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Lost for 24 days in Forest

My sore feet

January 6th 2009 11:40 am
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I am now limping really badly, can't put my front left foot to the ground at all. Mum is looking for remedies for my feet. I will spend some time 'home alone' today when Mum and Dad are at work as yesterday I had an accident in Dad's truck. I didn't do this on purpose but I do drink rather a lot, 9 litres (2 imperial gallons) yesterday! I have a really comfortable bed in my insulated kennel and an outdoor bed too. The gate to the short run on my kennel will not be closed and I will have the whole back yard to myself. Well that is except when Leonardo (The 20 yr old Mutant Ninja Pussycat) comes out to do his business. Mum is worried about me but I will try to be brave.


Mum says I am pushing the boundaries

January 5th 2009 11:29 am
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Hi, Missy here, yesterday I went to the vet and I now weigh 18 kilos (40 pounds) my feet are sore from all the walking I did in the forest and I am drinking a lot, 7 litres yesterday, so Mum and Dad need to try get me drinking a more normal amount.

Mum says I am 'pushing the boundaries' I think I deserve to get what I want, after all I was lost for so long in the forest and now I am home why can't I do as I like. I am allowed on one couch at home but now I want to sleep on the other one with the nice soft blanket on it. Dad makes me get down but Mum thinks I am so cute she hasn't the heart to do that. I just have to look sad eyed at her and she melts.

I will be in the newspaper again this week, third time so I think I am a celebrity here in Christchurch New Zealand. Haven't signed any autographs yet but I am sure someone will want me to.

Have to go, press photographer is coming this morning.

Doggy kisses, Missy xxxxxx



January 4th 2009 12:19 pm
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Missy was lost in Bottle Lake Forest for 24 days after wandering away from her human Dad. We searched, calling and whistling, jiggling car keys (she loves to ride in the car) putting up posters and flyers and radio appeals. Dad lost weight as he tried to search morning and night and carry on working too. We all suffered from exhaustion and lack of sleep. On Monday 29th Dec. we spent 2 hours in the forest and had just got home when the phone rang and a woman who lived over the other side of forest happily told us our baby was in her shed. What joy, but heartbreaking when we saw her. Obviously she had not killed and eaten any of the rabbits and hares running around, had lost 10 kilos in weight and looked as we never imagined any pet of ours would ever look. We sobbed with happiness and sadness all at the same time.

Missy was rushed to the vet and he pumped 3 litres of fluid into her dehydrated body. Missy then came home with us and started her new regime of lots of small meals. I think she inhaled the food rather than eating it as it went down so fast and she was looking for more all the time.

Missy has now been home 1 week and although not noticeably putting on weight she is slowly gaining. She has now decided she can get away with anything and be forgiven and is getting onto furniture which she knows is not supposed to be on!!! We find it hard to chastise her right now.

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