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Sweet "17" kisses from Chloe

April 15th 2014 12:04 pm
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We knew that I was born in April in 1997 (!) but we didn't know the exact date so Mom made it tax day - what was she thinking????????? BOL!

I wanted to thank all my furriends for remembering me on this special day - next is my GOTCHA day which is June 26th! This is not a reminder or hint (well, maybe it is - hahaha)

I love all my furriends & I love my Mom & I am so happy to be remembered here at Dogster where we all met - & WILL CONTINUE TO TO MEET (HOPEFULLY)....

There is no place like Dogster & please let Cinnamon enjoy the years at Dogster that I did & still do :)

Mom misses me SO very very much. But Cinnamon & I play games with her head - BOL! - We keep Mom on her toes!



My 1st anniversary at the Rainbow Bridge

February 20th 2014 10:45 am
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Mom & I want to thank everyone who remembered this sad day.

Although she has been thinking about it all month and year, Mom looked at the clock this morning at 9:30 am & said "It's a year." :(

She never posted my Rainbow Bridge Day because I am ALIVE everyday in her heart. I am, afterall, her daughter.

It was even hard to Mom to go to Dogster today, but here we are here to say thank you. We love Dogster & thank you for all your love & kindness & thoughtfulness & FOR ALL THE FRIENDS we have made at DOGSTER over the last 7 years.

xoxoxo, Mom, Chloe & Cinnamon


Thank you Anonymous!

December 10th 2013 9:12 am
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For my Christmas tree! I love my Secret Santa xoxoxoxoxo


Nitey Nite my sweet, beloved Chloe from Mom

October 19th 2013 7:09 pm
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Tomorrow will be 8 months since I saw & kissed your beautiful face.

You are with me every single minute of every day. You know I love you always, sweet girl.

All my love forever, sweet Chloe from Mom.


I'm Daily Diary Pick!

July 15th 2013 7:06 am
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Thank you so much for this pawsome honor, Dogster :)

Love you lots!


Dreaming of you, my sweet girl

July 11th 2013 8:48 pm
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I fell asleepy early. And in my dreams, we were playing "I'm gonna get you". You were so playful, as usual, and ran at me & jumped at me with joy. I was tying my sneakers & said to you "We're going out now!!"

You were just so full of life & I woke up with a start.

And then there was Cinnamon. I called to her & she moved over to nestle with me on the pillows. I'm going back there now to hold her.

I will never get over you not being here with me, my love, my Chloe. But you come to me in my dreams & you are young & playful & happy.

Sleep sweet, my love. Mom :) xoxoxo


Thank you everyone for welcoming my new sister, Cinnamon

April 29th 2013 6:25 pm
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You've all been so kind & welcoming!

It still makes Mom cry when she looks at my page but I am fine!

Cinnamon is a sweetie & I thank you all for being so kind, considerate, loving & supportive (not in that order, of course).

Chloe xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


Hello everyone

March 18th 2013 4:58 pm
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I guess you have all been wondering what happened to me....

Tomorrow will be my 4th week at the Bridge. I think it's pretty cool but I'm worried about my Mom - she misses me so much & can't stop crying.

It happened pretty quickly - I started walking very slowly which is not like me - I'm pretty frisky & I like to sniff & walk fast. Mom thinks it was Hurricane Sandy which took it's toll on me. I mean... it wasn't pleasant being carried up & down 7 flights of stairs! I panted & carried on but I think it was harder on Mom than me.

I went to the Vet for my 3 month visit & I was okay.

But shortly afterward I stopped eating - I dunno why - I love my chicken.

My vet tried appetite stimulants & then anti-nausea pills.

But then I didn't want to eat my dog food even with chicken. So Mom gave me only Chicken. I didn't want it.... even when Mom tried to feed me by hand. Then she tried bread with cheese. This worked for a while. But then I kept throwing up & this wasn't pleasant.

Then Mom tried hamburger. Then filet mignon. I did not want to eat. I didn't even want to drink water.

I guess even a pretty girl like me is entitled not to eat - especially at 16.

So that's what happened, my furriends. After 3 days of not eating and throwing up & tremors, Mom took me to the Vet & he said it was time.

So as hard as it is for me to write this, it is harder for my Mom.

I thank you all for your support & wishes - I hope I will be back at Dogster soon.

Love you all :)


From my Mom, Janine

February 22nd 2013 10:38 am
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I wanted to thank everyone for their outpouring of love and support and encouragement. I can't stop crying right now - I am looking for her & waiting for her to dig on her pillows.

I will write another diary when I can. Love you all xoxo


Hurricane Sandy - WE ARE SAFE!

November 2nd 2012 10:08 am
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I knew there was going to be a "Hurricane" & my Mom prepared for it. We live in Brooklyn, New York near the beach, so we were in Evacuation Zone A but didn't evacuate. We live in a 12 floor apartment building on the 7th floor & I wasn't going anywhere.

So we were apprehensive on Sunday. Monday the winds started to pick up but it was only drizzling so Mom took me out during the day. Then again at around 5 pm. THEN IT GOT CRAZY out there!

Heavy winds, rain - I wasn't nervous but Mom was. Then the power went off at 8:30 pm.
I looked out the window & - REALLY - there was a RIVER with WAVES running up our street. So I went to sleep & Mom kept telling me "Don't worry, the TV will go on in the middle of the night, you'll see, Chloe (not that I watch TV but she does - BOL).

Our apartment building was devastated because of the storm surge. No lights in the hallways, stairwells, no elevators, no heat, no water. Mom put paper on the floor, but I just looked at her. I couldn't go out to do my "business" unless Mom & our friend carried me down the DARK stairwell 6 flights (we live on the 7th floor) & believe me, I fought her all the way to the 1st floor where we went down to the pool area, around the bathhouse & through a tiny opening in the gate fence to the street. There were uprooted trees that I used to pee pee on.

This went on for 2 1/2 days. At first, I wouldn't leave our apartment because it was dark in the halls. Then I wouldn't go near the stairwell, because I remembered that the concrete stairs are slippery on my paws. I wiggled & panted & even nipped at a neighbor who tried to help me! I never do that kind of stuff.....

Yesterday (Thursday) - I hate being carried down the stairs so much that I finally did them on my own without being carried. Mom kept telling me "Chloe! ONE step at a time, not TWO!" BOL! I did have to be carried UP the 7 flights because Mom was worried about my hind legs.

Then Mom went out to get food - I have food, but she didn't.

So today is Friday - it's been a lost week. But thank God, we are safe with power & electricity & elevators. No heat or hot water, so I'm gonna stay away from Mom until it goes on - BOL!

We were very lucky - considering all the people who have lost their lives & homes & still don't have power. It's cold in my apartment now - I don't mind it but Mom does & the temps are supposed to drop tonight through the weekend (Mom can't believe they are gonna have the NYC Marathon with all the people who need help).

Thank God, we are okay! If you've read this whole long story, thank you. And God bless & be safe all who have come within Sandy's wrath & her aftermath.

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