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holiday surprises

November 24th 2010 4:24 am
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Mum told us all about the upcoming holiday - the wonderful food and the extra company that we will be having. It sounded great and we were all looking forward to it.

Nobody mentioned that baths for everybody was a part of the plan - What the Woof!

Wishing all our pals and their families a wonderful, belly filled Thanksgiving.

Bodhi and the rest of the pack



November 12th 2010 10:52 am
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Mum is a cheater! She came home yesterday TO THE HOUSE with a puppy! We could see her holding the puppy in her arms, but couldn’t get to her or the puppy. How unfair is that! We were left to bark our fool heads off on the deck while she teased us with a puppy.

I’ll tell you what, she sure got what was coming once we got to her. The puppy was gone, but it left its stink ALL over her! We didn’t let that woman alone. Even when she was changing clothes, we were still nosing her clothes.

Turns out Mum brought the puppy home from someone at work and gave it to a friend that wanted the puppy. That’s right – no more living creatures are coming here!

Bodhi and the rest of the Blaner Pack


miscellaneous stuff

August 8th 2010 4:15 am
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The pawrents had a young guy come and stay with us Friday night. He was going to work around the house with Dad on Saturday. The first time I met him, I really let him know how much I liked him.......I peed on his work boots. I didn't mean anything by it, I just wanted to mark him as mine! BOL

By the time this guy left on Saturday, he wanted to take me with him. I had worked my charms on him.

Dad talked to the lady (BJ) that has Sandy. All is going great - Sandy is a bed hog and lets the house cat sleep with her. We are so happy that Sandy has found the right home. The pawrents knew that Sandy was a good dog but just needed what we couldn't give her. (The house is MUCH calmer without Sandy living with us.)

Nothing else too exciting going on with me. I'm resting on a bed right now having just finished a pigs ear. Life is good and it's time for a morning snooze.

Enjoy the day, puppers!


you have to be VERY quiet

July 30th 2010 2:28 pm
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Yay - someone should have told me and Bo Cephus that you have to be very quiet when trying to sneek up on something hiding in the tall grass. We weren't quiet at all and it didn't help that Addison and Tanner were barking like idiots up at the house.

You see, there was something in the tall grass by the woods in front of our house. Bo Cephus and I decided to take the hit and ran through the invisible fence to check it out. Too late - it was gone by the time we got there, but hey - while we were out of the yard, we decided to check out the lake.

Dad came in the truck looking for us. We met him as we were coming back up the driveway. Cephus and I were exhausted from running and I seem to have hurt my right hind leg. I have a big scratch on the inside tender part of my meaty thigh. I'm going to be taking it easy for a little while.

I sure hope whatever was in the grass got scared away at the sight and sound of The Blaner Pack! BOL


we are minus one

July 4th 2010 5:07 am
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The Blaner Pack is minus one dog this morning, but that's a good thing!

Sandy may have found her forever home. A widow called to meet Sandy, just loved her and Sandy left with her last night. (The lady had put her 23 year old dog down about a year ago and the house was just too quiet!)

Dad thinks the house already feels calmer. Our trainer thinks that Sandy was a big part of the problem between me and Levi. The pawrents are hoping this helps us to make big steps in getting Levi and I back together. That would be nice - no more having to be kept separate!

Well, we are having a great holiday weekend. Happy birthday to my furbro Tanner!

Hope the rest of my pals are having a great weekend, too!


Our meeting

June 29th 2010 7:10 pm
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I met Abby at the place where my mum works last week. I was very low-key as I always am when I'm out in public. I greeted her and laid quietly while the adults talked. I did keep checking out the gift bag she brought until I was given the snake that squeaks and the covered pop bottle that crunches. Love that! She also brought all of us "ribs". We haven't gotten them yet - I hear that it might be included with our upcoming weekend celebrations! BOL

I love me some Abby and I'm sure she knows it. Just check out my new profile picture.

Nuff said!


my savior

June 22nd 2010 4:06 am
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Mum tells me that I get to meet "my savior" today. This is the person that saved me from a shelter in TX, December 2007. You may be familiar with her. She's the mom of Izzy, Sam and Maxwell.

She's on a pup pal trip. She's visiting people she knows via dogster. She's in our area right now! I get to meet her (again) this afternoon!

Mum sez I get to meet her one on one first, then she will be attacked.....I mean greeted by the rest of the pack. I sure hope that Mum told her to wear old clothes! BOL

I'll report back and let you know how it all goes.


Visit #3

May 6th 2010 5:55 pm
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Tonight was visit #3 with the trainer.

Bo Cephus, Tanner and I went.
She's still assessing us before we start the training.

Her thoughts after meeting the 3 of us tonight
is that Bo Cephus is the "alpha" dog. The pawrents
were shocked to hear that. Seems that "alpha" dogs
are usually the protectors. Cephus is always looking
out for Mum, our furless sister and her son.

Next week the trainer wants to meet Addison.
The plan is to take Levi and Bo Cephus with them, too.

That will leave me at home with Sandy and Tanner.
That should be an interesting night for me.

Anywho, after this next meeting, the trainer feels we
will be ready to start whatever it is we need to do.

All I know is I got out of the house,
rode in a vehicle and
got to play somewhere else besides
home for the past 2 weeks
......oh and got some treats. BOL!
Training can't be ALL that bad!


2nd night of training

April 29th 2010 6:39 pm
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After getting our pack history last week, the trainer wanted to meet just Levi this week. After meeting me last week and him this week, she feels that neither of us are aggressive dogs. Meaning that whatever is going on between us is fixable!

The trainer wants to meet the rest of the pack before actual "training" begins. The pawrents have decided to take Tanner, Bo Cephus and me with them next week. That should be loads of fun! A night out with the guys! BOL! We'll have that place rocking by the time our "meeting" is over!


first night of training

April 23rd 2010 4:16 pm
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Wednesday was to be my first day of training. Turns out that most of the time was just a "get to know me and my family" night. The trainer took notes on The Blaner Pack and did just a bit of some clicker thing with treats. Not sure about that just yet.

Oh yea - that same day was my 3rd birthday. Dad went through the drive through at Wendy's and got 3 plain double stacks for the pack to share - that's 1/2 of a burger for each of us!

Also, before leaving the training, Dad bought me 2 toys that make noise - a cow and a pig. I LOVE toys that make noise or play music when they are nose bumped or chewed!

So I got mucho pawrent time on the ride to training and home, people food AND a couple new toys - it was a great 3rd birthday!

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