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A bit of Lil Bit

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A BIT O' LIL BIT 02/07/2010

February 7th 2010 4:04 am
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WOOF,WOOF everyone I finally got some puter time. My brudder has been real sick and he has to take MORE medicine! Dad took hime to the vet and he had to had fluids and came home with a big lump on his back, BOL, SSSHHH!! My mom and dad were trying to give him his meds and he bite my dad bad and he didn't even get in trouble. I get in trouble all the time when I have an attitude:(.....but I'm doing better....(when I want a treat or something good) te-he. Anyway he's doing much better now and we both have to get our teeth cleaned Tuesday morning. I heard mama on the thingy that makes that bells noise and then she told my dad we both had to go. Lil Man's gums were infected cuz he had to0 much of something??? on his teeth. I don't know how that could happen the bum gets a Greenie every night! I have something on my teeth too, but not sure what, but I didn't get sick. I think Lil Man is drawing this out just a little too far. He's such a big baby anyway. Mama's baby! Yuck! We went to Va for New Years EVE??? whatever that is. It was OK but the doggies there are all bigger than me. They have a big boy named Bear and a little girl chi named Tiny. She's kinda prutty, but I think Lil Man is more her type.
Figures...Mama and dad are going out today to do a home visit for the CRT Rescue they volunteer for and we have to stay home but it shouldn't be too long cuz dad's gotta get home to watch the box in the bedroom. Me n' Lil Man and mama are gonna watch the Puppy Bowl on Animal Planet. I like watching the puppy, puppies.
It finally stopped raining here and and we went for a walkie, walk yesterday and that was fun. But at least we don't get snow here. When we went to Va they have a samll amount ler over from Christmas and I didn't like it cuz me and the cold just don't get along, dang the rain here is bad enough and it's been cold like anything.
Sorry we haven't been around much but you know how busy mama's can get and then we don't get our computer time. I gotta go eat now so I'll be barkin at ya later...big chi wags n' lix


A BIT O' LIL BIT 09/03/2009

September 3rd 2009 3:56 pm
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Woof, Woof sure am sad these days:( BOO brudder and mama have been gone way too long !!!! I have been looking all over for them. I have been making my dad take me for walkie, walks everyday the way we always go and I can't even pick up a tiny smell of mama or my brudder. I sure hope I didn't do anything to make them go away?? If I did I'm real sorry and hope they come back soon so I can tell them. It's just not the same around here and my mama is a much better cook. Everytime I hear something outside I run to the door and just hope I can hear the garage door open, but alas it isn't anyone. I'm not even sleeping that well:( and me need my beauty rest. I think my dad has been cleaning around the house so maybe that means they are coming home soon. I sure hope so. I never want them to go away again without me that is. Mama took her new car and Lil Man's car seat so I know they are together. If mama would have taken me I would have been a good boy and not caused any problems and I don't eat much at all. So if you read this my brudder or mama please come home as fast as you can, cuz I wuf you both bery, bery much and I have big kisses for ya. If anyone else sees my brudder or my mama please tell them to come home, that I miss them too much and this isn't fun just being with my lump of a dad. Well I'm gonna say my prayers now so they come home bery, bery soon. OK guys I'm O/O BAYL but be sure to keep your eyes peeled just in case. Me wuf ya all too!!!


A BIT O' LIL BIT 05/25/2009

May 25th 2009 2:24 pm
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Woof , Woof All .........OMD! Hardly anyone remembered my woofday
:(...but with all that's been going on around here I'm just lucky they still remember me! But I'm so cute how could they forget? Well mama and dad got me a few new toys but I didn't get a cake. Some of my Dogster furends remembered and that meant a whole lot. Mama and dad are selling our house and if ya ever moved you can imagine what that's like. Yikes have I heard some bad words!!! We got a new realtor and that seems to make my mama happier and when she's happy everyone is happy. My dad says that's how it goes, so me and Lil Man just listen to him cuz he's been around longer than we have. We went on a road trip last weekend to visit my mama's niece. She has cancer. Mama said that was a real bad thing and it was called stage 4??? Anyway we had fun at her house, she has 2 doggies too. A chi mix named Tiny and a great big doggie named Bear. Bear was cool but he thought he was a lap doggie too and stepped on mama 's foot and almost broke it. Bear weights 90 lbs. That's almost as much as mama weighs. BOL. BOL.....But on the way home we had a terrible accident! Boy am I glad we were in our car dad was driving home and he fell asleep at the wheel and mama said we did 2 360's and 1 180??? We were going south and the car ended up going east and west!
We don't know how anyone didn't hit us cuz it was raining like anything and everyone was going 40 miles an hour and had their flashers on. After that mama drove the next 700 miles. We went to VA and we were on 95 heading south. Whew what a close call. Me and Lil Man were scared like anything and when mama screamed we didn't move. Well I gotta go eat my dinner now so I'll BAYL.....and thank you to all my furends for remembering my woofday.


A BIT O' LIL BIT 04/06/2009

April 6th 2009 4:50 pm
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Woof,Woof All.....Gee I haven't been here in a very long time. Mama and dad have been so busy getting this house ready to sell me and Lil Man are just about forgotten except for at night and we still get to go on our walkie, walks 2 times a day and the weather has been grrreat!!! Nice and sunny, but tonite for some reason it's gonna be cold like anything. I sure am glad we aren't outside doggies. We watched Dogtown the other night and some of those guys really have it ruff. Mama was crying it was so bad. So I hope everyone' s humons are trying to help the ones that are still all alone. We do what we can all the time no matter how small it may seem. I'm really lucky my mama and dad picked me!!! and I don't mind moving either, that's OK cuz we are getting a better house and Lil Man said we have a lot of furends in Cali already and they have lots of play days there and big parks for us to run around in a new furends to meet!!! I can't wait to move it sounds so exciting and it's never cold there like it is here. That's what Lil Man said and he should know cuz that's where he was born. I'm not gonna miss it here at all. We will be in the car for a longtime and we get to stop on the side of the road and smell all kinda of different things and maybe meet some new pups along the way. It will be a long trip longer than I have ever been on before but as long as I get to stay w/my family I don't care and I won't be scared or anything. We get to sleep in different beds every night. That should be fun but Lil Man said it gets old after while and when we finally get to our new house boy will we be tired. But then we get to explore our new yard and all are new stuff and old stuff too. We can't take all our toys in the car. I hope they don't forget my favorite ones!!! but I'm pretty sure mama will have it all under control. We have to go to the drs and get our yearly physical and shots and stuff and I have to get my teeth cleaned. I never had that done before. But I know they will put me to sleep. I hate to go to the drs, cuz I'm always afraid they are gonna leave me. (GULP) but I have been a real good boy and haven't had a pee or poop in the house in a very long time. Well I gonna go to bed w/my dad soon. He will watch that box thing and mama will watch the box in the family room with the spoiled one. You know who I mean, BOL... Well nighty, nite for now...BAYL........


A BIT O' LIL BIT 03/09/2009

March 9th 2009 2:13 pm
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Woof,Woof All..........It's Lil Man's Woofday tomorrow and mama and dad have been in a tizzie!!! We are moving and the house is going on the market next Monday and everyone has been so busy they hardly ever notice me anymore. I guess Lil Man will have a wufday cake just like he did last year, but I don't think mama is going to make a big fuss like last year cuz they are doing something they call "de-clutter", it looks to me like they are just throwing everything away. As long as they leave my stuff alone I really don't care, but I have to be real careful I don't get stepped on. YIKES!!! Mama and dad are taking me too when they move, they promised. I'm pretty sure we are going back to California?? I don't know where that is but Lil Man said it was real far from here and we would be in the car for days......not fun, but I can sleep and I don't mind having my car seat in the sun. I just wuf laying in the sun!!! and I won't have to share a window w/Lil Man. He has his own car seat. He's hyper just like mama and I'm just like my dad, real laid back. My dad can sleep for a long time and I just wuf sleeping in the bed w/him. We all have our own spot on the bed, but I'm sure glad it's a big bed. Lil Man gets so grouchy and he always has to walk on me at nite. I always go in the bedroom and watch the box w/my dad, well he watches and I sleep. Then big butt comes in with mama and he ALWAYS has to walk on me just to be mean. He such a butt head sometimes..But we are still all one family. I like this house and I don't care if we move or not but mama really, really wants to move. My mama and dad only have each other for humons. They don't have anyother people family so that's why they wanna move back to the left coast, that's what Lil Man calls it. Oh my goodness guess what??? We got to see Beverly Hills Chihauhau!!! Mama thought I looked like Montizuma and I thought Lil Man looked like Chole(ha-ha)...ssssshhhhhh. I gotta go and eat my doggie food now so I'll bark at ya later...I hope we move fast so if anyone out there reads this, keep ya paws crossed for us.


A BIT O' LIL BIT 01/27/2009

January 27th 2009 5:24 pm
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Woof,woof all...I haven't been around in quite some time cuz I think we are gonna move?? Now all the holidays are over things are settling down a bit. he-he. get it? "Bit", BOL.... now mama tells us it's something called Valentine's Day now. I think that is just for special doggies and kitties? Well special for the ones that are in WUF!! I don't think I wuf anyone but my family. I've been here for over a year now and it fits just fine. Boy was I a lucky guy! Even my brudder is nicer to me and I sleep in the bed w/everyone else. Well that all started when we visited Calie and there was only one bed. So we all sleep together now. I sleep at the foot of the bed and of course Lil Man has to sleep next to mama. But I don't mind as long as I get to sleep in the bed too. Mama was thinking about rescuing another chi but w/the move that's planned they decided to wait. What a relief that was to hear. My hair is growing back and it looks real good and it keeps me warm. But my favorite thing to do when it's cold is to stand in front of one of the air vents. It's so cozy. I'm to short to look out the window and Lil Man wont let me in his chair to get any sunshine, but I figured the vent thing out all by myself. See and they thought I was slow...Well I gotta go eat now so BAYL


A BIT O' LIL BIT 12/24/2008

December 24th 2008 6:45 pm
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Woof,Woof all and a MERRY CHRISTMAS. I still don't get the Christmas thing but I think we are gonna get some surprises. I like presents now that I know what they are. I hope all my furends have a great holiday season too. I've been adopted a whole year now and it's great. This is the bestest home I ever had before and my brudder is nicer to me now. I lost one of my bestest furends the other day and that made us real sad. She was always there for us and we wish we could have been there with her when she went to the bridge, but her mama and dad were there so she wasn't in pain and she knew she was loved and we just know she will always be our Christmas Angel. I gotta go nitey, nite now and wait for Santa to come, cuz he won't come until we are asleep and warm in our beds. So we are off to bed now. BAYL


A BIT O' LIL BIT 11/30/2008

November 30th 2008 8:36 am
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Woof,Woof I know what this Thanksgibing thing is all about, FOOD!! My belly is so stuffed mama and daddy have been making fun of me saying I look like a foot ball...not funny. But boy does my tummy feel so good,BOL , BOL... I like this holiday a lot!!! Me and Lil Man got the same stuff and it was sooo good we got in trouble for "mooching". We are not allowed in the kitchen when they are eating the or just preparing the food. We can only go in the kitchen when it's our turn to eat, then we get too hang out while mama is getting it ready. Sometimes she will give in and sneak in a little treat while we wait. That's real specail. Me and LIl Man even got to share a piece of real pumpkin pie, boy was that special. We even each got a wholel spoon full of the pumpkin pie stuff before mama put it in the oven and that was eve grrrrreat!!!! I never had that before either and the turkey and the gravey and everything was just like being in heaven. BOL, BOL Me and Lil Man both took real long naps after we got our very own plates of food. I can only speak for my self but I was very thankful for everything. Epescially fur finding a new furever home and I have been here almost a whole uear. Well to be exact. I hope we have many, many more of these Thanksgibing day's, but Lil Man told me it only happened once a year just like Christmas and your birthday. But he also said Christmas was just around the corner and when we get a tree to put up with lights and everything it will go in the bay window so it won't be a big tree, but I still don't understand a tree that you can't pee on??? I guess cuz its in the house. It's been raining here for two whole days and I hate to go out in the rain! Ug... Dad got so mad with me yesterday just because I wouldn't go out in the rain and poop! We have coats and rain coats but we don't like to wear clothes, but Lil Man did make an exseption the last two days becuz of the rain. But not me!! So we just had a break in the rain and mama and dad are going try and take me for a short walkie, walk to see if maybe now I will do my business. So gotta go for now at least I hope I can go, BOL, BOL...BAYL


A BIT O' LIL BIT 11/25/2008

November 25th 2008 7:02 pm
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Woof, Woof All...Well it's been kinda crazy around here lately, mama got another needle in her eye and on they way home she had a car accident and she got something called a ticket on top and they were saying those bad words like anything. Me and Lil Man just headed for the hinding places until it was quite....I'm not sure what it was all about but I didn't like it. But mama and dad are going to the grocery store tomorrow cuz it's Thanksgiving, which is a humon holiday and we always have a big turkey and lots of pumkin pie that mama bakes in the oven. I never had one of those days before. But Lil Man said it was kinda like Christmas without the pawresents. That's OK cuz we get real good treats in our dishes if we are very good. I've been a very good boy and haven't pooped or pee's in the house in a long time. I even bark at mama when I have to go outside now and do my business. I don't like to go poop in my yard and that way I get an extra walkie, walk in the evening. but it's been so cold here I really don't wanna go outside but I have too and I wait until I can't wait any longer and mama usually makes me and Lil Man go after dinner when it's dark for the last time to do our business, then we just have to step out in our yard to pee before we go to bed. Well it's late now and I have to go nitey, nite now. I already had my itchy pill and I'm real sleepy. So Happy Turkey Day everyone,,...BAYL


A Bit O' Lil Bit 11/02/2008

November 2nd 2008 3:41 pm
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Woof, it's been a while since I've been around, cuz mama's puter has been in the shop and then she had a whole bunch of other stuff to catch up on. Then there was some kinda holiday that's called HOLLOWEEN???? I don't get that, but humon kids get candy(yummie) and we don't get anything but yelled at when those kids rang our door bell and we naturally barked like anything, but the barkin' was fun,BOL. Mama had to catch us while dad opened the door and gave away all that good C A N D Y.. Doesn't seem quite fair, cuz it's the only holiday that me and my brudder don't get anything. Not even a scrap from the table. Well we don't really get scraps anyway, but we used to get slipped some goodies from mama or dad when the other wasn't lookin', BOL, BOL but that's was before we went to the vets last week. We just went to get our nails trimmed and of course they had to weigh us(gulp) Lil Man weighed in at 8.9 lbs(BOL, fat boy) and I came in at 6.5 lbs. So the new diet is out the window:(. I was sure getting used to that brown rice and boiled chicken. But my back legs are bad like Lil Man's and the vet told mama that the rice had too many carbs(?), so that put an end to that real quick. But I still get a little bit of chicken with my dry hypo-allergentic food, so it's really not too bad for me. But Lil Man has to go back to his "restricted diet "food again. Lil Man wouldn't eat for 1 whole day because he really like the new stuff, but that's a no go for him,BOL.... I guess I shouldn't laugh cuz I'm getting a little chubby myself. But with this cold weather we have been having when the sun goes down my hair is finally growing back and it looks real good. With my new coat and some weight on me I'm looking quite handsome now. I've even been getting special pawresents from my furends. Wow am I a lucky guy. I've been in my furever home for almost a whole year now(never thought that would happen) and I'm just lovin every single day of my life now. So it has worked out real well and being on Dogster has just been great!!! I wish we could have gone to meet the folks at Dogster, cuz when we were in San Francisco this summer they weren't far from where we were staying. But mama and dad were way to busy visiting their furends. Well I gotta go now I just got back from my evening walk and now I get my nitey, nite pill and I sure don't wanna miss out on that, BOL...and about this time change, I'm not too sure about that??? It makes me wanna go nitey, nite before it's time. But when I have a full belly and my pill and my nice bed who cares what time it is. mama said I still have to wait until a certain time on the clock before I get my pill and that's at 7:00 p m and it's almost that now , so I gotta go now....BAYL

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