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The Rainbow Bridge.

February 26th 2010 3:32 pm
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It is with tremendous sadness that we wish to tell all of our Dogster friends that Bella stepped from this life to The Rainbow Bridge just shortly after 10.00am Dogster time this morning.

She suddenly became inexplainably ill late yesterday afternoon and was rushed to the vet's.
Please all know that Bella had the utmost medical care with the latest technology and veterinary expertise available here in this city, most probably our whole country. She had a totally dedicated medical team that worked with her into the small hours of the morning to try and save her.
It actually looked like she was going to make it, but this was not to be.

While Bella was an extremely beautiful girl who put her whole heart and soul into whatever she did, be it playing with her beloved soccer ball in the yard or strutting her stuff in the show ring, those who knew her actually know that her inner beauty was of such depth that it far, far surpassed anything on the outside.

Bella had so much intuition and immense love, she knew when others were hurting inside and proved this many times over at the mental health support groups she was becoming a regular visitor at.
Bella loved and comforted a lot of those our society found just too ugly to love. She placed her paw on so many hearts, nudged their hands from their laps onto her head and gazed into their eyes with her eyes that were only ever filled with love and kindness.

She was born on her mommy's bed and never slept more than a few feet from there virtually every night of her life. Bella was only ever treated with love and kindness by her family and was always and only ever the happiest girl.
Her two most prized possessions were her beloved soccerball and her pink feather boa - of which she actually had many in her short life.
Bella's two most favorite places to be were the show ring which she loved with such passion, and the wild, rugged New Zealand mountain riverbeds where she played so often. All her family actually joked about and called our mountain cottage at Arthurs Pass - Bella's House.
Bella loved riding in her mommy's sports car and this became known as Bella's car.

We, Bella's family feel totally devasted that she has left us, but are grateful for all the wonderful memories that she has left behind - priceless memories of so much depth, richness and living life to the full, it now seems as if there were ten or even more of her, not just one.

"Until we meet again precious Bella, we will think of you when the first star of the evening shines in the sky. We will think of you Bella, on warm still summer evenings as the full moon rises in the night sky in all it's beauty. We will think of you when the sun shines brightly on a warm summers day and the bees hover over the clover that grows in the shade of the trees in the pasture where you used to play.
You will be in our hearts and thoughts at every dog show we go to in the future, and maybe you will even be there with us gaiting in the ring beside your two beautiful daughters who you blessed us with.
We will think of you Bella in the early evening on our many visits to the beach, to the pine plantation you used to love running through. You will be foremost in our thoughts when we visit the mountains you loved so. We will think of you as your daughters run and play along the wild rocky river bed where you swam, ran and played. And maybe then if we close our eyes and listen really hard we will hear you barking with excitement as you leap and run over the rocks beside the river, a call to us from Heaven above."

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