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My very own play toy!

January 23rd 2013 3:35 am
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The pawrents recently brought home a play toy JUST FOR ME! I love playing with him and wrassling. Mum sez the rest of the pack is thrilled because I'm such a poopered pup all the time now from playing with him.

Addison and Tanner enjoy playing with him, too. Cephus even likes him - that a BIG surprise because Cephus is a crumudgeon most of the time. Levi just ignores him.

My play toy's name is Chance. He's a Chi mix. Mum needs to make him his own dogster page, but she's always "too busy right now".

Well, just wanted to tell you what the latest and greatest was at our house. We are once again - THe Blaner 6 Pack!


sleeping with the peeps

December 3rd 2012 4:02 pm
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OMD! I'm so excited!
Levi is the one that gets to
sleep with the peeps every night.
I only get in there sometimes to nap
with Dad.

So the last few nights, Levi has been
restless. Flopping in the bed, getting off
the bed and needing help to get back in bed.
(I only know this from what Mum has told me.)
Anyhow, last night, nothing was making him

So - guess what! Levi slept in the livingroom
with the rest of the pack and I got to sleep
with the peeps! I was so excited.....I was very
good and didn't move all around and then cuddled
with Mum in the morning.

I sure hope this becomes the new routine in the house!

Bodhi (who loves cuddling with the peeps!)


my 5th birthday

April 23rd 2012 10:01 am
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So Saturday was my 5th birthday. My pawrents completely forgot! Seems they were busy belatedly celebrating Mum's 2 legged son's 30th birthday.

I really didn't care too much that they forgot - I know it will be made up to me and I'll get MORE than usual because they feel guilty! BOL!

I'm thinking steak.......yup, STEAK is what will make me feel better. steak.....steak.....steak.....steak....


worrying is very tiring!

March 9th 2012 7:24 am
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My fursis, Addison, ran the electric fence yesterday morning. There have been wild turkeys in the area that have been making her crazy!

She was gone for 7 1/2 hours! I was out on the deck most of that time looking for her. She came back a few times and I would alert everybody that I saw her, but then she would take off in another direction.

It was a very long day and I was exhausted by the time she finally came home in the afternoon. She's pretty exhausted, too. She hasn't moved much from the couch (after Dad bathed her 4 times!) When she does move, it's very S-L-O-W!

I slept most of the afternoon and evening. I'm back to my normal self today. Nothing to worry about today - just a day to be happy-go-lucky me!


my punkin head

March 1st 2012 7:26 am
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I have a boo boo on my noggin. The pawrents aren't sure what happened and I haven't told them yet. Sometimes it's best to keep them guessing! BOL

The boo boo is above my left eye and it's tender. Dad thinks that Addison or Bo Cephus might have nipped me when I was tormenting them. I have no idea what they are talking about.

I'm just going to keep my mouth shut about it and play it up for now. I have found that to benefit ME!


Pawsome day

December 26th 2011 6:21 am
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I hope everypup had a great holiday! We at the Blaner House had a nice time.

I had a wonderful day on the 24th. A couple of Dad's friends came over for the day and one brought their 3 month old puppy! OH how I love me some puppy playing!

The pawrents were concerned at how I would play with the puppy, but no need to worry about me. I was a complete gentleman. I let her play bitey face and I didn't bite her back. I did roll her a few times, but she loved it. We ran ALL over the house!

Mum wants to know if the puppy can come back at least once a week to play with me. I was one poopered pup and was very calm and laid back the whole next day after she was here. BOL

Wishing all my pals a warm and belly-filled New Year!



counter surfing

December 16th 2011 6:11 am
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Boy, is my fursis Addison ever bad!
Mum packed 4 sandwiches this morning
for lunches and then went
upstairs to get ready for work.

When Mum came back down stairs, there was
Addison eating what was left of 2
of the sandwiches! What a skunk bucket!
She didn't even share with any of us!

Doesn't she know that Santa Paws is coming
to visit us very soon? What is she thinking!
Actually, she probably doesn't care. She's
like that. Me on the other hand has been
a perfect angel. (Are you reading this
Santa Paws???)

Bodhi - looking angelic with puppy dog eyes


human cousin phillip

August 19th 2011 1:25 pm
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Dad's cousin Phillip came and stayed with us the past 2 nights. We 4-footed LOVE Phillip. He gets on the floor and plays with us and lets us crawl all over him.

Best of all, I got to sleep with him the past 2 nights. I'm a great cuddler!

All good things have to come to an end - Phillip left and went back home today. The whole pack let him know that he's welcome to come and stay/play with us again ANYTIME!


pecking order

May 28th 2011 6:38 pm
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Human bro and his family are visiting. This includes Heinz, their dog. The pawrents weren't too sure how that would go even though we've met a few times before.

Let's just say that Heinz isn't sure of the pecking order here at the Blaner household and he doesn't want to be on the bottom.

SO - Heinz and I are being kept separate. When Levi is in the bedroom and I am out with the rest of the pack, Heinz is upstairs blocked by the baby gate. When Levi and Heinz are out with the rest of the pack, I am upstairs blocked by the baby gate.

I guess it's just as well as I'm suppose to be staying calm.



2nd therapy session

May 27th 2011 9:47 am
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Last night was my 2nd therapy session. Dad asked about the use of the laser. Sheri said it is to help loosen up the muscles for my workout.

Just from 1 week of work, I have 15% more mobility in my leg! The therapist was very impressed.

I did more sessions in the water tub (and didn't poop this time!) BOL

We have more exercises to do at home. They sent home 2 orange cones with us and a bar that looks like a VERY low limbo setup. I have to walk over the bar one leg at a time rather than hopping with my back legs like I've been doing.

Last thing - the weekend should be interesting trying to keep me calm. Human bro and his family are coming for the weekend with their dog Heinz! I'm pumped for lots of running, romping and playing! The parents - not so much.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday weekend, pals!

Bodhi - doing 15% better than last week

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