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26 Jan 2008

January 26th 2008 2:03 pm
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Dear diary -

Today I went to the dog park on the Mississippi with my friend Daisy the lab and our humans. I LOVE running in the woods and dashing up hills. It is sooo good to be a dog. Right now I'm thinking about how fast I am and how much fun it was flying through the trees and chasing other dogs and being chased and almost catching a bizillion squirrels and did I mention I can run really fast? Right now I'm just a little tired, but I sure hope we go again tomorrow.



16 Jan 2008

January 16th 2008 9:29 am
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Dear diary -

I started my day with a fun walk. I met a couple of friends. First, there was my friend the yellow lab mix. She's about my age and I offered to play. Both of our humans had some objection to the idea of tangled leashes . So we said good-bye and agreed to bounce again soon. Then I met another friend who is a 11-year-old Golden. We agreed that playing would be fun but... you guessed it... both of our humans had some objection to the idea of tangled leashes . There were lots of rabbits out this morning. I'm sure I ALMOST caught them... at least I got as close as my dad would let me while on a six-foot leash. Did I mention that I NEVER bark at squirrels or rabbits. That would just let them know I'm coming... somehow they seem know anyway.

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