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My Secrets

The Evil Spider

October 27th 2008 7:56 pm
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So technically this is my first halloween, as I was just a tiny thing last year. My brother is always telling me these "spooky" stories, but I don't believe a thing he says.

He says the scary wind whistling that we hear occasionally is the ghosts whirling by. He says the loud booms we hear every weekend is monsters coming to attack us. I say it's the fireworks coming from Disneyland. He says the king of all evil strikes when we hear loud noises and flashing lights when it's raining. I say it's thunder and lightning. I may be young, but he can't fool me. I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

This night was different though. The humans were sleeping, and we heard the rustling of papers, and twigs moving around. Buster popped up in fright. All I saw was pitch black and the white glow coming from his eyes.

"What was that??????" He sat right up, shaking like crazy.

"Oh get over it, wimp" I mumbled back. "I'm not tired but I'm trying to be good so the humans will stop yelling at me."

"Seriously, Dewey, I think something is here!" he started to get up as he shook, getting close to our mommy.

"Don't wake them Buster! They will get mad! I'll just go check it out, geez" I jumped off the bed and walked out to the hallway.

It was odd though, the sounds of papers and twigs got louder and louder as I walked towards the patio door. I admit, I was starting to wonder and got a little creeped out.

I walked out the doggy door... but wait, since when did we have a doggy door? "Oh well" I shrugged and went out.

"Um... he....hello?" I looked around..... I saw nothing.

"Is" Silence.

"Hmm... I guess it was Buster's imagination after all! Wacky dog.... " I started to walk away... when I heard a heavy breathing sound.

"I said... is"

The breathing got louder. I got a little brave and crept up to where I heard the breathing. I still saw pitch black, but I saw a shade of red there too. I turned on the flashlight that was left outside by the door, for some odd reason.

To my horror... I saw a HUGE, red hourglass... on a HUGE black body.

"A BLACK WIDOW?!?!?!??!" The thing was bigger than I was!!! It was a mutant black widow!!!

I screamed as loud as I could! I barked and barked like crazy, no one even heard me! That, or they didn't care! I ran for the doggy door, but I slammed right into the glass!

"Where the heck did the doggy door go?!?!?!"

I avoided the black widow as it jumped towards me, left and right, dodging its every move! It finally broke the glass door enough for me to squeeze through. I ran in the house, but I could not see!

The black widow chased right after me, as it slammed right through the door, shattering it to pieces!

I ran as fast as my little puggy body could take me, panting as hard as I could. It seemed like the more I ran, the farther the bedroom got! The hallway would not end!!!

I screamed and barked, and barked, and barked...

I felt dizzy.

The black widow caught up, grabbed my whole body with one leg, and slammed me into its gigantic web. I was stuck! I could not move! It got closer to me... breathing loudly..... fangs showing.. and it's million eyes showing. It opened it's mouth, reached down for me..


I woke up!!!

I barked like crazy! I jumped on Buster repeatedly! I gnawled on his legs like a mad pug!

"What are you doing??!!" he yelled out!

"Paying you back for scaring me!" I swung a pillow at his head... and attempted to sleep again, but with no luck.


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