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Life at Rainbow Bridge

We was Tagged!!!!

January 16th 2009 9:22 pm
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We were tagged by Angel Roman
We are supposed to list 7 interesting things about ourselves that other pups may want to know. Or we were told we could mix it up a bit and do something different. Then we are supposed to tag 7 pups and ask them to do the same - then send them either a rosette or pmail telling them they are tagged.
OK- well Angel Roman decided to list 7 things he loved, detested and some interesting facts ... we were not with Mommy that long however...we will try our best to mix it up a little!!

1. We both absolutely LOVED our Mommy....she was always with us!

2. I ( Bear) did not like kitty time I was outside with Mommy and I was playing with one of the kitties...well it went under a bush so I tried to follow and you know what???? That darn kitty scratched my nose real bad...and I decided right then I would not be furiends with that kitty again!

3. Every time Mommy was in the kitchen cooking Bambi would jump and jump and jump...all the way up to Mommy's hips until she picked him up and let him see what she was cooking....we knew we were gonna get some , but Bambi always had to see.

4. Mommy would always tell me ( Bear) to give her " Kisses in the mouth" and I would...every single time!! Mommy would always kiss me ( Bambi) on the neck and I would take my front paws and hide / rub my eyes and nose...Mommy called it " Bringing out the cuteness"...and boy oh and Bear both were TOO cute..bol!!

5. We both loved our blankies..we had a bunch in the living room on the couch and we slept under the blankies in bed with Mommy. Bambi would sleep on Mommy's right side and I would sleep on her left side...Mommy said we were better than any old heating blanket could ever be!!

6. We were not allowed outside without Mommy, we remember once Mommy took us out while she worked in the flower bed. There is a big fish pond in the middle of it...well me and Bear decided to get nosy and fell in!! Boy...we don't know who was more scared...the fish or us...BOL!!!

7. We were Mommy's fur soul mates...her heart...her joy...her love of all time!! We visit Mommy from time to time from the bridge, sometimes in her dreams other times she hears us following behind her...we have hardwood floors and our toemnails clack on them!! Mommy loves our little visits, she knows we are happy and watching and waiting for her....We love you Mommy!!!

Well, that is what we can think of, not that interesting but we loved it!! We loved life with Mommy!! So now we must tag 7 of our furiends...we think we will tag all angels too...that is what Angel Roman did and we are glad he included us!!!!

Ok we are going to tag:
Jazzy and D-Day....



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