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What adventures I am having ....

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Just a small ride today.

July 10th 2008 6:18 pm
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Riding to the airport with mom today was fun. Mom rolled the window down so I could look out and bark at myself in the mirror. I also barked at this big red hawk who was landing near us. He stared at me and I stared back then I think he wanted to scare me so he swooped over the truck. But I was brave! I just jumped in back and barked and barked. The ride back home was good too, cause I got to sit on my teen boy's lap and look out the window and let the wind sail through my ears.


Helping Daisy Catch Flies, and Bugging Ruffles

July 8th 2008 6:59 pm
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What a beautiful day, the sun was shining and it was warm, mom was out in the yard doing some work in the yard. I decided to jump on the the hill in our yard watching Daisy catching flies. I finally caught on how she was doing it and caught one. Then I just laid around sniffing the air and sunning myself. The Ruffles came into the yard and bother Daisy, did it make her mad. So mad she chased her, I of course helped the cause. We both made her jump on the fence and did we bark at her telling her she was a brat. After a bit I jumped back up on the little hill and sunned and sniffed all kinds of things, what a dreamy day.


Polar was Teasing me...

July 7th 2008 1:57 pm
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I am so mad this morning! Polar stole my dolly again! What is up with that male dog? How is it a full grown male dog can like a doll!? This morning Polar took my doll outside, yes outside! That just made me so made that I snapped at him and barked at him. He took my doll and hid it by the tree.
I wish mom would do SOMETHING! That's my dolly! It's bad enough he takes all the bobo's, stuffed animals outside just to keep them away from me. He thinks if he gets them all dirty and icky looking I will not touch them. HA he is so wrong.. and if he touches that doll one more time I can't tell you what I might do.


Holly Cow It's Been a Long Time

May 12th 2008 7:59 pm
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Gosh tonight mom and me got to go to Dogster tonight, HOORAY. I have missed it lots. But am I so grumpy.....
I was sleeping on daddy's lap so sweetly and here comes Polar trumping up the stairs and dropping a toy on me on dad's lap. Well I snapped and barked at him real good. So good he flopped down and rolled over like he was playing Mr. Submissive! I have so much control over him. Mom says we will be back on tomorrow too! on Dogster that is... HOORAY! I guess so we all can see what's been up and I think we have lots and lots of catching up to do. Mom needs to add new pictures of all of us. Well it is time for me to jump back up on dads lap and nap more.


Missing Dogster

April 28th 2008 8:16 am
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Well Polar, Daisy and Ruffles all voted and so I am doing this diary. We are sorry that we have been missing and not on dogster so much. We really miss it! Mommy says we are just dealing with some tough things, and once we weather it all will be right again... But we are still here and we miss all our pals! A big HUGE HUG to EVERYONE! from ME, POLAR, DAISY and yes! RUFFLES!


Hooray I have been tagged!

April 10th 2008 11:51 am
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Its just grand that I have been tagged by my wonderful friend Benny!

Jobs I have had

1. Keeping Polar bear in line
2. cleaning out ice cream bowls
3. keeping watch for stupid birds out the down stairs window
4. Helping daddy with all his paper work

Places I have lived

1. In bed up stairs for most of the morning
2. In Oregon
3. On the couch during the afternoon
4. Astoria all my life.

Places I have been

1. Hilsboro Oregon, Aunt Marion's house
2. The beach
3. Woodburn Oregon, grandma, grandpa's house
4. Ft. Stevens walks, and by the coast guard air station

Places I rather be...
1. In bed all day
2. On the beach, chasing Daisy chasing seagulls
3. In the truck going for rides all day long
4. playing and running by the river beach all day long

Now I am off to tag 4 others...


Holly Molly I Saw 2 squirrels

April 2nd 2008 5:58 pm
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Well it was about time! We went for a walk and it was a long one. We went to Ft Stevens and Daisy and were minding our own business when these 2 small critters started towards us making this squeaking/chattering sound. I think they were talking about me and Daisy! I stopped dead in my tracks and began barking and howling at the hideous creatures! Daisy began howling her ear numbing howl! I hate to say we were making quite the scene. Other people on bikes were staring and people walking were watching us closely. I have never ever seen moms face turn red like that. At first I did not want to walk closer because those hideous creatures looked as if they might attack. But mom drug me anyway! Amazing how fast mom can walk when she's dragging us. As we neared closer the harder I pulled and tugged but to no avail. Suddenly the creatures ran off, they were scared of me! Wow I am tougher than I thought! As we walked by where they had been I growled and snorted and shook my head at them squirrels I told em off good. Those squirrels will not be messing with me again.


My Tail, My Wonderful Tail!!

March 20th 2008 1:55 pm
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Phew last night was a tough scary night. Mom, daddy and the ugh! teens all sat down for dinner of course I felt it was important to be right with them sitting waiting for that one lovely bite to fall my way. Daisy and Polar were there too and saw everything!
I was sitting near mom when the that stupid teen boy did what he did!!
He actually rolled the chair over my fluffy wonderful tail hairs and got them caught in the roller!! OUCH!
I tried to get away! but I was stuck!! and I mean stuck! I clawed and pawed trying to no avail. My little paws could not get any traction on the kitchen floor. Lucky mom saw it and quickly untangled my tail! Boy did that boy get in trouble! yea!
My tail on the other hand, lost lots of hairs and is my butt sore today! phew! Sometimes I really have to wonder where that teen boys brain is located. I will never be the same.


Cheer for the Flying French Fries

March 5th 2008 8:06 pm
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WHOA WHO... it was cheese French Fries....
I am faster than lighting when it comes to those flying French fries. Not one of them hits the ground. I am every watchful, ready to go and ready to gobble up every one of em. I am the smartest about it too, any way thats what daddy says. Yikes Daisy just sits there and SPLAT lets them hit her in the face. How is it she can't catch?? Polar does alright, he can catch too but his not as quick on the draw as I am! What a night of French fry Frenzy! Now its for bed time.


In Bed Till Noon!

March 4th 2008 7:52 pm
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Today I stayed in bed all day almost! I laid on the bed and snoozed and snored till about noon time. Then mom came in and chased me out and out doors. The gall of her. Nope I was not in the playful mood all day.....
I just wanted to be lazy...
So when mom chased me of her bed I went onto my teen girls bed and did I pull and dig up her bed. I had a nice wad to sleep on for a about 20 min. Then here comes mom! She chased me off that bed too! Harmp! I plodded down stairs and went into the boys room and made a nice soft bed. I was about to settle in, but in walks mom with my collar and leash! We went for a small walk, which I did not want too. I dragged my butt the whole way around. I do not need any exercise, I want to nap! Did I throw a fit, I would stop and not budge. Finally we got back home and I ran all the way upstairs back onto my BED and settled in for some more napping the entire day away.

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