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A bit of Lil Bit

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O Lil Bit of Angel Lil Bit

October 30th 2012 8:50 am
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woof,woof guys!! it's not so bad here at the bridge:) I was real scared at first but all my furends that I knew on Dogster that went to the bridge before me were all there to greet me and show me around. it's beautiful here and we just run and jump and play all day long:):):) BOL,BOL.BOL but I still miss my mama and dad and my brudder:( and I know how they still miss me. But I'll be waitng for ya brudder, so you wont' be scared. Mama is writing this for me and she has to go now cuz it's real hard for her to see, just like me I guess?? But I can see now and I don't have to take meds anymore, and that's just one ever gets hurt here and its great, just wish my family could be with me, but I check on them every once and awhile....Bye for now all.. Big Chi kisses, wags 'n really miss all my furends, but its OK cuz I wont be cold this winter:):):)


A Bit O' Lil Bit 03/22/2012

March 22nd 2012 3:38 pm
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OMD!!! you will just not believe the day I had? well it started out pretty bad, as usual cuz me so sick, but as the day was just about ober my dad checked the mail, cuz mama forgot today anyway( Im' just so excited) I got a box just filled with stuff just for me from my bestests, furend, Loolah. She's my angel:):) and her mom is kinda cool too. Me and Loolah habe been furends fur a bery long time. I'm kinda sleepy now and I habe to get my meds for the night, but that's OK cuz I got a bery little soft toy doggie that's my favortie now and I'm gonna sleep with that little doggie every night!!! Of course I'll be thinking about my special furend Loolah, aaaawwwww....what away to fall asleep:)


A BIT O' LIL BIT 03/14/12

March 14th 2012 3:29 pm
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OMD!!! this is written by my brudder cuz I can't see anymore either:( went to the cancer doc yesterday and she only said I would only have maybe 6 weeks, until I go to the bridge. My mama and dad and even Lil Man's eyes have been dripping. Its so sad here, but mama and dad are trying to keep me bery comfortable with meds. I felt better yesterday, but today not so good. But the doc said I would have good days and BAD days and the good days will get farther apart. Then my mama and dad will have to make a bery difficult decision. But just wanted to let all my furends know how much each of you mean to me. You all have been such good furends....and that makes me feel bery happy!!! Yikes I won't even have a woofday this year:( I have to go now cuz we are just too upset, but Lil Man will write again soon. BAYL my old pals! wags n' lix fur everyone. Lil Bit is in too much pain for me to continue so I'll get back to ya later.....


A BIT O' LIL BIT 01/06/2012

January 6th 2012 2:05 pm
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Woof, Woof Guys...I sure do miss talking to my furends and I have some more bad news:( My other eye is starting to go now and I can hardly see at all and I'm always running into things:( I had to go to my docs today cuz my eye was bleeding yesterday!! Mama and dad tried to help me at home for a few days with drops I have but it didn't work. So I had to go to my docs and he gave me 2 different kinds of meds and I have to go back on Monday. Today is Friday. So hopefully I'll be better by than! I can only hope this guy knows what he's doing. Me and my brudder, Lil Man are not on Dogster Plus anymore. But we will still be here and I hope I hear from anybody out there that may have a blind doggie and maybe you could help me with some of the tricks, OK? I sure would appreicate that, the eye doc gave my mama a book on how to handle a blind dog, but mama said a lot of it didn't apply to us. So I'll just see how it goes, no pun intended. Mama wrote that cuz I don't know what that means:( I'm just a little blind doggie, looking for some blind friends. BAYL..


A BIT O' LIL BIT 09/21/2011

September 21st 2011 2:19 pm
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Wuf, Wuf all, my whole family is so upset! Poor Lil Bit,(my brudder) can't have his surgery and now he only has maybe 2 more years until he is completely BLIND!!:(:(..we are trying to cope but it's so hard. He is only 10 years old and way too young to be totally blind! Poor guy we thought his operation would do the trick and he could run and play and not run into things anymore, but they doc did a test the morning of the surgery and said he wouldn't do it cuz it wouldn't work. Lil Bit has some kind of disease in his eyes so it won't be much longer until my brudder can't see at all. The doc gave us a book on how to care for a blind dog, but that wasn't what we wanted at all. We had to go all the way to Charlotte NC, and spend the night just to have them tell us at 8:00 a.m. the next morning he couldn't have the surgery, so the drive home was very sad:( But we will take care of him just fine. Anyway I'm the Brudder so I can protect him and we can still take him for his walkie, walks as long as it's always the same way so he doesn't get scared. We wouln't want that to happen, ever!!! I guess that's why God let us rescue Lil Bit so he would have a good home no matter what. We still lub him just the same, even when he can't see at all. I'm gonna post this on my brudder's page too cuz he can't see to good now, poor guy...BAYL


A BIT O' LIL BIT 05/05/2011

May 5th 2011 9:42 am
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wuf, wuf all, well my big day is almost here and I'm so scared. I go to see my surgeon on May the 10th in NC and that's way far away and that's just for the inital evaluation. Then the will schedule me for surgery. It's gonna cost a whole lot of money cuz I heard mama and dad talking about it. But my bestest pup pal Loolah turned my mama on to this thing called,"Chip-in" and it's where other people that will know my story can donate to help pay for my surgery. Mama is gonna post it on her Facebook page and we are gonna put it right here on my page too. You get to tell your story and what you need the money for and if folks want to donate they can do it through my mama's Paypal account. We were so happy when Loolah's mom told us about this. I'm not even sure what it's all about but mama does thanks to Loolah! My lub!! So as soon as we find out when it's gonna be the surgery that is we are gonna put it on my page. We know things are tuff for everyone these days with just the gas prices but maybe some folks will be able to help even if it's just $5.00. I sure hope so cuz I got knots all over my head and I keep hurting my eye cuz I can't see anything and I keep running into the bushes and scratching my eye and mama has to put medicine in it. so I can only hope the surgery is a success and I will be able to play and run again just like other doggies. It's hard to have a disability,well mama said it's just an inconvenience and other doggies are having a much harder time cuz they don't even have furever homes yet. Boy did I get lucky when I got my furever home. Nothing like it, home sweet home. Big chi wags n' lix OXOXOXOXOXO


A Bit O' Lil Bit 03/30/2011

March 30th 2011 12:46 pm
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Wuf,Wuf guys, I so sorry I haven't been around for awhile but I'm bery, bery sad:( Mama & dad took me to my docs last week cuz I had sumthing wrong with my eyes. I have cataracts in both eyes, but one I'm almost blind in and my doc said I was way too young to be blind. I run into things all the time and sometimes I even bump my head:( and it hurts!! big time. The only place I can get the operation that I need is in North Carolina and that's bery far away. But mama and dad are gonna take me for my first exam on May 10th, that's the first appt they could get and it's gonna cost a whole lot of money!!! cuz I heard mama & dad talking about where the money was coming from, still don't know but they won't let me be blind. I scared and so is everyone in my family, Lil Man is even being just a little nicer to me, if you can believe that one. He doesn't even pick on me as much as before. My dad had cataracts in his eyes and he had an operation and now he's all fixed up and I will be too. Actually it's kinda funny around our house, cuz me and mama can't see and my dad can't hear. What a team we all are, BOL,BOL...... well I gonna get my doggie food now so I'll BAYL. wags 'n lix to all my furends


A BIT O' LIL BIT 12/18/2010

December 18th 2010 4:26 pm
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Woof,Woof Gang, I sure miss being around like I used to but everyone around here is just so busy, I hardly ever get any puter time. Mama and Lil Man got to go on an airplane ride and me and my dad had to stay home, darn it:( I always get left out. But then again I really don't like airplane rides so just as well I stayed with my dad. We just slept in late and laid around and just did nothing. But that wasn't so bad, since the bully wasn't here. (OOOPPPSS) If you tell I'll just deny it so lets just keep it on the down low. We got our Christmas tree and ya still can't pee on this one either:( I just don't understand why they put a tree in the house and then we still have to go outside and pee??? Humons??? But I think me and Lil Man are going to get some special treats or maybe a new coat or a new blanket, yippey!! Cuz I really need a new blanket, bad. Mine stinks, mama washes it all the time and it still smells. I'm just a little stinker. BOL, BOL...well I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and get lots of toys or whatever ya want. Goodies fur sure. Can't wait for our Christmas dinner cuz I know me and Lil Man will get some good food that day. OOOHHHH me belly hurts already, BOL,BOL Hope you all have been good boys and girls cuz if you were bad even one time mama said we don't get anything! that's not good at all. So be good and I'll BAYL......


A BIT O' LIL BIT 05/28/2010

May 28th 2010 11:07 am
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WOOF WOOF ALL.............and thank you so much for wishing me a Happy Woofday, well some folks forgot but that's OK. I'm feeling so much better with my new meds now. I hardly ever choke any more, YEAH!! Also everyone around here has been going a little crazy cuz my dad is going into the hospital, yet again. I'll be so sad when he's away, we all will, but specialist me, cuz he is closer to me than anyone ever!! I heard my mama talking on that phone thingy and he is having what they say is a total knee replacement and mama said he wuf be gone for 10-14 days cuz of his diabetes?? So it's just around the corner from the first of June, that's when he's gonna leave us, but I bet we get extra special treatment from mama to comfort me and my brudder( BOL, BOL).....we know how to work her(BOL,BOL) Me and my brudder are rotten little stinkers.
Yeah I'm joking around now but when the time comes I don't think it's gonna be much fun cuz I weally, weally gonna miss him. I'm sure you guys can relate. Mama's slready told us that she would be gone a lot too, cuz she has to stay with my dad when he's in the hospital:( Well I guess I cried enuf, now I'm gonna take a nap...........................BAYL


A BIT O' LIL BIT 04/08/2010

April 8th 2010 10:20 am
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Woof,Woof.............I'm a bery, bery sick little doggie. My dad thought I had a hair ball in my throat, but it's not!:(...I have a "collapsed trachea" and now I have to take pills everyday for the rest of my life. But I am feeling better now that I have the meds. I was choking and couldn't breath, it was really, really scary! Mama freaked out bad cuz she wasn't expecting this at all. I hope no one else I know gets this. Cuz the doc said it was common in small breeds. Mama just hates it when docs always blame it on "genes" or better known as the "breed". Mama said it was just a catch all cuz they don't know what else to do. Just like my brudder and his enlareged heart. One of our furends told us that there are doggie docs that do heart surgery on doggies and the paper the doc gave mama on my problem can be corrected surgically too. Makes us wonder if we really are getting the best care?? Mama said he was real expensive too. Pretty sure that means they are talking about money. Something that is on short supply around here.
My meds make my choking better and I can breath easier, but I'm having some side effects, like I'm really restless all the time and I really am a "pillow hugger", I can't stand still for a minute. So they had to decrease my meds and the doc said if that didn't help mama would have to get my meds at the pharmacy mama uses cuz they have smaller doses. I guess that wasn't a good idea to start me out on such a high dose. But mama thought she was doing the right thing. But I think we are going to have to go to a lower dose now, so we are gonna call my doc tomorrow. We have a whole lot of pollen around now and I'm allergic, so the weather has been a lot nice than in the winter, but this breathing thing is a bummer. Well I gotta go now just wanted to stop by and give a hollar. Our family has so much going on. My dad is having 2 surgeries and we are trying to sell our house again. But I won't stay away for such a long time anymore..BAYL

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