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Texas Three Step!


July 13th 2008 12:42 pm
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The paved walkway on Hermosa Beach is called The Strand. A lot of people walk and ride bikes there and it is right next to the beach except for a retaining wall that separates the beach and the walkway.

Today Mom took ALL of us to The Strand. Efurry one is really nice in this community. Some guys commented how fluffy Mosey is and how walking all three of us was like walking ONE BIG DOG! Hehe. (Next time we will take pics).

Well, that is probably the farthest we have ever walked. It was about ten blocks round trip, going down to the beach, walking a block or two, and then coming back home. It was a lot of work but we are walking much more nicely on the leash.

The only hard part is putting on the leash because Abigail wants to keep Willie away from Mom! Our balconies have side windows that open all the way down to the floor so we like to side next to it and look out the balcony at all the sunbathers out there. It sure is hot without AC, but we like it! Today Mom says she is going to get us a FAN!



July 12th 2008 7:01 pm
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Well, yesterday was a busy day! We were at the Chateau Marmutt getting bathed, and let's just say, they're no PLUSH PAD! My pompom doesn't look the same.

Then Mom took us for a LONG car ride to an apartment building. We went inside an elevator to get to our place. That was new fur us.

Mom has been taking us ALL on walks to go to the bathroom. That is something REALLY new fur all of us, to be honest, but we like the exercise.

Apawrently, a lot of places in the South Bay, including our apt., do not have air conditioning, and mom was a little worried about that since I am in full coat. Seems every fur leaves their windows open?...

This makes fur a VERY noisy living sitch since there are a LOT of dogs and a LOT of young pawty people living in this building! If ya can't BEAT 'em, JOIN 'em, I always say! We have been barking back and forth wif all of our neighbors and there's a PAWTY going on. Hehe!

To help work off our nervous energy, Mom has been taking us fur LONG walks, which we like. Willie kinda has a hard time with her heart. We love seeing other pups and peeps and when we see them we give them a SHOUT OUT.

Then mom starts SHRIEKING "Calm and Submissive! Calm and Submissive!" We don't know what that means, but it stresses her out!




July 12th 2008 6:58 pm
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Well, Wednesday, was positively exhausting. We got up at 3 a.m. to do some last minute cleaning and packing (which is 1 a.m. here) to make a 5 a.m. cab ride to the 7 a.m. flight. With the US and the suitcases, mom had 7 bags.

Thank goodness for the FF upgrade to 1st class! Abigail started whining so Mom snuck her under the blanket and the flight attendant actually BUSTED them. She said, "Is that your dog under the blanket?" HAHA! Abigail spent the rest of the trip in the bag. Wednesday nite I went to West Hollywood to meet Lisa for sushi and then came back to go to BED!

Yesterday Mom woke up early and was in the mood for dim sum and found a place with good reviews. Turns out it was 27 miles away! She drove to Monterey Park with a GPS that got her lost about half a dozen times on an empty tank of gas! One time in the 'hood.

Next on the agenda: Mom went to the Beverly Center to a boutique called DOGto pick up some gifts for us and our friends for a bark~becue on Sunday~very cool.

Then Mom got a mani pedi across the street and the ladies who worked there were all really nice. She also met a very kind girl who looked like Lucy Liu who just graduated from anesthesiology residency and said she could tell we weren't from around here. She gave us her number for a play date with her and her yorkie and tzu.

I dunno why she knew right away we were from out of town? Must've been our southern accent. Mom said yes, it was our first day in town. The girl said she came out here 4 years ago all by herself for residency from Colorado and didn't know anybody and that it was a hard town to get to know people if you weren't in "the business." She didn't know that Abigail now considers herself "in the business."

Then this morning Mom turned on the computer and the WEIRDEST thing happened. The Internet Explorer opened right up to our MLS listing, which we had never seen before! (Is our computer haunted)? How bittersweet that it looks so great now that we're gone. Hey, we wanna live there!




May 17th 2008 4:56 pm
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We have been Spring tagged by ♥the Girls♥, ♥Molly♥ and ♥Gracie♥! This is so much fun we'll pass it on!! Just copy & paste the following~erase our answers & post your own! Now lets see.........

*4 JOBS we have had*
1. Vacuum Cleaners or Floor Sweepers
2.Foot Massagers or Kissers!
3. Food Tasters
4. Pizza Delivery Greeters!

*4 PLACES we have Lived (or stayed)*
1. Nashville, TN (Willie Mae)
2. Dallas, TX (to visit)
3. Sunnyvale, CA (Willie Mae)
4. Austin, TX, our Home Sweet HOme

*4 PLACES we have Been!*
1. Randall's Grocery (They bent the rules for Willie Mae)
2.The Plush Pad to get groomed!
3. Austin Java (for Small Dog Meet Up)
4. Riverside Dog Park

*4 places we would Rather Be*
1. To the Farmer's Market
2.Home Depot to buy potting soil for tomatoes and basil
3. PetSmart
4. anywhere wif Mom

We're off to SpRiNg Tag 4 Furiends......



May 11th 2008 2:04 pm
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Well, mom FINALLY got a new battery charger for the camera, so here's me, Abigail, on the new floors. Mom decided to include one with Willie, but she kind of blends in with the furniture. We have NO TRACTION on these things so now only Moses can go up and down the stairs or furniture unassisted.

Now, when it is time for bed, mom says, LET'S GO UPSTAIRS and then Willie and I line up at the foot of the steps and I put my paws on the step and mom carries each one of us under her arm like a foot ball and we get carried up that way. Hope she never falls! BOL!

Willie can make it up by herself but it takes several minutes. One time I raced up there by myself, but JUST ONCE!

The painters finally finished, well, the work week was done, let's put it that way. They are coming back to do the final finishes next weekend. It's supposed to be beige with white trim but it looks more like oatmeal and white? We're just glad to have a day off! Happy Mother's Day!



March 19th 2008 7:56 pm
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Please help us find Maggie (She is our main pic right ow).

She is a 13 year old black/gray and white Pekingese Poodle mix female dog, she weighs about 13 lbs and is very friendly. She has been missing since March 19th from the 7000 South 1300 West area in West Jordan, Utah. Maggie does not see or hear well, she was wearing a paisley print collar. Please call Kim 801-352-0722, 801-921-0267 or Terri @ work 801-314-5082. Email:

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