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my life by molly

OMG its been so long

August 28th 2005 9:19 am
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what can i say its been so long since i wrote about whats been happening. there are alot of new small caged creatures around but i'm not allowed to play with them, but who cares they only run about and squeak any way. tasha finally chewed up my chicken and summers here so got to play tug with the water pipe mom says its a hose pipe but what ever it is water comes out of it and i try to catch it, its lots of fun. mom says i need to go on a diet cause i'm getting too fat :(


my chicken

February 18th 2005 4:53 am
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i got a toy chicken for xmas but tasha keeps trying to take it off me and chew it up, its to play with not chew i wish she would understand i had lots of toys but she chewed them all up now i only have my chicken and thats been chewed too but i can still play with whats left



December 21st 2004 2:19 pm
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yay christmas is coming i can't wait for all the new toys and treats i hope moms got me a new squeaky toy its better than that thing that runs round in a cage and pipes making noise and i can't get to it, mom says its a hamster called abby, suppose i'll get used to it sooner or later afterall i did get used to sharing mom with tasha, but who cares christmas is coming and i'm going to get lots and lots of stuff


bath day

September 12th 2004 3:37 pm
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today is bath day and i hate getting baths but I will stand there and wait whilst I'm getting bathed cause the best bit is afterwards when I'm getting dried and cuddled by my mom and then getting brushed I love getting brushed my fur gets all tangled and it is very sore so mom brushes out all the lugs and don't hurt me when she does it

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molly: still miss you molls :(


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