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What adventures I am having ....

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The 3 Methods for going Potty... Method #1 The Total- Denial

March 3rd 2008 11:46 am
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Well today was interesting so far...
Mom got all excited about us dogs and the different ways we go outside for a potty break. Yikes I never seen a mom get so obsessed with POTTY.
So my way...
Mom calls it Total Denial..
I will spend an half an hour running from mom, running under the table, chairs, beds what ever I can find to avoid the great out doors. Some how I never seem to poop mom out and make her give up. Yet one of these days my plan might work, after all she is getting older.
Mom will finally get me trapped! Its then that I flop over onto my back as if to keep her from picking me up. I also start growling, just to let her know how displeased I am over the whole ordeal. I know one of these days if I keep this up, mom stop the denial about me loving to go potty. It's just never ever gonna happen mom!


The Scoop of Ice Cream went Flying then Plop.

February 28th 2008 7:20 pm
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I just love daddy tonight what an amazing feat of ice cream scooping. Daddy dug into the ice cream with scoop and SWOOSH, the blob of wonderful delight when sailing through the air. I watched that delight soaring and plopping down, down onto the kitchen floor. Who do you guess got that large, yummy, delectable treat? Me of course! Daisy was up stairs and Polar was outside. I had vanilla all over my face and in my hair... Smack! it was truly site for sore eyes to watch that wonderful ice cream in mid-air. Wonder if daddy will do it again?


This Mornings Routine

February 26th 2008 7:27 am
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Yawn! Good morning to everyone at Dogster. This morning I just had to take a second and write about my morning route or routine. I got up by 4 a.m and I got daddy up by crawling over the top of him. I had to go potty and boy did I have to go. I took a leaping bound down the stairs to the back door and outside I went. It took all of 2 seconds to pee. I then began my normal clawing at the door. I came to watch daddy make coffee and his lunch, of course I had to help. I made sure every crumb that fell when to me. I also got some yummy lunch meat for the start of breakfast. Next I went into the bathroom where I watched mom drain the bath tub. I just love watching the water swirl and slip away..
I ran back into the living room where daddy was about to go and jumped up for my loving scratch. Oh did it feel good! It was now time to steal a sock, so back to the bath room where I found a nice dirty smelly sock! I ran tearing through the house back and forth, back and forth, beating the crap out of the sock. Polar looked up at me once in total disgust and went back to sleep on couch. I got some more treats when my teens finally got up for breakfast and a few more pats and scratches. But now the house is really quiet and YAWN... I am so sleepy now I think I'll run up stairs and flop down on all the blankets and sleep till n00n.


What a Boring Weekend

February 24th 2008 4:24 pm
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Well I have to say its been one of the most boring weekends I have ever had! All I have done this entire weekend is lay around and nap. For goodness sakes I even took a nap with Ruffles in the chair. Boy did we both snore up a storm! Even though the sun is shining I did not want to go outside...
I am so moody that when mom offer me an doggy cookie and I turned it down Blah, just was not in the mood.
I grouched at Polar once, good grief he got all excited just cause daddy got back home from golfing. So I chased him down and jumped on his neck and barked " JUST KNOCK IT OFF NOW"
Then as the day has gone on I got really annoyed at all the stupid birds in the yard feeding at the feeder so I started barking "QUIET DOG NAPPING HERE" Did the birds listen no...
So now I headed back up stairs to the orange chair with the yellow blanket to do some more napping. The chair is empty so I just gonna go back to sleep. What a boring humbug day this has been.


Ode to my Leopard Stuffed Animal

February 18th 2008 4:59 pm
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Oh I love my stuffed 20 inch leopard animal. I can chew, chomp, bite drag, pull him any where I want. For example today I dragged him up the stairs and down the stairs by his arm.
I can pounce attack, beat, pound on him any time I want, how I love him! He is all mine and I am all his.
No one dares touch him, if they do, I growl, snarl, chase them off. I mean no one touches him not even mom who thinks he is hers. Every time she tries to take him I latch on and don't let go. I love him because he is so soft and chewy. I can lay, nap and snore on him and he lets me. Why I can even do naughty things on him that I ought not to do.... But he is mine and all mine, oh how I love him!
No one will ever get their hands on him and this means you mom!


Yesterday was just Fun

February 16th 2008 11:27 am
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I do not know what was wrong with Daisy but was she ever in a playful mood. We chased each other over blankets, chairs, beds. Then she would get on the floor and roll and rub it was just too exciting having her play with me! It's really hard to find a good attack spot on her but I found it her ears. Then when she would get under the blankets I would bite at her and she would bit at me through the blankets! Oh how much fun it was! I have been a bit concerned thinking this was another dog and wondering what happened to the real Daisy Mae! Oh well it was just so much fun.


My Tail of Devotion for Oreocookies

February 8th 2008 6:37 pm
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Oreocookies, you are my doll baby, all I have to do is look at you and my day is brighter. You bring out the little kid in me and make me so much younger for that. I can not tell you enough how much I love you and how thankful that you chose me.

This is a special Tail of Devotion

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Just Stop Raining

February 8th 2008 4:36 pm
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Sigh..... what a week, I am so bored! nothing to do but lay around and wait out all this rain. First it pours down buckets of rain and then blows and blows and blows. Sigh no walks, I really don't feel like playing, although Daisy did do quite a bit of wrestling with me today. I would chase her and pounce and she would do the same. Mom said our play time lasted about 2 seconds. Most of the day me, Ruffles, Daisy have been spending laying on the blankets. Well actually I have been laying on top of the blankets, Daisy lays under all the blankets and Ruffles lays on top of Daisy under all the blankets. For some reason mom thinks this is really funny and will whip out the camera and start taking pictures. I see no humor in all this, thats right I am grumpy over all this rain. I just cannot wait for it to stop raining.


Having to go out Doors for Potty

January 31st 2008 1:39 pm
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You know I just hate having to go out doors for potty! UGH... I never ever make it easy for mom. Why oh why should I have to be forced to step out doors? Right now the whole dang yard is is swamp from all the rain. EWWW... the grass is wet and moist and I mean who wants to get their butt hairs wet? Not me! I do not even touch the grass, instead I will walk around on the cement edge of the house. After all my feet are delicate, so I will try my hardest not to get my tiny feet moistened, it feels awful.
You know something though, I never win! I always end up outside. I throw the best fit I can which is to lay down and flop over and act as if I need a tummy rub. Then I start growling to scare anyone off. Mom still will grab me up and head for the door.
Sigh just once I wish I could make mom go potty outside, wonder how she would like having to go potty out doors? As a woman you would think she would understand how Daisy, Ruffles and I feel... NOPE....
Polar is just nuts about outside do you know he will still out there till dawn the next day if mom allowed it, I really think he is not all there. Then he rolls in puddles. (rolling eyes)
Oh no here comes mom.. I need to go hide now so I can avoid having to go outside for potty.


Where My Wonderful Bed is.

January 28th 2008 6:39 pm
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I love my bed it is most wonderful. I can adjust the air pressure in my bed, because the mattress is an air mattress. I have a bunch of blankets on my bed that I can wad up anytime I want to. All my toys lay upon the king size air adjustable air mattress. If I am in a good mood, I will share my bed with mom and dad, but most times I do not like to. Often I will squish either mom or dad right off the bed. I do not share my bed with Daisy or Polar! I will run around on top of my keeping careful guard over it never allowing Daisy to jump up onto it nor do I let Polar lay his head on my bed. If they attempt anything I growl a scary growl. My most favorite time is when moms calls out its "bedtime"
I will race over to the bedroom door and watch in anticipation as mom then opens the door. I will make this bounding leap for the bed before anyone else, and I will call dibs. Dibs the spot I want to sleep, mom and dad have to settle for whats left. There has been a few times when dad has moved me! Well I just move right back and cuddle him even closer that before. It looks like its getting close to bedtime YAWN! I see mom is getting up, I best head over to the bedroom door. Its time get dibs on the best spot of my wonderful bed.

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