, but I guess one must suffer...occasionally...

The seven pals that I choose are:

1. Millie
2. Junebug
3. Tanuki
4. Baxter
5. Stuey
6. Tater Tots
7. Ricky
I hope everyone has a great time!!!!


Double Dog Tagged!

April 4th 2008 10:21 pm
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Tagged by Sophie and Kasey !
I'm going to tag 8 pups because I was also tagged twice!

4 Questions and tag 4 Friends!

Name 4 jobs you have:

1.Beg for food
2. Bark when the school bus drops the neighbor kids off, whether mom wants to know or not!
3. Keeping Trixie in line
4. Laying around !

Name 4 places you have lived (or stayed at):

1. Shelter in Idaho :-(
2. Transferred to shelter in Southern Oregon :-(
3. Adopted and returned to shelter in Southern Oregon :-(
4. My Furever Home with Trixie, Lucy Ruth and Mom :-)

Name 4 places you have been:

1. Grammaw's and Granpaw's in California
2. The Beach
3. Camping in Agness, OR
4. Anywhere Mom goes that's not overnight at someone else's place, unless I'm invited!

Name 4 places you would rather be:

1. Riding around with Mom
2. Out loose chasing deer and other critters
3. The Beach
4. The Woods

4 friends I am tagging... (8 for me)

Lu cy


Valentine's Tag!

February 10th 2008 9:11 pm
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Hi all!
I've been sent a rosette by my sweet pal Nelly! She just had a birthday! Happy Birthday Nelly!
Nelly tagged me for Valentine's Day! I need to list 5 wishes for Valentine's Day and then list (tag) 5 pals who I want to join in the fun. I'll invite them by pmail or by sending them a rosette. I hope they will write their own wishes and tag 5 of their pals! Some dogs are very busy and it's just for fun, but I hope they'll join in.

Anyway, Here are my wishes for Valentine's Day:
1. I wish Mom didn't work so much and would stay home all the time and play with us!
2. Iwish I could go over and play with my old friend Little Dog, but her new fursister, Lilly Paddy Pancake, hates me and tries to ATTACK! Of course since she weigh only 6 pounds, I would probably eat her...ooops...not a good thing...
3. I wish it would quit raining for more than a couple of days, enough already, geez!
4. I wish for all my fellow Dogsters that are sick or hurting to get to feeling better soon!
5. And... I wish for all my pals lots of treats for Valentine's Day!

OK, now I am going to TAG-
Sir Snickers Alot


WooHoo! Beach Day!

January 17th 2008 4:32 pm
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Well, we only live about 10 minutes walk from the beach, but it has been so rainy or Mom has has too many chores to do after the storms, that we haven't been in awhile.
Anyway, it was really pretty out but COLD! Trixie went berserk and ran all over the place, but the poor thing was so cold she turned pink, Mom forgot to bring her sweater...bad Mom.
We didn't stay long, but we did find a dead seal, mmmm, but Mom saw it too and told us NO! so no playing with the seal, darn...
Then we went for a drive in the country and found a nice road to go walking on next time, we only passed one car for about 5 miles, pretty nice! I can't wait to go!
Bye for now, Bust


Oooh! I've been tagged....:-)

January 5th 2008 12:32 am
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OK, here goes...

Here are the rules of this game of tag in case you have never gotten the chance to play. When you're tagged you post 7 random facts about yourself and the rules in your diary. Then pick 7 fur friends and let them know they have been tagged and post their names in your diary. You can either tag by giving rosettes or by sending pawmail!!

1. I have beautiful hair, it's auburn colored and is short, thick and curly kinda like a wired haired terrier.
2. I wear soft plastic toe caps to keep from scratching folks like Granpa when I get excited. Mom puts different colored ones on me depending on the time of year, right now I still have on red and green ones!
3. I don't like to go out in the backyard unless someone is out there too, like the cat Lucy Ruth. If it's nice out, I have to go outside and stay out, then I'll go to sleep in my dog house or sleep on the swinging thing on the deck.
4. I'd rather sleep on a comfy chair than on one of my dog beds. I sleep in Mom's bed too, up on the pillow, sometimes she rolls over on me and there's no way I'm moving-so I have to be a stinky pillow.
5. I hate water, baths are the worst and don't even think about getting me near the ocean, ugh!
6. I'm an embarassment on the leash, I have no social skills whatsoever, but who's fault is that? Not Me???
7. I love riding in the car, I wish I could sit in the front seat, but Mom got a new car and says I'm too hairy...but Trixie can ride up there, just cuz she's little and gets a special baby seat...(*)itch...

Anyway I'm supposed to send these to 7 fur friends but I'm new so I can only send this to:
1. dolly
2. tanner

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