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December 26th 2007 2:22 pm
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As you start to peruse my dogster page and contemplate whether you want to be pup pals with me (you really should, I'm super cool), allow me to provide you with some facts about me that may help in your decision:

1. I'm quite the snuggle bunny. I love nothing more than to sit by Mom - or on her- and watch the telly. I fell asleep on her feet the other night as she was washing the dishes. True story.

2. I love everyone! When I first came home Izzy was not too happy with me. She growled and snapped at me for the first 2 days. Did that stop me from trying to love on her...? No way Jose! I became even more determined to make her love me. I'm making progress. Maxwell is still being stubborn. Mom says it's just Pongo's way of exacting revenge on Max from the Rainbow Bridge. I guess I am acting the same way towards Max as Max acted towards Pongo... curious.

3. I am a CHOW HOUND! I was only fed once per day at the shelter - despite the fact that my ribs are clearly sticking out - humph. So now I will do the requisite "sit" before Mom gives me food, but I'm still working on "stay". I just get so darn excited when I see food!

4. I like to carry my leash in my mouth when we go for walks, thank you very much. Yeah. For some reason it makes me feel like I am contributing to the walk if I help Mom carry my leash.

5. I really don't care for car rides. Although thus far every time we have hopped in the ol' Mini Cooper it has ended in fun, fun, fun, I still don't care for the whole process.

6. I'm pretty much housebroken. I had a few accidents over the weekend, but in my defense the doggie door can be a little scary. Fortunately I was nice enough to pee on the tile in the kitchen, thus making clean-up easier on the human.

So, now will you be my pup pal?


Yup, it's true...

December 27th 2007 11:09 am
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Maxwell hates me. He growls and barks and tries to hide from me. Last night he pouted the entire night. Mom thinks that eventually Max will figure out that I have no desire to overtake his position as "man-dog of the house", I just wanna PLAY! The Man - being the peace keeper that he is- tried to coax max out of the bedroom and get him to calm down. No dice. Eventually The Man allowed Max to eat his dinner IN MOM'S ROOM!!! Wow! What a sucker!
I gotta hand it to Max, he has the pouty-pathetic look down pretty well.

I sure do hope he warms up to me soon.... he seems like he'd be a lot of fun to play with.


Rules Schmules

December 31st 2007 6:25 am
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I'm learning pretty quickly the do's and don'ts around here. A few examples:
1. Peeing and pooing - apparently this is to be done outside all the time. I thought that relieving oneself outside was something that you do if you just happen to be outside when the urge strikes, not something that always needs to happen. I have learned that regardless of your current location, if the urge strikes to pee or poo, your final destination needs to be somewhere outside... not the dining room or kitchen. Now I know, and as my good friend GI Joe says, "knowing is half the battle".

2. Pecking order - Wow. Mom is going overtime enforcing this one. I guess it goes something like: Mom, Izzy, Max and then me. If The Man is around he fits in there somewhere after Mom (hee hee) but before Max. This rule applies at all times - even during meal times. The meal time pecking order is still something I am working on. The way I figure it I should always be the first one fed, and when I am finished with my allotment of kibble, I should be allowed to eat the remainder to whatever is left in Izzy or Max's bowl, whether they are done or not. Why is this a problem?

3. Counter surfing. I guess this is a no-no as well. I still have yet to be given a good explanation as to why I cannot do this, so until such time occurs, I will continue to surf.

4. My role. Mom has made it clear that I am NOT a replacement for Pongo. Pongo is not replaceable. He will always be Mom's Little Man. No matter what idiosyncracies I may share with the pup, Pongo is Pongo and I am Bodhi. That's okay.


Trickery is a two-way street

January 3rd 2008 6:53 am
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I was tricked last night pupsters! Yes! It's true! You see, I enjoy sleeping horizontally on Mom's bed. This allows me to sleep more soundly while still stretching my weary muscles. I assumed that the shear happiness that Mom gets from sharing a bed with yours truly was enough to override any irritation she may have over being relegated to a mere 1/3 of the bed. I assumed wrong. The trickery occurred just before bedtime last night. Mom had both Izzy and I lulled into a false sense of security by rubbing our bellies and ears while we snuggled with her on the couch. We both soon fell asleep - on.the.couch. Well, while we were snoozing on the couch, Mom hurriedly jumped into bed and proceeded to position herself smack dab in the middle - leaving absolutely no room whatsoever for a cute puppy like myself to stretch out. I was had.... Or so she thought. I tried to get Izzy as worked up about the whole situation as I was, but she was content to sleep on the doggie bed on the floor (sheesh!). So, I took matters into my own paws.
Mom had foolishly left her work bag on the floor (I know, when will she learn?), so I nosed around in it until I had found something that would get her outta bed. I jumped onto the bed with my loot, shaking it in front of Mom's face. I had grabbed one of Mom's leather gloves and was clenching it in my teeth. The look said it all: I'll trade you the glove for the bed sweetheart.
Mom gently pried the glove out of my mouth, walked to the living room to put her bag away and came back to the bedroom to find me stretched out horizontally on the bed.
Mmhmm. That's right.


I'm it! I'm it!

January 3rd 2008 1:03 pm
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I've been tagged by my friend Cash Bentley!!! He's a super duper cute boxer. His sisters Molly and Squidgy seem to be having as difficult a time getting along as me and Max, so I feel a certain kinship to them :)

Anywho - 7 interesting facts about me:
1. I can fall asleep quicker than anything. Seriously! If I'm awake then you look away and look back again, zzzzzzzz. Sound asleep.

2. I have a real hard time catching treats that are tossed at me. I prefer they be presented to me in a bowl or on the floor, lest I look like an idiot trying to catch them.

3. I have gas. A lot.

4. I walk pretty well on a leash considering I have been incarcerated for so long.

5. As soon as the alarm clock goes off in the mornings, BOOM! I'm wide awake and ready for hugs!

6. It freaks me out when Mom takes a bath. There are bubbles that cover the water, so I can't really see what's underneath it all. Suddenly a leg or a hand comes FLYING out of the water... scares the bejebers outta me.

7. I really hope I get to meet my Uncle Eric someday...

I won't tag anyone in response. Mostly because all my new friends have already been tagged, but also because my secretary is under a bit of a time crunch at this moment :)


Dog park daze

January 7th 2008 7:40 am
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We went to the dog park two days in a row this weekend!! I was too new to realize exactly what a great deal this really was until Izzy pulled me aside and informed me that this rarely happens and to enjoy it. Boy did I!!! I ran and jumped and romped. I, of course, managed to charm my way into people's hearts. Always being the polite gentleman... at first. I did, at one point, insist that stranger number 5 play tug with me. He foolishly pulled out a towel to wipe his dog's mouth and then tried to put the towel away! Weird, huh?!? So, I let him know that he must play tug with me and the towel, that is, afterall what towels are for, are they not?
By Sunday afternoon I was exhausted from all of the playing. All in all, not such a bad weekend.


Friends and photos

January 8th 2008 8:20 am
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Everyone likes to feel popular, right? I know I sure love it! So, how about you all (or "y'all" as they are fond of saying in Texas) pop on over to my friend Pippin's page and sign his guestbook. He is super duper cute, just like me!


Workin' 9 to 5!

January 9th 2008 7:35 am
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Or, in my case, 7:30 to 4:30. That's right friends! Mom managed to con her boss into allowing me to come to work with her today. I guess it has been rather slow at the office... apparently people are not all that eager to have a doctor do a prostate (or pap!) exam and then have Mom tell them they need to lose weight. In order to bring some much needed excitement to the place, Mom brought me along. Her boss and office mate have each brought their respective dogs to work with them for a day a few weeks ago. Their dogs were teeny, tiny puppies. I am not. While I am no Mastiff, I certainly am bigger than the Boston Terrier or Lhaso Apso puppy that visited this fine establishment previously. I am confined to the office, lest I jump on people who do not want to be jumped on. Mom has promised me a longish walk later this morning after she finishes some paperwork. It's hard work, being an office dog, I don't know how Ben does it day in and day out!


Gettin' my Feng Shui on

January 18th 2008 7:08 am
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Boredom begets creativity, apparently. While Mom is quick to point out that I really shouldn't be that bored during the day (due to the approximately 20+ toys at my disposal) it still happens, pups. You see, I have managed to relocate all but about 3 of my toys to the backyard. I just felt like the toys needed a little sunshine. Since Mom arrives home from work after the sun has set, she cannot help me move the toys back inside lest she accidentally step in any piles o' poo. I could, of course, either bring the toys back inside myself, or simply play with them in the backyard, but that would be logical - can't do that. I have also been banned from playing with my beloved Buster Cube when left unsupervised due to my rather pronounced food aggression issues - HEY! If you were locked up in a pound for the past 4 months and only fed once per day, despite obviously being underweight you'd be a little frantic about your food too, would you not?? (by the way, shout out to Izzy and Max - sorry about pouncing on you guys during meal times... my bad). So, even my Buster Cube is no more until the weekend.
The television is left on for our viewing pleasure during the day, but, as loyal readers know, Mom has TiVo set to record INSANE amounts of Golden Girls or Law and Order - boring. I'm left to take matters into my own paws.

I have found that I have quite the knack for decorating. Over the past few days I have decided that shredded paper bags (previously stored between the fridge and the counter) make excellent accent pieces to the living room floor! I'm still trying to figure out the best location for the area rug Mom keeps in front of the doggie door. On Wednesday I decided to move it someplace else - where I moved it to, I won't tell, Mom looked and looked for it, but never found it. Thursday, I decided that the rug did indeed belong in front of the doggie door. Let's just say, pups, Mom was pretty darn surprised when she came home and saw the rug had magically appeared during the day.
She and I are still arguing as to the exact location of the living room doggie bed. I think it belongs smack dab in the middle of the room, flipped upside down for a more "art deco" look. Mom thinks it should be pushed up against the wall, not flipped upside down. I swear, she has no sense of style.
Well see who wins this argument. We'll just see.


Good Bodhi!

January 21st 2008 6:48 am
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Oh, I was such a good boy at the dog park on Saturday!!! When we first arrived there were not too many dogs - due to the frigid temps, I'm sure. Mom and the other faithful dog owners were commenting on how dedicated they were to take their pups to the park and freeze their respective arses off just so the furkids could have fun. I know, I really appreciated it too. Eventually a bunch of other dogs showed up to play so it made Mom feel like it wasn't such a wasted trip. I was having the BEST time running and chasing and being chased! Eventually, though, I grew tired of playing with this one dog in particular. There was nothing wrong with him per se, it's just that I felt like he was hogging all of my playtime. I'm quite popular, you see, so I need to make sure I divide my playtime equally amongst all of my friends. This dog was being quite possessive. I gave him a few, what Mom calls, "warning shots" - meaning I chomp my teeth in the air almost as if to say, "you could be next buddy, check out my jaws!" Usually this works. The owner of the pesky dog noticed his dogs pestering and my growing irritation and commented to Mom that I was being exceptionally patient with his dog considering how irritating the dog was being. He tried to distract his dog and entice him to play with others, but my I guess my personality is just too infectious. Mom scooped me up a few times and we hung out on the bench so I could calm down and take a breather from the Pesky One. Eventually Mom's attention was diverted to Izzy and she lost track of me. She looked around and noticed that I had crawled under the park bench and was planning on staying there until the Pesky One has dispersed. Both Mom and Pesky One's owner saw me being a good little boy. I could have ripped Pesky One's head right off, but instead I chose to be a peace-loving dog and put myself in a time-out, far away from Pesky One.
Being a Pit Bull, many of the other dog owners were surprised that I would be so patient. Why? Mom was hoping that the other owners would remember this the next time they unfairly judge a dog simply because he/she is a pittie.
I'm a sweet boy, I know. :)

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