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Livin It Up Corgi Style

Daddy is Coming Home!

April 4th 2007 1:51 pm
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I am just so excited that I had to put paw to the keys and let you all know that my dad is coming home!! I overheard my mom telling a friend that he was enroute to be back on US soil! And you know us military family dogs we just love hearing those words! It seems like ever since we moved here to Arizona Dad has been up and about so much more often and I am loving it when he is home! Lets face it! I love my total snuggle love time with mom...but a dog likes to wrestle and growl and grump with the man of the house! I will keep you posted and tell you all that I hear once Dad is home! Barkatcha Laterz!! O


What is up with all the pink stuff!!

January 12th 2007 8:29 am
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Okay I had to put some paw to the keyboard to vent about all the pink stuff that is entering our house lately! Yah we all know my mom buys stuff that is pink for her..but this stuff is seriously for something of the four-legged nature! I know she is having alot of conversations about something named Trixie!! Oh lordy...I will have to keep you all uptodate with what is going on at the homestead! I have a feeling that something out of the norm is about to invade me and Tobie's space!!


What...a New Sister!!

December 27th 2006 8:40 am
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Well first of all let me just say that things have been so busy since getting my brother Tobie...he is just a love to have around and pal around with. And now...of all things...before my daddy left for Iraq again he let me know that I was getting a lil sister! WHAT!! Okay okay this is too much for a pup to handle! Another dame on my turf! Okay I had to get used to another dog pining for my mom's attention and love...but now another one! They just looked at me letting me know that they wanted to complete their Corgi family with a lil girl...sheesh...but wont try to put me in Tobie in sweaters anymore if she has a girley girl around...hmm...this might not be too shabby! I will barkatcha later to let you guys know how things turn out!


My Tail of Devotion for Oskar

August 7th 2006 4:32 pm
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Oskar you showed me just how simple loving life and seeing every little thing that it has to offer through your eyes. I adore you in every shape of the word which continues to grow stronger by the day. I couldnt ever imagine and wouldnt want to imagine a single day of my life without oskars forever!

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Update on New Adventures!

July 21st 2006 10:12 am
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Yes I know it has been quite some time, but what can I say, a dog loves to run and play and veg out more than putting paw to keys and barkatcha!! So much has gone on since last I pawed this out so I will try to bring you all up to date. I have a new brother, as many can see as he is linked to my page here, and boy is he something I had to get used to. Once I did get used to the lil'dude I am loving him dearly. My favorite thing to do is take his toy away and play tug-o-war with him nonstop!

Now my daddy is back from being overseas things are settling dowin the house...or so I my mom has let me know that we are getting sisters! Yes I am sure they will get their own page linked to me as well on here so you can all see them=) But what is up with this!! Girls...sheesh I kinda liked the fact that the men ruled the I have to contend with dames!!

Well I will make a better attempt to put paw to keyboard and let you know whats shaken here in the desert!!

Barkalotta laterz!



Dad on Remote Tour

July 17th 2005 11:35 pm
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Alright just when I thought all the major changes in my life were dad is now somewhere and the rest of us are left behind!!! I dont know about the rest of my family but I am not liking this at all!!! My dad was the man!!! He would totally play with me and wrestle and sneak me the massive treats!!! Sure mom and the kids are great...but a dog needs his wrestle time you know!!!

As you can probably tell I am dogdepressed over this!!! These paws were made for some serious wrestling!

Now all I do is lounge around and get cuddled by mom...hmm...wait a minute...cuddled by mom all the time...hmm...maybe that isnt such a bad gig...I just need to mix some wrestle time in there with dad when he finally gets home and things will be barkalicious!!

Barkacha laters =)



Movin Across County Corgi-Style

June 18th 2005 11:57 am
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Alright humans, this moving stuff should be left to the other animals because my paws were not having too much fun in the car moving from Georgia to Arizona. Yes sitting in my carseat with mom in the front was a blast because I was able to get hair in places that I had never shed before...but lets face it....these paws were made for walking here and there. But now I am at my new stomping ground and lets just say I am having too much fun making sure everyone on the base knows who is the real person in charge =) When we first got here I had some rumbles in the tummy from such a drastic change in the climate and then not having all my stuff out for me to play with, but now mommy and daddy have taken all those troubles away. They stayed up with me until I was feeling better. Lets face it, I milked it a bit...what pup in his right mind wouldnt milk the situation when your paws can rest in mom's lap all night.
I will make sure to put paw to board again soon and keep everyone up to date with what I am doing now.

Oskar =)


Getting Orders Corgi Style

March 19th 2005 5:34 am
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As you all know I am the dog in the Air Force, not that I am proud of it or anything! But my family has received the Orders to PCS to our next stop. I have to say that the buzz around the house has made me nervous and excited. I have come to love my home and the things that are familiar to me...but yet I am excited to find a new home and see some new things. Of course I will put PAW to the keyboard and let you all know of the full adventure.

Other than that I have just been kick'in back and having my fun messing with the fam here and there. I jump, attack, and chase after my pals every chance I get. I totally love sleepin in Dad's spot when he isnt at home and then giving him growling and grumpin fits when he tries to wedge me out of it =) Then there is my time I spend with ole mom. She is the best. She is the one that knows how to do things right...she slips me some bacon here and there and she slips me some of this or some of that....gosh the way to my heart is through my stomach!!!

Alright my PAWS are barkin hitting this keyboard for this long, so I will barkacha lata!!


The Adventures of Franken-Corgi

September 29th 2004 5:04 pm
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Mom came home from a trip back home to Houston. She was excited to show me all that she had brought. Me like the unknowing pup that I am was excited as ever, little did I know what I had instore for me in that little bag. She took it out all excited and asked for me to sit, to which i did. Then the package was opened and I was dressed. My head suddenly felt bigger than it did normally and I had the urge to sit very still and not move. Then my puppy paws were put in my shirt. I sat there looking at mom wondering if she had lost her mind while away from me and all I could do was sit and look at her. Luckily all she wanted to do was take my picture and then let me go =)

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