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Welcome To Our World Baby Emma!!

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October 8th 2012 10:34 pm
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Oh mah' goodness!!! Mama n' me just came ovah' ta' post a brand new video of me n' we saw allllllllllll these wonderfullllllllll goodies n' notes n' messages from alla' our friends!!!

Thank you all sooooooooo much fah' lovin' me even when me n' Mama aren't around here too much!!

Life gets so busy yanno' ~ n' Mama always has these lil' rescue babies toddlin' 'round here - they don't give us much time fah' nuthin' these days!!

But don't evah' fah'get how veryyyyy much we lovvvvvve you guys!! Skin n' fur alike!!!

Here is mah' new video - - come see me on mah' Facebook n' website too!!

Put yer paws ta'gethah' n' say a prayer fah' all the sweet furs out there who need a lil' extra love ta'night!!

::snuggles n' wiggles n' lil' nose licks ta' alla' mah' friends::



Come Play With Me On Facebook!!! ♥

August 26th 2012 7:10 pm
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Fun stuffs ovah' on mah Facebook page furs!!

Mama says that we gotta' get everfur rounded up n' all in one place!!

::licks n' wiggles n' lil' chi-giggles:: ♥ ♥ ♥

~ Love, Emma huahua



July 11th 2010 8:18 am
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Hi there everyfur!! (and skinthings too!!)

Mom n' me have been having an awesome summer!!

It's always so long between our Dogster visits lately that I feel like I'm missing you guys EVERY SECOND!!

Well let's see.... what to say..... well, I'm gonna' be TWO YEARS OLD next month!!! *happy stomps x's four* Can you BELIEVE IT??

Mom says no way - - she says that it CANNOT have been two whole years already since she brought me home!!

But it is!! It really IS!!

I'm doin' really great too... I eat EVERYTHING and ANYTHING I want... (cheetos are my fav!!) and I don't have any troubles with my fancy face... my sniffer works perfectly!!

I still don't like to venture out too much - - - my crib is my safe place and the only place that I feel REALLY comfortable... ('cause my skull is still all open in a buncha' places, yanno' - so I'm always a little afraid to be anyplace where I might hurt my head)

Mama says I'm just gonna' stay a bitty girl for always.... she says I never did grow much - but I'm here ta' tell ya'... I am BIG!!! I do like to watch my figure - as all young ladies should - so I am between 28 and 30 ounces all the time. I still wear all my same dresses and PJ's that I did when I was 4 months old Mom says.... so I guess maybe I'm not as big as I thought.... but I FEEL BIG!! And THAT'S what counts!!

My travelin' scrapbook is still out there somewhere roamin' the country.... I haven't got to see it yet, 'cause I think it went MIA - - so hopefully it will be found and sent on to all the other lil' pupsters who have signed up to do one of the gorgeous scrapbook pages that everyone keeps telling me about! I can't wait!!

Mom's been a little crazy this past year.... we have SO MANY rescue babies that it's almost like a ZOO at our house!!

I finally talked her n' my other Mama into putting some of those adoptable faces up here on Dogster.... they've raised those things since they were tiny newborns and now they're ready for homes of their own! They've been doin' this kinda' baby raisin' for years and years - but so far, I'm the only one who's ever got ta' be on Dogster!!

They got a new baby from a rescue group a couple weeks ago... he's a Bichon Frise' Mom says (sounds like an awful fussy name for the little bit a' nuthin' that he is!) *stickin' nose in da' air*

Mom got him when he was like 10 hours old and if you can believe it - this thing was even TINIER THAN ME!! He was only 1.4 ounces when he came here. (I was 3.4 ounces when Mom got me!)

He doesn't have a fancy face or nuthin' - - Mom says he was just a runtboy and the rescue group didn't think he'd stay alive. He's a couple weeks old now and opened his little peepers yesterday!

And ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh there are Bloodhounds!! Lots and LOTS of MASSIVELY BIG BLOODHOUNDS!!! hahaha.... they scare me to death, but Mom loves them. They came here when they were 6 days old. Now they're 14 weeks old and I say, IT'S TIME TO GO!! haha!

Don't get me wrong... they're cute n' all (from THIS side of the window) - but how would YOU like a pack of wild HORSES running through YOUR bedroom every night???

There's all kindsa' babies Mom has right now - so be watchin' for them here on my Dogster family pages - they are all adoptable!!

I hope you all are having a fantastical summertime!!

Thanks so much for the treats and gifts n' stuffs that you all leave on my page!! It's like Christmas every time I get to come visit!!

Love you muches and bunches!!

*nose kisses n' lil' sniffs*


~ Emma ~


Oh my goodness!! It's been FOREVER!!

October 13th 2009 12:28 pm
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Wow Wow Wow!!! Me n' Mama can't believe that you guys kept my book going!!! Even with all this time that we've been away.... **sniffly tears**

I can't tell you how my heart tingles when I think of all the friends I've made since I was just a tiny thing.... Mom says that every heart has love to give and I have been SO lucky to get a drop of love from everyone I know who loves me!! That means that I have BILLIONS of drops to share!!!

We love you all so very much!!!

Thank you for keeping my book going - and thanks to my favorite "organizers" who never let things fall behind - even when me n' Mama do!!

I had my very first birthday on August 4th and so many of you were WONDERFUL to send special wishes my way - - thank you so much for that!!!

I know we haven't been very good at staying in touch and keeping updated on our friends and what's going on with you all - - but know that Mom talks 'bout you guys all the time and we both miss you all so very much!!

We'll be here as often as we can!! Love love loveeeee to all our friends!!!


Just checking in...

March 19th 2009 12:30 pm
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Hey there everyone!!

Just a quick lil' check in so that you all don't think that we've disintegrated into thin air!!

(I'm kinda' gonna' cheat a lil' bit with this "mass contact" - so please don't be offended that I haven't gotten in touch directly)

It's been sooooo nuts here lately.... a family member has been in and out of the hospital for weeks with serious heart concerns and is, this afternoon, undergoing a second surgery in two weeks - to put a pacemaker into her heart.... scary stuff.

There is so much that I need to do to get caught up - and I'm not sure if I'll even be able to get started as soon as I'd like.

Emma continues to do beautifully.... she will be 8 months old on the 4th of April and is up to a "dramatic" 30 ounces!! :)

I've been doing a lot of thinking as to whether I feel she needs to endure further surgery.... she really is doing so well right now that I'm not certain it's something we need to move forward with.

We'll be watching closely and considering the concerns regarding the wide spaced skull openings... but at this point - all is well and I see no need to hinder her progress with another surgery.

I know I need to update her albums with new photos... and I promise to get to that as soon as I can.

We are still working on our Dogvice & Rachael Ray FOOD Raiser cards and should have those finished up and off to Nikki over at Dogvice by the end of the month!

We've had a few folks join in with our challenge (posted in previous blogs) and have received some fantastic Dogvice cards in support of the FOOD Raiser and Emma's foundation as well!

Right now we are up to over 220 cards that have been sent in by our friends.... and along with the 300 that Emma and I are doing personally to pitch in - we've already raised 520 POUNDS of Rachael Ray's Nutrish Dog Food for needy shelter dogs!!! And we aren't through yet!!! :)

The date on the web page shows somewhere around March 15th as the last day to send in cards to qualify for our challenge ... but we're going to go ahead and extend that through the duration of the Dogvice FOOD Raiser deadline, which I believe is the end of April.

So if you haven't yet taken part, please check out the previous blogs and web page link to join in!!

I want to thank all of you who have bombarded me with emails, letters and phone calls to check in on us.... such a warm feeling to know that we are held close in so many hearts!! I'm so sorry that I have been unable to get in touch with you all.

Deb in Alaska.... THANK YOU for sharing the BEAUTIFUL memory book of our precious Teddy.... I will cherish it always!! (There is a card on the way to you... you should be receiving it soon!)

Our dear friend Diane & my sweet Bailey Jo.... Oh my gosh!!! hahaha..... to say the least, I was a little shocked to find not only a message from our vet hospital that you had called - - but the police at my door with a message that you were worried and wanted to know we're alright ... but touched also, to know that we have you out there watching out for us!!! **big hugs** =) (PS, did I ever thank you for that last box you sent?? Crayolaaaaa galore and specials for us too!!) **more and more hugs** THANK YOU!!!
I'm sorry to read of all that you are dealing with and that the harness business will be no longer.... but you've certainly earned a rest!! All will be well, my friend.... I've no doubts!

Our precious friend Linda..... I knowwww - I knowwwwww... I've been horrible in not getting back with you.... I PROMISE I'll be getting in touch in the next day or so to catch up on all that's going on. **hugssss** Love you!

To everyone who has been sending in the Dogvice cards.... they are FANTASTIC!! We are having such a time looking at all the great photos and adorable writings!!

To our new friend Gigi - - - THANK YOU SO MUCH for sending the precious lil' shirts for Em... they are adorable and should fit her perfectly very soon!!!

To our precious Page family.... I'm not sure if I even let you know that the box arrived!! I'm thinking that I did - but just in case.... THANK YOU AS ALWAYS!! Another bunch of Crayola things for the cleft kids and always a lil' special somethin' in there!! **hugsssssss** You are so appreciated!!!

To our "Friends Of Emma" Dogster group.... you are all so patient!! We just adore you!! As usual, Emma's Paw Mail went out late this month... but you all should be receiving a lil' St. Patty's Day love from Emma any day now! :)

Doc Amyyyyyyy....... I'm not sure if you check in on the blog here, but I just wanted to let you know that we got your message and are so thankful to have you out there thinkin' of us!! I'll be in touch soon and I hope all is well with you!! Love ya' girl!! **hugs**

And to everyone who continues to hold us in your hearts and on your minds... thank you so much for your love and patience!!!

Many blessings to you all!!


Much love,

Dena & Emma


Dogvice & Rachael Ray's FOOD RAISER Campaign!!

February 26th 2009 8:14 am
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Please check out the link below for lots of information about how we're helping feed needy shelter dogs and how you can do your part and PAW IT FORWARD right along with us!!!!!


Just wanted to share with you a link to a page that Mama made to help with the Dogvice & Rachael Ray FOOD Raiser Campaign!

My Celebrity Spokesdog week doesn't start till later in March, but Mama wanted to get a head start!

We've promised to personally do 300 cards of our own - and then we had an anonymous donor get in touch with Mom to say that he would like to donate 1.00 to our foundation - for every single Dogvice card that we are able to collect!! How cool is that??

So now, not only can folks help feed shelter dogs - AND become eligible for great Dogvice prizes - but they can now help our organization, Cleft Companions - The EMMA Foundation as well!! FUN!!

So we're kickin' off our challenge today.... here's the link.

(hope Nikki won't mind that we used text and images from the Dogvice page!)'s_nutrish _food_raiser.htm

Emma's Food Raiser Challenge!


The EMMA Gown!! It's HERE!!

February 25th 2009 5:59 pm
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See the photos in my MySpace album r.viewPicture&friendID=403913217&albumId=1301757

and view the web page here!! tm


Not Much Goin' On...

February 25th 2009 12:07 pm
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Hi everyone!!

Not much goin' on since Mama's been so sick lately.

I've been doin' my very best to take good care of her but she says that darn bug is STRONG!! **wrinklin' nose** (I hate bugs!!)

We've been workin' on different ideas n' things - - and have been workin' with Auntie Linda (Designer: Linda Higgins) on my fashion line. Auntie Linda has a BIG ol' show she's going to in LA in a couple weeks so she's been crazy busy - and she's been sick too! *blah*

BUT....... even through all her sickies n' all her busy stuffs, she managed to pull it off for me n' Mama!! My dress is FINISHED!! We FINALLY got the design down and Mama picked out the most prettiest girly girl fabric... you're just gonna' love it!!

Mama said that the first dress in "The Emma Collection" MUST be representative of the ME that everyone first fell in love with! The "baby girl" ME!! And even though I'm growing up now and I love my big girl glam, Mommy wanted to have at least one dress that she could see and think of me in my "baby stage"..... and THIS IS IT!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhh it's sooooo pretty, just wait till you see!! Mama says I look like a lil' Princess!! We just love it and Mom is thrilled to be getting to share it with all of you!!

We'll be formally announcing the "Emma" gown very soon - so keep your peepers open!!

Also, please remember - that in purchasing this or ANY of the Linda Higgins designs from "The Emma Collection" - you will be sharing your support of Cleft Companions - The EMMA Foundation!! 30% of sales of each gown will benefit the foundation! YAY!! (THANK YOU Auntie Linda!!) *kiss*

Well... I have some other very cool news!! We've started work with the manufacturer to create the EMMA STUFFIES!!!! *prancin' 'round the room* I'm soooo excited!!!

Mama says that lots of folks always tell her how they wish they could hold, cuddle and kiss me.... and THIS is the next best thing!! My life sized custom plush replicas will be available before you know it!!

For every donation of 25.00 or more - we'll be sending out an Emma stuffie for my friends to love and snuggle!!

Mom says that you will be able to pre-order your stuffies in the coming weeks!! FUN!!

We're tossing around ideas of putting together an auction - rather than doing another raffle.... so if anyone has any input on that or how exactly to work it, please feel free to get in touch with Mom... she says she needs all the help she can get!

Also, if anyone would like to donate products / items of any type for us to auction off to benefit the foundation - just give us a shout! Auction items are not required to be pet related.... we're happy to work with ANY AND ALL PRODUCTS that folks might like to bid on and purchase through the auction to help support our efforts!

The dogtor is gonna' wanna' do another couple of surgeries soon... but Mama is stalling 'cause she says she wants to give me more time to recoup from the last two. So we're pretty much at a stand still with all that medical stuffs. YAY!

I'm healthy and strong and eating all the chicken I can get my paws on!! Monday I turned 29 weeks old and today I am at 29 ounces BIG!!!

The only thing that Mom's a lil' worried about right now (besides that my lil' skull has so many open holes) - is just that I'm getting teefs right in the middle of the roof of my mouth! Freaky! Because of the cleft, you know I don't have front gums or anything to hold front teefs.... and since there was no bone there, that was okay.... but the dogtor pulled the one side over to close up the cleft and now Mama can see that I have tiny lil' toof buds coming in! It's kinda' hard to explain exactly where... but Mom says it's like if all of you took your tongue and rubbed it along the back of your front teeth.... then slide your tongue straight back towards the middle of the roof of your mouth - about a half inch.... and there... would be my new teefs! Too weird!

I guess the dogtors will be taking them out... we'll hafta' see what they say.

That's all I got for now - - wiggles, wags n' sniffs to you all!!!


Love, Emma


Raffle Winners ANNOUNCED!!

February 17th 2009 8:30 am
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Please see my myspace blog for our raffle winners announcement! on=blog


Crazy week...

February 15th 2009 7:11 am
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It's been a crazy nutso spastic week!!

Thanks to everyone who checked in on us during the awful storms and tornadoes.... our area of OKC was very lucky to have not been affected but our prayers are still goin' up for all those who lost loved ones and property during this time of such devastation.

Last Sunday morning Mama got an email from one of our Dogster friends about a tiny Chi boy born on Friday night with a cleft palate.

Of course we jumped into gear trying to see how we could help and when all else failed, Mama n' me got my big skin sister and her two babies and on Sunday evening, OFF WE WENT allllllllll the way to North Carolina!!

It was a VERY long trip ('specially since skin babies are SO needy!) *gigglin'* but we got there and got the lil' boy picked up. His Mommy is SUCH a wonderful lady... she named the tiny pup Little Bit Diff (different) and loves him so very much! Little Diff has SEVEN brothers and sisters!! WOWZA!! And his fur Mom and Dad are soooooo sweet!! His Mama even thought I was one of her babies and wanted to take carea' me too!

Diff's Mommy said that he had a really hard time goin' potty the last time he went - and that it hurt him.... and also that he refused his formula at his last feeding, so Mom was a little worried, but we figured he was just having a lil' puppy tummy trouble.

We tucked baby Diff into his lil' warm snuggly carrier and started back on the long trip home. He did really well for the first couple days.... even though Mommy didn't like the formula he was on. It was one of those "miracle formulas" that the vets sometimes recommend - - with raw egg and whole milk in it.... Mommy doesn't like that stuffs at all... she says it's WAY too much for a tiny tummy to handle and that us lil' ones just can't digest it well..... but that's what Diff's Mommy had him on and so Mama didn't want to stress him out any more by changing him until we got home and settled in.

Mama had Diff's Mommy express some baby milk from Diff's furmom so that he would get all the important stuffs he needed... so that was good.... and that's what Diff got for the first part of the trip... he did great! But then, when that was all gone, Mama gave him the stuff that Diff's Mommy sent along with us.... and even though he liked it a lot - Mama doesn't think it was so good for him... and now she is so angry at herself for not listening to her guts!

By the time we got back home to Oklahoma on Wednesday afternoon, little Diff had an awful tummy ache.... and he had gone poopies a couple of times only and it was terrible hard like tiny rocks and had some strings of blood in it.....

Mama gave him a little distilled water and a tiny drop of Karo to help his tummy.... he ate a little bit and finally went to sleep. Up a couple more times and seemed to be doing better... Mama said he acted much more content and snuggled right into her chest.

Mama's back was in lotsa' pain from the trip, so she went to take a hot bath in the middle of the night.... when she came back out - baby Diff had passed away.....

Mama tried for 40 minutes to wake him back up... but she said that God had other plans for this little boy. She was cryin' a lot, so I don't think I heard all her words right, but I think it was God she was talkin' to anyway, not me....

The whole house has been very sad but Mama says that even though we didn't know baby Diff very long - he will always have a place in our hearts.

You can see a couple of pictures of baby Diff on my myspace blog if you want.

Today is Sunday.... tomorrow I will be 28 weeks old!! Mom says I'm growing up way too fast... she says soon I have to even start school!! I told her that I already do EVERYTHING she wants, why do I have to go to obedience school??? But she says it's just part of what I gotta' do if I wanna' be a therapy dog... which I reallyyyy do.... so I guess I gotta' go.... maybe it will be fun...

Soon I will be TWO WHOLE POUNDS Mom says!!! Though she says no one would ever guess... Mama says I hide my weight very well, hahaha.... I'm all muscle!! **puffin' up** See?

Today I am 29 ounces... my head is the size of an apricot... my legs are as big around as a #2 pencil .... If you take your thumb and forefinger and make a circle, like the OK sign... that's how big around my neck is... and I'm longggggg and getting tall!!

Mom says she can hardly believe how much I've changed in the past 7 months (28 weeks)!!

Welp, my raffle is over.... we didn't meet our goal, but Mom knew that it was a long shot when we started... just too far out of reach, but we had to try!

So, because we didn't meet our goal, Mom says we can't draw for the SUV, but that all the other prizes will be awarded - because thanks to some very generous friends - we were able to raise 4100.00!! 10% of that hasta' go to fundable for their fees, but the rest will go towards the foundation.

AND, my friend Callie Page n' her Mom n' Dad were able to raise 700.00 with their own raffle!! How awesome is that!!

We just thank you all so very much for continuing to pitch in and be a part of all we're trying to do.... Mom knows that it's been a lotta' months of raising monies to help fix me up and now to help build the foundation so that we can help others, but in the end it will all be worth it!! We're not gonna' give up!! We know it's gonna' take a lotta' funds to get where we wanna' be with the foundation, so we're just gonna' hafta' keep comin' up with ways to raise the monies we need.... but as long as we have all of you on our side - we'll make it!!

My new fashion line by Linda Higgins will be out soon - and that will help out too - 'cause 30% of the proceeds from "The Emma Collection" will go to benefit the foundation!! YAY!! Auntie Linda ROCKS!!! You're just gonna' love her designs!! We're talkin' fancy schmancy!! *toofless smile*

We had planned to formally announce the line on Valentine's Day, but time just got away from us... and Auntie Linda is getting ready for a big doggie design show in LA!! But I know she's workin' hard to get everything done so that my collection will be available really soon - so keep checking back!!

Guess I'll be goin' back to the dogtor on Thursday for 'nother check in.... I think I'm fine, dunno' how come I gotta' keep goin'... but I do like seein' my dogtors, they're all really cool..... n' Mama says the surgeon needsta' check on my inside mouth. I think they wanna' do 'nother surgery soon... I hope they wait a few more weeks - those things just tucker me out!

I hope you all had a really sweet Valentine's Day! My skin sister brought me a heart cookie from the doggie boutique and it was sooooooooooooooooo yummy!!! OMD!!! I've never tasted anything like it!! And Mama got me a new giraffe for my collection!! (did you know I have a giraffe collection?? Yeppers, I do.... Mama says with my longggg body - long legs and longgggg neck, I look just like a baby giraffe - so she started gettin' 'em for me a while back n' I just loveeeeeeeee 'em all!!) - - I wish every day was Valentine's Day!!!

Love n' lotsa' kisses to all my friends!!!

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