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"A month and a half later! I am handsome and chubby and happy!!"

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Age: 12 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 26-50 lbs

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Do I look like a model or what??

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"Do I look like a model or what??"

Sittin' like a good boy.

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"Sittin' like a good boy."

Betcha never thought I'd be THIS handsome (FM didn't!) !!!!!

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"Betcha never thought I'd be THIS handsome (FM didn't!) !!!!!"

Don't I look so cute and innocent?

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"Don't I look so cute and innocent?"

Stealing a Popsicle stick from the end table.

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"Stealing a Popsicle stick from the end table."

You didn't see anything...!

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"You didn't see anything...!"

Snuggle time

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"Snuggle time"

Sharin' the love

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"Sharin' the love"

Can you see me now? Good.

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"Can you see me now? Good."

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-mutt-pound dog

June 1st 2005

Food, toys, and belly rubs.

Not getting enough attention or play time, and when other dogs are too interested in something he covets.

Favorite Toy:
Benny likes rope toys, fleece toys, rubber toys, and tennis balls. Really, anything works for him, including newspapers, hats, and towels.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Walk:
So far he only knows up and down the street, but hopefully I will have enough energy to walk him a mile or so to the park.

Best Tricks:
He knows how to sit! And he's working very hard on keeping all four paws on the ground instead of jumping up.

Arrival Story:
Benito is my foster dog. He has a sad story. He came to the shelter as a stray, picked up by an animal control officer on November 13th, 2007. He was VERY skinny and covered from head to tail in scars, although the most noticeable are on his nose and ears. Benito's fate was grim. He looked like he had had a rough past that would require some special attention to make him adoptable. And there wasn't even a guarantee that he would get any better at the shelter. If he did manage to gain weight, would anyone want a dog covered in scars??Benito captured the hearts of just about everyone who met him. A vet tech who was supposed to euthanize him went to get him and noticed how he was so happy when he walked. She had him in the euth room and suddenly said "I can't do it. At least he should eat a meal first." So she brought out some canned food for him and it made him soooo happy, and he gave her a lick of thanks. She was able to have Benito be given another chance at becoming healthy. He actually did gain weight at the shelter, but Benito was back on the euth list. The techs stuck up for him and were again able to get him some more time. Meanwhile, I had passed up Benito at the shelter. I saw his nose and thought "Poor baby has mange." and didn't give it any further thought. I didn't even bother to look at him closely. At the time, I had only about half of my previous litter of foster puppies and they were all going to be in homes by the weekend. It was a Wednesday, and another vet tech said that they would let me know if anymore pups came in. This tech (and, actually, a good portion of the current shelter staff) didn't work there when I had fostered adults earlier in the year. So I told her that I could take adults, and she perked up and said "Follow me!" and showed me Benito. So on Saturday, December 1, Benito left his kennel at the shelter for the last time. When I took him back to the vet area to get him as UTD health-wise as possible before taking him home, the vet tech who was supposed to have euthanized him rounded the corner, saw Benito, saw me, and her face lit up! She said "You're taking him??" and when I said yes, she rushed to Benito and threw her arms around him.

This is everything that was/is physically wrong with Benito: fleas, dandruff, cloudy left eye, scabby tail, scars/scabs on nose, ears, tail and lips, left ear was bleeding at the tip, very skinny, some sores near the front paw. He will do ANYTHING for food. He has some food aggression around other dogs, but it is simply because he was/is starving. It is believed that he lived outside for a long time. Some of the scars on his ears are characteristic of fly bites, but others are odd. He has some swelling on the inside of his ears and the tips are torn and ragged. The scars from his nose and lips make it seem like he poked his nose through chain link and rubbed everything raw, or else someone tied his mouth shut. Despite being untrained and and looking like a mess, he is a cuddle-bug!! He wants nothing more than to have his belly rubbed or his head stroked or to just cuddle up with you. He is not really shy, but he is a tiny bit reluctant to meet new people, but warms up quickly. Nothing about his behavior really suggests abuse, even though his body says otherwise.

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The Good Life

I'm adopted!

February 11th 2008 4:41 pm
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I've been adopted for a week now, actually. Last Monday (so... the 4th of February) someone came to the shelter so that they could meet me. Out of all the dogs they had seen on Petfinder, they liked ME the best!!

Well, I was at my foster home on Monday, so the earliest I could meet my potential furever pawpaw was on Tuesday. FM dropped me off and when the man came to meet me, we hit it off and the next thing I know, he's filling out paperwork so that I can officially be his. And then I'm getting in his car! And going to my furever home!!!

I am an only pet but I have a Golden Retriever buddy that I get to see all the time. It's just me and my furever dad but I have furever grandpawrents (they own the Golden!) that check in on me.

Life's great!!


It's been cah-ray-zee...

January 12th 2008 7:32 pm
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...since I last wrote!

See, FM took in a momma and her newborn puppies so that they would have a chance to live. It was a big change for me, but FM says that she is SO PROUD of how I took everything in stride. I growled a little bit at first, but now I'm totally cool with Holiday.

I have been a really great boy and I've been able to be a much more involved member of the family in the past few weeks. I get plenty of exercise, play with all of my toys, and get lotsa cuddle time. FM says she better start regulating my food because, believe it or not, I'm CHUBBY!!!!!!!

FM says that I'm going to be featured in the newspaper sometime soon as an adoptable dog. The newspaper spot has been really successful for the shelter in generating interest in dogs. Since I'm sorta plain and not in the spotlight for potential adopters, FM would like to drum up interest in me! She says I will go to furever that same week (hopefully). She says that will be nice because then she'll have more time to work with Holiday (that dog is as clueless as I was!). But FM says that she's gonna have a good cry when I leave, more so than any of her other fosters, because she loves me. A lot. She says I remind her of her Maxwell. She says I'm a great "Teddy Bear" to cuddle with and hug. I get concerned when she's upset, so she says I'm a true friend. I've also done a complete 180 and she says that that makes her proud.

My scars are all gone... except for the tip of my tail. There's 2-3 inches of a scar that looks like my tail was dipped in acid (but who knows what really happened). FM says she wishes that us dogs came with a book that told of our past. But anyway, my nose is completely healed. My ears are still just a teensy bit rough around the edges. But no one would know that I had those awful scars unless FM told them.

Oh, hey! I got the coolest new toy. I went to Petsmart (we stayed there for HOURS and all these people came and pet me! And some of 'em gave me treats!) and I found this stuffed quail that squeaks. FM showed it to me, gave it a squeak, and then tossed it onto the floor. I looked at it for a second, then pounced on it, picked it up, and pranced through the store. FM immediately brought me to the checkout aisle and pried the quail from my mouth. The cashier quickly scanned it and FM tossed it back to me. Now it is my FAVORITE toy and I love to play with it. FM will hear a "quack quack quack" that reminds her of Wiggles and how she loved the "squeakity squeak squeak" of the loofah toys.

Sooo... that's pretty much it!




December 25th 2007 2:00 pm
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This has been the best-smelling day EVER!!!

So first the day started normally. I went outside to potty and came back in and FM put me in the crate. But then she poked this thing called a "bully stick" through the bars and it was really yummy-smelling so I picked it up and started chewing on it. Then I heard a bunch of noises upstairs and realized I was missing out on something. I HATE missing out on stuff! So I started to whine and bark and eventually FM came downstairs, put my leash on me, and steered me upstairs and into Socks' crate, and gave me my bully stick again. The crate was strategically positioned so that I could see the majority of what was going on in the room.

Let me tell you, it was crazy.

Paper was flying everywhere, ripping noises and jolly laughs filled the room, you couldn't see the floor anymore, Jasmine and Socks were chewing on bully sticks on blankets, and occasionally I could hear the CAT'S patter-patter upstairs (did I mention that two cats are visiting? Speaking of yummy-smelling things...) and one time the cat "JoJo" came and surprised me by poking his head around the corner and peering in at me through the door of my crate. We were inches from each other. He jumped away, leaping over mountains of paper, before I recovered my voice and bah-roooed at him. FM quickly told me to knock it off, and for once I did.

Then all the hoomans gathered around the table and ate this yummy smelling stuff while I could only stand by and watch from Socks' crate.

And, oh gosh, so much other interesting stuff happened, but I've got to go, so I'll try to come back and remember it all for your amusement.

Bah-roo to you too!

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