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Happy Birthday to... meee!!!

November 3rd 2009 1:50 pm
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Hey Di-

I am 3 today! I'm hoping that mom and dad give me something good to eat for dinner. They got me a new EarthDog collar and they ordered me a doggie wagon to pull. I'm having a really nice b'day.

It's getting colder and I like that. Dad says I can still go swimming for a while. I love jumping into the river.

Dad also got a thingie so I can run with him when he bikes. We've been working slowly so my feet get tough. I've also been playing fetch with my ball. I've finally figured out how to catch that smooth ball when it bounces! I hope we can play lots of fetch tonight :-)

We have a new dog next door, Holly. She's around a year old and weighs less than me, but not too much less. I let her come into my yard and we played chase... we both like to run. I hope she comes over again!

Anyway, Di, I'm having a pretty fun day! Talk to you soon, I hope.



6 July 2009

July 6th 2009 1:50 pm
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Dear Di -

I love 3-day weekends. I got to go to the dog park every day! And I love to play with the water from the hose, so dad figured out how to give me a bath yesterday so I didn't 'smell like old river water'... hmph... I thought I smelled pretty darn good.

I was the only dog in my obedience class last week and did a long sit and a long down while dad was out of sight. My teacher was really impressed :-) I did GOOD DOG, Charka, woof!

When dad and I went to the park on Saturday, we saw black clouds coming as we started back from the point. By the time we turned up the path from the river, it was raining big fat drops... and it was pouring by the time we got up the stairs near the gate. We got soaked! I usually like rain, but this was too much. Dad and I shared the towel :-))) Dad got to use it first.

Dad said it was the 4th of July! Happy birthday, USA!!! Woof! I guess I'm not bothered by fireworks (or thunder or other loud noises). Mom and dad are happy about that. I got to have some special pieces of meat with my dinner... yum!

Otherwise, that's it for now, di.

Talk to you soon,

Your friend, Charks


25 June 2009

June 25th 2009 1:39 pm
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Dear Di -

I am happy, how about you? I went to my classes yesterday. This week I did agility and then obedience... next week dad says we'll skip agility and go to my advanced obedience... if you're confused, think how _I_ feel. Anyway, I just love to work so it doesn't matter :-)
I've been doing really well in all my classes and between my classes... dad thinks I'm beginning to behave just like a... a GSD.

My 4 y.o. friend Mairin was out on a walk with us and decided I needed exercise, so she just started running, suprising dad. I ran right with her... oh, NOT after her; with her. Dad was really pleased 'cuz he wasn't sure what I would do.

Dog parking has been fun... I just LOVE swimming in the River. Walks are really fun now too. And playing fetch and tug in the yard? That's fun too. I'm having a really good summer.

Dad says I need to try out some fun [obedience] matches just so we see how ready I am. Dad says that he wants me to not just do OK but to do REALLY OK. He thinks I can be something special... well, I KNOW I'm something special! Woof! I'm glad dad's finally recognizing how right I am... woof, woof!

I'll see you soon, Di.

Your friend,


3 June 2009

June 3rd 2009 6:26 am
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Dear Di,

I am such a happy GSD! I love agility, I love obedience, we go to the park every weekend (and I swim and run and swim some more). Mairin, my parents' granddaughter, came to watch my agility class. She got to make sure I stayed on my mat while dad put my crate away. I did good and she did too. I LIKE Mairin because she picks the good treats out of the doggie trail mix! Dad wishes he'd taken a picture. He thought big Charka (that's me) doing an attentive down in front of little Mairin was charming...

Mairin's been learning how to work with me... I've learned that when M says 'Charka sit; Charka sit; Charka sit'... well, that's the same as when dad says 'Chark sit'. Dad was laughing his head off over what you can train with treats, a clicker and a 4 y.o. trainer. I love M, but have learned not to lick her too many times cuz she gets upset :-)

I stayed at Downtown Dogs over Memorial Day weekend. I really liked it and I came home REALLY tired. So many dogs, large and small, to play with... Dad and mom watched me on the camera. Dad says he thinks I'm the most beautimus dog in the whole wide world... and I agree ;^) woof! He also thinks that, as long as I'm a dog-friendly GSD, these group dog experiences help me remember how to properly interact... did I mention I'm an only dog at home?

You know Di, it's a wonderful time of year. There are rabbits and squirrels and I even saw a raccoon climb up a tree... dad said 'don't mess with THAT, Charks'. I'm sooo happy to be dog! woof, woof!! When we go to the dog park, there are lots and lots of dogs to play with (well, mostly I just want to fetch my tuggie in the river). This last week I visited with a newfie friend. Her owners and dad were amazed that we remembered each other from winter play... it was fun! I like big dogs. I have a Great Pyrenees friend down the street... but that's a story for next time.

Talk to ya soon Di,

Your friend, Charks


1 May 2009

May 1st 2009 8:55 am
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Dear Di -

Woof! It's been a while and lots to report. About a month ago I was at the dog park and another dog bit me in the leg. THAT made me really mad, but I just fended him off like I do when I'm upset. Dad took me to the 'mergency vet and I got all sewed up... but I couldn't run around for a week and had to wait until I was all healed up to go back to the park. Dad was keeping a close eye on me to see how I'd react. But I've been to the park so many times that I know it's safe, so I didn't react any differently to other dogs... even 50 lb furry black dogs. I can get back to swimming and running! Woof!

I'm in an advanced obedience class now and fit in fine. Dad says I'm still a puppy but learning really well. We are working out our teamwork. I'm mostly pretty impressive when I understand what dad wants :-) Good dog, Char! I'm even listening to mom when she asks me to sit... even though I really REALLY want to run to dad when she opens my kennel... woof!! But I wait for her to say 'wolniej'. WOOF! Dad thinks we're about ready to start competing for UKC and AKC novice.

We're finally back in regular agility... had to wait for an opening in evenings. We worked on contol issues in the first class. Mostly I was very VERY good. I showed I know how to 'kennel up' and I love to tug. Remember my blue ringie thingie? Dad brought that for my tug. I LOVE the ringie thingie (and I know it by name). When dad says 'Where's your ringie thingie?', I know exactly what he means and I run to get it... unless I dropped it into the neighbors yard so they can throw it to me... but that's a whole 'nother story. Anyway, you should have seen me when dad opened the crate and moved out to tug... I waited for my release word and then came running like a rocket to tug with dad. I hope I didn't scare the other doggie parents. I'm not tiny, you know and I look, you know, kinda 'wolfy' and I'm fast and a little bouncy? But, I did everything just right. Woof!

Anyway, I mostly walk through the neighborhood like a CGC. I know not to react to the little poodle with the invisible fence and I didn't lick the man's ear when he was sitting on the curb and I had to come to my curb-sit (dad's taught me to always sit at the curb when we're walking even when I'm in front of him) right next to him. I almost always remember what dad wants me to do... sometimes a dog in a yard or across the street is just too exciting... and I start bouncing around. But dad's helping me to calmly just walk by.

Dad says he's really proud of me. I'm a good GSD! Yeah, Charks!! Woof! Dad thinks I'm the bestest and smartest GSD in the whole wide world. I love dad :-)

That was a lot! I promise to talk to you sooner next time, di... don't let the bad dogs bite!

Your friend,


19 Feb 2009

February 19th 2009 1:45 pm
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Hi Di -

Did I mention that dad started taking me to private agility lessons. Dad is really pleased with some of the lessons that are helping me focus. _I'M_ really pleased at the quality of treats dad's using. I got a doggie mix of cheesy popcorn, cheese, dried beef and dried liver... pluuus, dad brought my favoritest toy in the whole world, my ringie thingie. I was sooo good and maybe learned a lot too.

I've been doing so well in obedience that dad's thinking that we should start trials in the spring. I'm even doing pretty good with my retrieve over a jump! Did I mention that I LIKE jumps. I don't love the down stay, but I understand it now and will wait till dad comes back even when I can't see him.

We've been going to the dog park on weekends. If you must know, I'm the GSD carrying the big tug toy... dad got tired of trying to find sticks in the snow. Anyway, I like my tug almost as much as my ringie thingie.

The river almost melted so I could swim. I started to go out on the ice toward the open water, but dad convinced me to wait a bit. I hope I can go swimming soon!

Dad took my pics and measured me (I'm 24 inches and 75 lbs) and he's sending in registrations tomorrow so I can start my performance career. Even I am excited.

Well, talk to you soon, di!

Your friend,
Charks (woof!)


2 Feb 2009

February 2nd 2009 2:28 pm
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Hi Di -

This weekend was wonderful... mostly. I went to the dog park two times and we did three times around both days. I was sooo happy. THEN dad decided that he had had enough of Charks opening the garage door... the opener IS in the inside part of my kennel after all. Anyway, dad put a lid over the opener. I'm sad 'cause it was just like my very own big screen TV. Dad has been muttering things about darn intelligent GSDs and mostly laughing... So now I'll have to think up something else for fun... dad seems a bit concerned about THAT... although he was thinking about getting me my own TV for my inside space (not quite as wide as the garage door) and building me a Charka-sized remote so I could turn it on and off... just to see how THAT would work out. I hope I can get Animal Planet!

Anyway, it was a mostly great weekend.

I'll let you know if I get a TV!

Back soon,



14 Jan 2009

January 14th 2009 1:50 pm
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Dear Di -

It's been a while and I've been a busy pup. It's been pretty cold here in Minnesota, but I don't mind cause I have my winter coat. Dad's still taking me to the dog park and for walks and all and I love snow. And you get to have snow cones every day! I spent a couple of weeks at Camp Bow Wow and dad watched me on the Internet playing with some new friends. He promised to post some new pics soon.

I went to the vet today for my shots and check-up. I'm about 72 lbs and the vet said I looked really good. I thought I looked pretty good too! I had on my red collar with the stars... it goes really well with my dark coat, ya know?

Since I'm more than 2 now, dad let me do some real jumps in agility. I like jumps and can go really high. Dad thinks I'm fun to watch. I love dad too and love to lick his eyelids when he tries to nap. He says my tongue feels just like sandpaper.

Anyway, we're going to obedience training tonight and probably over at the GSD club on Friday. Mostly I get it... but sometimes I just get sooo excited! Good Charka, woof!!

Dad says he loves to practice recalls in our alley. It's slippery and I start fish-tailing as I get close and need to slow down. Dad thinks its sooo funny... but he does back up fast too.

Anyway di, I'll let you know how things are going... and I promise to... try to write more often.

Your friend,


1 Dec 2008

December 1st 2008 6:35 am
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Dear Di -

It's me Charks! I haven't written for a while... I've been busy and, well, I forgot. I'm 2 years old now... woof! Mom and dad got me some chewies and a stuffed bone and I had some turkey in my dinner. It was a great party.

This Thanksgiving weekend I got to go out to the dog park three times. It snowed here, so I could have snow cones and I got to try out ice on the shore of the river and I went swimming, but dad wouldn't let me go out much. It was HARD to find a good stick, 'cause of the snow.

I met two very nice GSDs at the park. One was a puppy of 5 months. He wanted to play but wasn't fast enough yet. The other was a 5-yr-old and he was fast and nice and we ran around.

Even tho' I'm 2, I'm still the fastest dog in the world :-) It feels soooo good to run and jump and turn and feel the wind in your face.

Dad says we are going to start to get serious about obedience training. He wants me to get my CD or U-CD this summer. And, _I_ think I can do it... if I just don't get tooo excited by all those other dogs WOOF!

Anyway, I'm still studying agility and doing pretty good.

Talk to you soon, di.

Your friend,



23 Oct 2008

October 23rd 2008 6:55 am
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Hi Di!

It's me, Charks, again. I love the Fall, don't you? The dog park is now all crispy and you can run and run and not get too hot. I still love swimming and playing fetch in the River. Dad's wondering if I'll stop swimming when it gets cold... he's a little worried :-)

I'm doing pretty good in obedience. I'm just about ready to go on to study for my novice at TCOTC... and did I mention that I joined the GSD club? So, dad takes me there to see other GSDs and to learn more obedience on Fridays. I met a male GSD that looks just like me! Most of the class was American GSDs, but there were the two of us... East German working lines! And we both were really fast on recall. Dad was thinking is was sooo funny that there were two of me in the world :-))) At TCOTC they make me go last to do my recalls because I move so quickly it gets the other dogs all excited. Did I mention that I LOVE recalls over a jump.

And agility is going well. I'm really fast there too. Dad jokes about having to think ahead so he can turn 'the bus'... that's me! I'm not really a bus... but dad talks about speed and mass and momentum... he can get pretty boring. I just love agility!

Well, I'll talk to you later Di.

Your friend, Charks

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