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What adventures I am having ....

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Visiting the Vet

January 25th 2008 1:36 pm
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Today was an adventure, mom took us, me, Polar Bear and Daisy to the vet.
Holly cow are Polar and Daisy a bunch of chickens!
I have never seen two dogs shake as much as those two did!
Although I do not blame Polar for shaking, he had something done to him that was just ewww...
The vet stuck this needle in the lump on his neck and pulled out fluid Blah...
I would have shook over that, but he shook more over getting up onto the table, now what's up with that??
Me I was brave the entire time, I got my toe nails trimmed, a comb ran through my hair, needles stuck in me and weighed, it was nothing!
Oh... I forgot to mention mom almost passed out when the vet drew out the fluid. Mom turned some amazing colors! first bright red, then a ghost white, then she started sweating. The vet made her sit down for a few seconds. I was truly stunned at how fast she changed colors, wish I could do that!
I just have to roll my eyes over Daisy, what a wimp! She actually starting screaming over getting her toe nails trimmed! Good grief one would thing the vet was murdering her I went and hid under the chair, Polar put his paws over his head. It only got worse too...
She cried over her ears, and acted just like a cat climbing up moms arm and onto her back almost.
The vet even said something about her being needy? I would call it being a big sissy. The worse part of the visit is when we all left the exam room. You should have seen all the other dogs staring at us! I have never been so ashamed of how mom, Daisy, and Polar acted just because we were visiting the vet!


I have been tagged, Valentine tagged....

January 21st 2008 2:40 pm
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Oh I am just so excited! I have been tagged, that is Valentine Tagged by one of my good pals Greta Grace!
I am going to tell of 5 Valentine wishes.......

1. that all my adoptable pals get some wonderful homes
2. that kindness and charity are given to all animals
3. I wish for more compassion
4. To share a Valentine with all my pals in heaven, and let them know they are missed and loved....
5. For humans not to be abusive to any animal ever........

Now I will tag 5 friends with p mails or Rosettes, then they will write an Diary entry and tag 5 friends with p mails or Rosettes and so on..........


My Car Ride Yesterday

January 10th 2008 9:56 am
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I am so happy mom took me to the store with her yesterday. What ride! First I made sure I had a good view, so I rode in the front seat and stood on my back legs, then I put my paws on the dashboard handle. I made sure mom drove slowly so I could see everything. The first thing I saw was a man on a bike! He was bothering me! I mean he was in front of us and did that bug me! I barked Hey! stop blocking my view! I was so excited about this that I jumped in the back, to the front and then spun around and around in the front seat. We went over the little bridge and it was high tide, lots and lots of water to see. I stayed in command of the truck and moms driving ,all the way to Fred Meyers ! We drove through the parking lot and I saw this large truck with a big box on the back of it, wonder if it was carrying dog bones? There was 2 men unloading the truck with the big box, and I felt they were unloading all the bones too slowly so I told them so....
I made sure mom parked in a good spot where I could see everything! This is the part I do not like...
How come mom can go in the store and I can't??
Now special dogs do...
That is of course good, I have nothing against that...
But I feel I am pretty dang special! So How come I am not allowed in the store.
I watched mom walk off, still standing in the front seat with my paws on the dashboard handle.
I did my best to make mom come back and give me another kiss, so waiting would not be so rough.
It seemed forever for mom to get back.... I hate waiting, waiting, waiting.
Finally I could see mom coming out the front doors! She could see me bouncing up and down in the truck! I was happy to see her it seemed a lifetime since I last saw her.
Mom opened my side of the door and she had a treat! a milk bone, hooray! As I munched on my milk bone we passed those men again and yikes they were still there, and so I told them to hurry up again, they must not have been listening the first time.
The ride went pretty much the same way, accept for a another dog who chased the truck, I really yelled at him that it was dangerous to be chasing trucks. We pulled up and mom came around to my side and let me out onto the grass, where I phew! had to pee! Mom grabbed the 2 packages and we went inside . Once inside I had to go tell Polar and Daisy all about what I had seen. It was quite the car ride.


Boy am I Mad.....

January 8th 2008 2:14 pm
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Well the day is making me mad, mom thought I ate entire roast cut up! I am so mad that I began pulling out my hair between my toes! MOM made me stop. So I went and hid all the toys from Polar Bear, yes I did I carried each toy into the mom and dads bedroom and stuck all the toys under the bed....
Mom has been wondering where all the dog toys are now she knows about my stash.. Dang! Boy that white dog better watch out! trying to set me up of all things! I am waiting for a chance to pull his dog tail......


Dang Nab Cat

January 5th 2008 1:12 pm
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Dang nab cat is really asking for it! I am so mad! Yesterday that Ruffles was so hormonal! and boy did she let all of us know it. For one thing she hogged the crap out of dads lap! I would sit and stare hard as I could at dad hoping to get one his lap. Do you know that stupid cat growled and hissed at ME! How dare she! For heaven sakes dad finally had to get up and the CAT had the guts to slap his leg. So I tried chasing her down the stairs, but she stopped half and came after me! of all things. What did I do? the only natural thing, I could do I ran like heck and hid under moms feet. She thinks she is all it but I can run, faster and jump higher than she can.
So Ruffles went down stairs for awhile and I decided to be brave and sit at the top of the stairs and wait for her. After a bit I saw sitting at the bottom of the stairs and she was staring at me but I held my ground. Then all of sudden she came charging up the stairs, but I was fast I ran and hid under moms feet again. Ruffles thought she was so clever sitting by the stairs and staring at me, just you wait one of these days I will straighten that stupid cat out! And today I think I taught her who is boss in this house.


Silly Silly Polar Bear

January 2nd 2008 7:25 pm
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BOL Polar Bear was so funny tonight! He missed the treat and had a frantic fit! I have never seen him do that it was funny! I just love him! I tried hard to steal his treat, but none of us could find it... lets say moms tossing abilities are in need of work.
Most of the day was boring, it was raining and of course I had to be put outside! Its a rush to get things done so I can get back inside where its nice and warm. Dam cat walked by me tonight and looked at me... She thinks I am scared of her but one of these days....
I hate it when she stops in the door way and will not let me pass, she really thinks its funny! Mom found today she likes to hide in the bathroom! and sit on the heat vent, now I see nothing cute about that!
Daisy is scared to death of her, since she bite Daisys tail. Actually me too !



December 30th 2007 11:48 am
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Oh I am just so excited! I just taught daddy a new trick this morning, I can get him to play Peek a Boo with me! and is it a fun game!
All I have to do is rub my face in some pillows a little then look up at daddy and TA DA I have taught him something new!
Everyone seems to be pretty impressed with me! I even got some milk bones for teaching daddy this new trick, Hooray!!
I think Daisey is jealous! but thats okay with me, she was pouting about it a little while ago. But she has been getting too much attention anyway by hogging moms lap all the time, I mean really she needs to learn to share the lap time! I also happy because mom is finally feeling much better and was helping me write all this today.


My Birthday

December 26th 2007 9:56 am
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First I wanted to say Thank You to everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I had such a wonderful birthday! First I got a dog cookie with peanut butter on it, oh it was yummy. Then I got a box of Barnum's Animal cookies that mom would give me a cookie through the day, yeah. Daisey and Polar got some too...
Later at evening time, we all went for a nice walk and when we came home there was peppermint ice cream for all of us! YUM! I love peppermint ice cream! Finally came the big moment THE PRESENTS, HOORAY!
I got a little foot ball to chase around and I love it when someone throws it! Accept when Polar goes after it! He thinks I should share! How dare he touch my toys! The big present was Boda! What fun, I love attacking him, biting, chewing, romping with Boda. Mom is going to add some pictures of me with BODA. NO ONE touches my new toy! I sleep with it, I eat with it polar never ever get it BOL.

ONE word Snow, Christmas snow on the coast hip hip HOORAY! I ran through it, I hopped through it! Darn though it only lasted a few hours and it was gone but I had tons of fun! I chased Polar and tried to get Daisey to play.
She did a little, but mostly she hid under the bush. Silly girl....
What fun Christmas was tons and tons of turkey! turkey! toys and more toys. By the way no one touches the stuffy bunny, bear, Boda, football, Piggy, they all sleep with me.


Only a Few more days till SANTA!

December 21st 2007 1:08 pm
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I am so excited, so many presents under the tree! there is 3 for me, 3 for Daisey and 3 for Polar Hooray!!!! I just cannot stand it. I will try and sneak a present from under the tree, but mom catches me. The other day I opened Polars by accident! Mom had to re-wrap it, and she just laughed and said we all have to wait. Dang !
We are going for a big walk later, it has stopped raining and is just kinda cool. So mom said we can go for a walk at the small park behind the cost guard air station. It is always so much fun, cause we sometimes can be let off our leashes.
Mom says its important to have kindness and love to each other, so I have been trying real hard not to grump over treats.
Mom was sad this morning watching the news, a very brave police dog was shot and killed. He was a hero! He was trying to stop a bad man. Mom thinks we should say a prayer for Dakota the police dog tonight.
So I will.


Mom and Polar Bear are not liking the wind this morning

December 19th 2007 7:00 am
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This morning the winds are blowing but not as bad as 2 weeks ago, when we lost power, were trapped, all the roads were closed from blown down. The winds were 100-120 miles an hour 2 weeks ago.
This morning mom was upset worrying about the roof, we have already lost some of the roof, daddy was up on the roof the other day,fixing the temp bandage. This morning the winds are 50 miles, and gusts of 70. Polly does not like wind! he is laying by moms feet and has his head on her foot while she is on the computer this morning. I have jumped down and I am laying next to him so he knows its not too bad.
Wend we all got to go for a ride in the truck and it was so much fun, to get food, we have to change Daisey's food because of allergies. Daisey grouched once at polar, he sat on her! I thought it was funny, she get so grumpy at me and Polar sometimes. Then we got to go to the movie store mom rented the movie Fire House Dog! Hooray a doggy movie.

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