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Real dog age test

August 13th 2009 11:45 am
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Chocolate is 9 years old, with the stature of a beagle(so i put beagle) and I did the dogage test(from the creators of realage) today. the process is pretty extensive and they have all these different questions like is your dog overweight, how often is he fed, does he look like this, this or this, can you feel his ribs, how often does he gets bursts of energy,does he have medical problems so on and so forth.

It said he was basically 39.9 years old in dog years. yay!

Heres what they say is good about his health:

Ideal weight
Nonsmoking home
No general health conditions
No canine disease
No infections
No parasitic conditions
Proper nutrition
Good training and well behaved
Safe yard
Leash use

Heres what they don't like

Missing vaccinations
At risk of heartworm, fleas, or ticks
May be lacking proper nutrition
Not enough exercise

I don't like the may be lacking proper nutrition part. hmm. well this site is powered by purina. and it said do you feed premium dog food(kibbles n bits pedigree), or super premium (iams,purina,Hills), and there was nothing that mentioned holistic that i feed him (wellness CORE reduced fat) so i just threw my hands up and put super premium. They also asked which of the following people food snacks do you give your dog and i checked raw red meats,dairy,and vegetables. Maybe thats why they said he may be lacking, and once again, it's purina, so it's predictable for them to not like me giving him frozen raw meat once a week and low fat yogurt daily.

Haha but I do agree i need to walk him more often. and i use a homemade flea remedy, where I boil orange peels in water, let is steep them get out the peels and put it in a spray bottle and lightly spray once a week. he hasn't gotten fleas in a while. hmm. And I put down he had shots for bordetella and rabies, but i didn't check parvo because he's not a puppy, and it's most common in kennels which ne never goes to .obviously i got docked 4 that.

haha but overall they said he's 17 year younger than the average dog his age so hooray



July 8th 2009 12:17 am
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Yay! the vet was able to force his hip back into the right place(he was sedated of course), so he has a cast which he will wear for a week, then it will be taken off. The following three weeks we aren't permitted to let him jump on the bed or take long walks or hikes. If he dislocated it again we would have to do an actual surgery in which the vet cuts the ball part of Chocolate's bone off and put a prostetic one in(yikes), so we have to follow vet's orders!


poor baby

July 6th 2009 6:42 pm
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Poor wittle Chocolate got his foot stuck in a pipe, tried to get himself free and dislocated his hip. He was in so much pain he didn't even move an inch, and he was drooling. Luckily, he's on pain meds given by the emergency vet and is doing fine, even walking around on the three legs he can use right now. The vet is going to sedate him and try to get his hip back into place tommorow.

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