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What adventures I am having ....

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I hate rain!

December 18th 2007 8:44 am
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UGH! Rain Rain go away come again some other day! I hate going outside and getting my feet wet from this rain today. But MOM says I have to. So what I do is walk along the edge of the house so not to get my feet wet. Then I jump out into the grass and do what I need to do. Oh NO! here comes polar and he actually had the nerve to knock me down into a puddle! OH sometimes that white dog makes me so mad!
So I went to the back door and scratched on till mom came, then I ran to the carpet floor and scrubbed myself off making a big mud streak on the carpet. The gall of mom scolding me. I went up stairs all in a huff with hurt feeling, rolled up in a ball and went to sleep.


Tis The Season for toys!

December 17th 2007 5:44 pm
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This afternoon mom was busy wrapping presents and I was going to take part in it in case she wrapped something for me! Oh! mom bought me a stuffed bunny and she wrapped it! but I unwrapped it in just a few seconds.
Then she wrapped this big present and I want it! Its a box with a reindeer on it, I have torn the deer off several times. If I bite its ear the nose lights up, who is Rudolph?? and why oh why does it have to go to the great niece! I want it! I want it! I wonder how many more times I have to tear him off the box before I get em"??


Up and at it early Sunday

December 16th 2007 10:53 am
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Yawn! I just had to get up at 6 AM and do my snake crawl over dad. What is the snake crawl? well I lift up my upper body and drag my back half along over dad, and I can do a kick, kick with my back legs. This trick always amazing dad.
Next I sat outside and watch dad climb the ladder to fix the temp bandage on the roof.
Wow its was cold out ! so being out there only lasted 5 min. Then I started scratching at the door. So I made dad climb down and let me in.
Once I came in I attacked my piggy for a while, now its time to take a nap!


Goofing and the Breakfast roll.

December 15th 2007 7:01 pm
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Today we had to stayed home but dad bought some cherry danishes and he was eating one! Of course I had to get right up close, close enough for dad to see my huge big brown eyed game. I tried my darn hardest to make him feel awful!! I even did my silent tiny growl. After 20 min it finally paid off. Yikes though it was hard to keep his attention with Daisey doing her silly sit act and Polly doing the pathetic sad dog act!
This afternoon Polly was acting all bent out of shape after hearing another wind storm is coming in, sometimes he is so silly! So far the wind has been nothing but he still did not come outside in the yard with me...
So I ran back into the house and jumped on him a few times just to let him know there was nothing to worry about. Finally I got him to chase me out doors and we ran around the yard a few times, then I hid in the bush with Daisey. Sometimes she gets so.. so... MOODY! She chased Polly as if she were some kind of grizzly bear! Whats up with that??


Pig ears! Oh boy

December 14th 2007 5:59 pm
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Wow! what a treat! I got a pig ear today and I chewed and nawed on it for hours and hours, it kept my attention for a long time. Mom went Christmas shopping this morning and bought Christmas presents and when she sat the packages down I got into one and found....
NEW DOG TOYS! Darn though mom took the toys and said they had to be wrapped for Christmas.
SO I have WAIT!
But she did let me have the pig ear and it was so good! What a wonderful treat!


Christmas shopping

December 13th 2007 2:52 pm
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Today, I Oreo went to the shopping mall in Longview Washington to go to PetCO its the one place I can shop for new dog toys! I went right in and directly to the new toys. I talked mom into buying me a huge BoBo which is bright yellow! Oh boy do I love it! I tore it out of the sack once we were back in the car. I nawed and chewed on until the gas station. I figured the gas station would have doggie treats like the one at home. Shoot they did not have one, so I huffed and puffed a little about it then I settled in for a nap till I got home. It was a real adventure today and I love riding in the seat of the truck.

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