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1 Oct 2008

October 1st 2008 9:21 am
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Dear Di -

It's been a while since we talked. I've been busy and my 'cousins', Daisy-the-lab and Cody-the-golden, are staying with us for a while. Dad's trying to make sure we all get out for walks and to the park and that I still get to my classes and... well, it's been busy.

I've been having fun and doing really well in my dog classes. I'm enjoying it and dad's enjoying it... and did I mention I can be really fast? Woof! We have a golden in my class that is kind of crazy... like _I_ used to be... woof, woof. Right now I'm trying to set the example for my classmates on how to have fun and still listen... hard to believe, huh? And I'm also doing really well in obedience.

Dad says I'm a very smart girl and can watch K-9 Cops on Animal Planet tonight with him. I looked at the web site and those dogs look just like me! OK, they are GSDs from Europe and dad says they're probably East German lines... I'm Czech... but they look like my mom and dad... and me.

I'm a happy girl and I get to play with Daisy and Cody... just 'no wrestling inside'... whatever THAT means.

Dad bought me some water toys for when we go to the dog park... but I... misplaced them somewhere... Dad figured out that I'm really happier finding my own sticks (HE call them 'logs'. Funny dad.). Now that it's cooler, I love to run even more than in summer. Dad smiles and laughs when he sees me running up to the top of hills... and then running back down again. I am so strong and the wind feels so good. Sigh. It's so good to be dog.

Talk to you soon, di.

Your friend, Charks


30 Aug 2008

August 30th 2008 7:39 pm
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Dear Di -

Well, I just got back from 10 days at Camp Bow Wow. Mom and dad went to San Diego. I think camp sounds like more fun, don't you? Dad said they watched me almost every day to make sure I was having fun! This week I'm back to Agility class and Obedience class, and that will be fun. Tomorrow and Monday I get to go running and swimming at the dog park. Today I got out for some walks with dad around the neighborhood. The State Fair is going on, so there were LOTS of people wandering around. I enjoy people, but they DO chase the squirrels away... and I really want to study squirrels... and rabbits. I popped the buckle on my leash, but dad only has to ask and I waited for him to fix it. Did I mention I'm really a good dog? _I_ don't run away. Good dog Charks! Mostly I listen hard and try to do what dad wants. Sometimes I make mistakes, but dad says I'm still a puppy... and probably will be for another 2 years :-) Funny dad. Mostly he thinks I'm settling down well and will be a very special dog... OK, he already says I'm a special girl and gives me a big hug and then doggie noogies... woof woof

Back soon with more di-

see ya,



24 July 2008

July 24th 2008 2:13 pm
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Dear Di -

Hi, it's your friend Charks! I've been going to the dog park with my friends Cody-the-Golden and Daisy-the-Lab. We have been having fun. I am still the fastest dog ever, though. And I just love swimming too. We had such a good time yesterday evening. I ran and splashed and ran some more. Dad is really impressed that I seem to be learning my hand signals so he can help me when I can't see my tug-toy when I'm swimming in the river. Good dog! I'm really pretty good at understanding what dad wants and he says I'm really smart. Good Charks!!
I can walk through the crowd of people working on that Habitat for Humanity house when they are eating lunch... and I mostly don't stick my nose in their sanwiches. It's hard, though. And one of the ladies thought I was sooo nice, she gave me a BIG hug and I didn't pounce on her or anything. She was OK, but I wanted to get on with my walk. Summer is a busy time for rabbits and squirrels.
Dad thinks I'm turning out to be a really REALLY good GSD. Did I mention I LOVE dad? I love to clean his eyelids. He's also really impressed how my tongue feels like sandpaper. You should see him jump.

Well, di, got to go.

Talk to you soon,

Your friend Charka


24 June 2008

June 24th 2008 1:15 pm
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Dear Di -

I've been a busy pup. I got to stay at Camp Bow Wow and play with my friends. I got to swim in the Mississippi. Dad took me to a closer park last week and I broke a toenail when I pivoted around to get a tennis ball. It hurt a lot and dad took me to the vet. Did I mention that I love the vet people? They give out dog treats and let me stand with my front feet on the counter when dad talks to them. As soon as I learn to talk like people, I'm going to be just like dad! Anyway, I broke my left outside nail almost off. The vet thinks I cracked it a few weeks ago, 'cuz there wasn't any bleeding... but they still had to cut it off and there was a new nail growing in and I didn't howl or anything... good dog Czarka! Only I can't go swimming in the Mississippi for a couple of weeks and I can't run around the dog park or go to agility until the new nail grows in enough so it doesn't hurt.

I'm not limping now and my foot feels good and dad takes me for lots of walks... but I sure hope I can go to the park to run soon and dad thinks I'm just a little more loony than usual... good girl!

Did I mention that near our walk "Women Build" are building a Habitat-for-Humanity house? Dad likes to take me by for our noon walk and _I_ like to see if they're having anything good for lunch. He thinks it's really good for me to say 'hi' without jumping on anyone. Some of them still hug me and that's almost as much fun as pouncing on someone and licking them between the eyes. Good girl, Czarka.

Dad says that now that I'm CGC Czarka, I need to behave like a CGC. Oh darn... but mostly _I_ am being very good... oooh but I want to visit a squirrel or rabbit... oops, nie Czarka, nie! Good girl Czarka! Look, but don't jump!

So long for now, di. Talk to you soon.



4 Jun 2008

June 4th 2008 6:52 pm
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Dear Di -

Good dog, Czarka! Goood dog!!! Tonight I qualified for my Canine Good Citizen. I was a very good dog and dad is very proud of me. First I went to the dog park so I could burn off some energy. It was a wetland area... so I jumped into the water and it was really muddy... so dad took me home and rinsed me off 'cause he thought I didn't look good all covered in mud... and I smelled... interesting. And then I went to my dog school and took the test and I did OK! DAD almost goofed up... but he remembered to get my attention and then I did really well. Good dog!

I am a happy dog. Woof!

Talk to you later,

CGC Czarka (that's ME now! Woof, woof!)


19 May 2008

May 19th 2008 11:21 am
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Dear Di -

Another great doggy week... I started training for my CGC in obedience class... and I mostly can do it! I get a little nervous when dad leaves for 3 whole minutes... but I'm learning. My teacher says I'm a really good GSD... even if I am a social butterfly (whatever THAT is).

We went to my fave dog park twice this weekend and I got to swim after sticks. I still make dad nervous when I go out into the current in the Mississippi and pretend I'm a retriever like cousin Daisy... but I can swim really well and _I_ know when to stop. I really had dad laughing when I jumped onto a big log and dived into the water to get my stick.

He thinks I'm just beautiful when I run through the woods. He even wrote a poem about me. I just love to run and jump and fly like the wind... and jump in the water for a special stick. Goood dog Charka! Good Charks!

This weekend I also got to help dad make a walk from brick and gravel. Mostly I just kept dropping my throw-toy into wherever he was digging... and mostly he didn't throw it... but EVERY NOW AND THEN, he learned the game! I hope I can get him trained this summer.

Well, talk to you soon diary.
I love Spring... now there is good fresh grass to eat :-)



05 May 2008

May 5th 2008 12:06 pm
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Dear diary -

I had a really great week. Dad says I'm growing up a bit. I sure hope not. I mostly did what I was supposed to in agility with only a couple of visits to other dogs. And then in obedience... did I mention I'm now a level 3 student? Anyway, mostly I'm doing really well there too. And THEN I went to the dog park on Saturday and Sunday. There's lots of water and still lots of dry places, so I got to run and swim. I've learned to swim so I'll retrieve sticks in deep water. Dad got a little worried when my stick drifted out into the fast current in the Mississippi and I decided I could get it... and I DID too. I met some other dogs who like to run and it was a good time... it was warm so there was a BIG dog party. I hope we get to go again soon!

Talk to you soon diary.

Your friend,



10 April 2008

April 10th 2008 1:39 pm
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Dear Diary -

I'm doing sooo good with my obedience... good dog, Czarka! I'm probably going to move up a level in a couple of weeks. Dad says he's very proud of me and that he's still waiting for me to mellow a bit... he says in about two years at this rate :-) I went to the dog park on Monday and THEN my tracking class and I met some other nice dogs... just like me. There were 3 big dogs like me; a boxer and a black lab and a GSD... and there was a little tiny white dog... but _I_ knew right away that it wasn't a squirrel... so even the little one was like me. Gooood dog. Sometimes I scare little dogs... but I'm really gentle and know not to pounce on them... it's cause I'm a little... large.

Dad made me some doggy trail mix (dog food and hot dogs and cheese) and I'd work for that forever... and he got me a new tug toy 'cause I was getting tired of my old tug (boooring!). He put in a new dog door 'cause I'd chewed on the old one... and I waited a whole 3 days to start chewing on the new one... dad mostly laughed and said 'it was worth a try' and THEN he bought one that I can't chew... we'll see about that! Good dog, Czarka!

That's mostly it... 'cept it's getting warmer now so we're back to going for a last walk before bed and I'm sooo happy. Good dog!

Talk to you later.

Czarks (that's me. woof!)


2 April 2008

April 2nd 2008 11:09 am
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Dear Diary -
I am such a happy dog. Saturday I went to the dog park and found a friend that would just run and run with me. I just loved to stretch out my legs and fly! And guess what? All the ice is out of the Mississippi so I could swim... and dad taught me to fetch sticks in the water... so I carried a big stick all the way to the exit... 'cept I went running through the woods and my stick was going 'bang, thunk, crack' against all the trees. So I dropped it.

I'm going to my agility class tomorrow... I still love agility... dad says I'd be really good if I didn't have to run around seeing the other dogs too. Then it's obedience. I mostly like obedience and am pretty good. Good dog, Czarka! Good dog!

I've started some preliminary work 'cuz I'm going to start tracking next Monday. My dad is really looking forward to that 'cuz he has visions that someday I'll find lost people or something. I'm just hoping to find lost squirrels or something good to roll in.

Did I mention that I'm shedding just a bit (it's spring even in Minnesota)? I like getting brushed so everyone is mostly happy... and my folks don't seem to be too upset at fur in their yogurt :-)

That's it for now... I'll tell you how it all worked out next week.


PS I've met sooo many nice people that think I'm beautiful... and I am too. I like to have children pet me and I don't pounce on them or anything... mostly. Dad sometimes has to remind me to ' keep 4 feet on the ground, Czarka'. And sometimes I scare people 'cause I'm big and dark... and that makes me sad... but not for too long.


27 Jan 2008

January 27th 2008 6:40 pm
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Dear diary -

I went to the dog park again today with my friend, Daisy-the-lab. Somebody told my human that 'that shepherd [that's ME!] is the fastest dog she'd ever seen'. I was sooo busy flying around the park... it was almost warm and I'm sooo fast. I'm a little tired tonight. It's just great to be young and a GSD. Annnd there were lots and lots of other black dogs that would run with me and I even met my friend the St. Bernard... he likes to run with me but doesn't turn too fast :-)

When we got home, my human played with my toss ring 'cause it was warm and we had a good time... so maybe I'll be happy with just a short walk before bed... hmmmm, maybe not.

And did I mention I love to run.


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