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Age: 8 Years   Sex: Male   Weight: 11-25 lbs

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Dewster, Dew Dew

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August 1st 2007

Biting and annoying Buster, getting into things that I'm not supposed to. Doing naughty things after being told no over and over.

Getting into trouble and being put in the play pen, baths

Favorite Toy:
Kong, stuffed animals

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I am always hungry, so anything that you give me pretty much. Unfortunately I mostly get puppy food.

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I love going to the park!!!

Best Tricks:
Sit, lie down, roll over,

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My mom and dad just moved about a month before they got me. My mom was determind to get a second dog once they moved, and she had about 5 or 6 breeds in mind. My dad wanted a pug so badly and they searched and searched and finally found me.

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I'm not your typical pug!


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October 21st 2007 More than 8 years!

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The Evil Spider

October 27th 2008 7:56 pm
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So technically this is my first halloween, as I was just a tiny thing last year. My brother is always telling me these "spooky" stories, but I don't believe a thing he says.

He says the scary wind whistling that we hear occasionally is the ghosts whirling by. He says the loud booms we hear every weekend is monsters coming to attack us. I say it's the fireworks coming from Disneyland. He says the king of all evil strikes when we hear loud noises and flashing lights when it's raining. I say it's thunder and lightning. I may be young, but he can't fool me. I ain't afraid of no ghosts!

This night was different though. The humans were sleeping, and we heard the rustling of papers, and twigs moving around. Buster popped up in fright. All I saw was pitch black and the white glow coming from his eyes.

"What was that??????" He sat right up, shaking like crazy.

"Oh get over it, wimp" I mumbled back. "I'm not tired but I'm trying to be good so the humans will stop yelling at me."

"Seriously, Dewey, I think something is here!" he started to get up as he shook, getting close to our mommy.

"Don't wake them Buster! They will get mad! I'll just go check it out, geez" I jumped off the bed and walked out to the hallway.

It was odd though, the sounds of papers and twigs got louder and louder as I walked towards the patio door. I admit, I was starting to wonder and got a little creeped out.

I walked out the doggy door... but wait, since when did we have a doggy door? "Oh well" I shrugged and went out.

"Um... he....hello?" I looked around..... I saw nothing.

"Is" Silence.

"Hmm... I guess it was Buster's imagination after all! Wacky dog.... " I started to walk away... when I heard a heavy breathing sound.

"I said... is"

The breathing got louder. I got a little brave and crept up to where I heard the breathing. I still saw pitch black, but I saw a shade of red there too. I turned on the flashlight that was left outside by the door, for some odd reason.

To my horror... I saw a HUGE, red hourglass... on a HUGE black body.

"A BLACK WIDOW?!?!?!??!" The thing was bigger than I was!!! It was a mutant black widow!!!

I screamed as loud as I could! I barked and barked like crazy, no one even heard me! That, or they didn't care! I ran for the doggy door, but I slammed right into the glass!

"Where the heck did the doggy door go?!?!?!"

I avoided the black widow as it jumped towards me, left and right, dodging its every move! It finally broke the glass door enough for me to squeeze through. I ran in the house, but I could not see!

The black widow chased right after me, as it slammed right through the door, shattering it to pieces!

I ran as fast as my little puggy body could take me, panting as hard as I could. It seemed like the more I ran, the farther the bedroom got! The hallway would not end!!!

I screamed and barked, and barked, and barked...

I felt dizzy.

The black widow caught up, grabbed my whole body with one leg, and slammed me into its gigantic web. I was stuck! I could not move! It got closer to me... breathing loudly..... fangs showing.. and it's million eyes showing. It opened it's mouth, reached down for me..


I woke up!!!

I barked like crazy! I jumped on Buster repeatedly! I gnawled on his legs like a mad pug!

"What are you doing??!!" he yelled out!

"Paying you back for scaring me!" I swung a pillow at his head... and attempted to sleep again, but with no luck.



August 12th 2008 4:38 pm
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Okay.. so Saturday my human parents and Bubba's human parents decided to get together. First we all met at the dog park. We ran around for a little bit, but I didn't run around as much as I normally do. I guess that it was just too hot. After about an hour we all left and headed towards Bubba's house for the first time, for a bbq.

So we arrive, and Bubba and I are like best buddies now. We always had to be around each other. My human mommy compared it to two five year olds, who always have to be around the other one and do what the other one is doing, whatever that means.

The first floor was just a spot leading to the garage and the front door, which I thought was pretty neat. I had never been upstairs before. So I stumble up quickly, following Bubba, after they wipe our paws with paw wipes. The second floor lead to a bedroom, a bathroom, a closet, the living room, and the kitchen. There was a third floor leading to the extra bedroom and I'm not sure what else. I did run up with Bubba's dad a few times, but my mommy never went up there, so we are still unsure what all is up there, but we thought the layout of the apartment was great! My mommy is jealous because they live in an apartment in one of the cities that she loves, and we live in a condo in a medicore city. The other thing that she is jealous about is that it's bigger than our condo!! It's real nice. She wishes that we could live there, but now that we are owning it's not so easy.

So me and Bubba are running around like mad pugs, bouncing off the couch onto the other couch, bouncing off human legs and human bellys and whatever else. Well mommy had warned Bubba's daddy that I pee outside, and if a door is not open, leading to an area of dirt or rocks or grass, I don't warn her. She did tell him however, that I spin before I go so she could run off with me. The balcony was enclosed but no dirt or rocks or grass for me. She kept an eye on me but I didn't spin. After a few minutes we all hear Bubba's daddy say "Dewey!!!" my mommy looks, and here I am springing a leak on their very light colored floor, I stare at them as I go. Bubba's daddy Bill said, "Geez that's a lot!!" he cleans up after me with napkins, Resolve, and a steamer, even though my mommy said that she would do it.

Not too much longer I spring another leak!! My mommy freaks out and cleans up after me. She decided to catch me in time. She decides after a few minutes to take me out. (She had taken me out when we first got there but I didn't go of course) She puts my harness on and out we go. Bubba tried to follow me but they blocked him! I went like a good boy, and I run back up the stairs and Bubba is there to welcome me. Of course I follow my mommy to the bathroom and Bubba tried to as well, but he got blocked again. He was waiting for me of course.

Due to me and Bubba running around like mad pugs all night for 4 1/2 hours straight, we drank a ton of water, causing me to potty so often.

So after 3 times... 2 being on the carpet, I spring another leak, in my original spot of the first time. My mommy is getting very furious now and very embarrassed. She cleans it up again. She had tried to run me out to the balcony to finish but of course I stared at her blankly. The humans eat burgers, chicken kabobs, corn, and mashed taders. We are given a kong with spray cheese in it! Yum! Then, we get cooked chicken breast! Yummm!! Bubba is a very lucky pug, I just get stupid dog food!

The parents start to watch television and we run around like mad pugs still, bouncing off legs, and tummies again. My mommy puts my harness on again and takes me out while I proceed to pee again and even do a number 2. She was thankful that we at least avoided doing that in the house.

Bill put a pad on the floor with something that held it in place, in my original peeing spot. Bubba peed on his pads like a good boy, making me look even worse. My mommy stopped trying to train me on potty pads when I was real young because I would just rip them up and play with them. Well my mommy felt like I was just going to pee in another spot, but she was hoping that she was wrong.

They watch some more television, and my harness is now stuck on me as she was tired of putting it on and off. Before they get ready to go I decide to leave them a goodbye present before we left. I found a new spot and peed one last time in the hall, this was four times in the house now, on light carpet, two outside. My mommy was beyond embarrassed.

She was so mad at me, she told me they would probably never want us over there again because of me. I don't understand why, I didn't harm anyone. She kept telling them that she was sorry for her "demon dog" and my behavior. They kept telling her that it was okay. Now everyday since... it has been 3 now... she has apologized to them online about her dog's behavior!

We are supposed to meet them at the park this Saturday then have lunch with them at the restaurant that allows dogs! I am so excited.

I wonder if I will ever get to go to Bubba's house again? Probably not. :(


How I Spent my 4th of July

July 7th 2008 6:04 pm
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So my mommy had the day off! I was very happy about this. She had made plans with Marley and her mommy to go to the doggy park and to eat breakfast. We woke up early, and it was sunny already. Marley and her mommy drove up to the local KFC to pick us up so that we could carpool.

Stop #1 - Jack in the Box. So the mommies are obsessed with these new smoothies that Jack in the Box now sells. Mommy loves the strawberry banana ones, but this time she got the orange sunrise, which tastes like a 50 50 bar. Marley's mommy got the same. I was busy pesturing Marley since she was sitting on my mommy's left leg as I sat on the right. Not enough room for 2 pugs!!! I attempted to lick mommy's smoothie but licking the frost off the cup was the farthest I got.... selfish mommy.

Stop #2 - The doggy park. So we finally made it to the doggy park, where we were now allowed to run loose. Marley ran, or should I say trotted for about a minute or so before sitting next to her mommy, and keeping her phanny there for the rest of the visit. I ran off with all sorts of dogs.... every one that was there. A man brought in a psycho chihuahua... who was not scared of me! He kept lunging at me an chasing me off! I didn't know what to think or do.... the mean mommies thought it was friggin hilarious and laughed at me the whole time. We played for a bit longer before the mommies drug us out.

Stop #3 (Unplanned) - So now we are on our way to breakfast.... but Marley's mommy happened to miss it. We got lost in a giant mess of bike riders and a parade of all places. Bikers here and there, bikers were everywhere! (Bicycles, not motorcycles), people not paying attention, obviously not caring if they get hit or not! We pulled over by a house and Marley's mommy attempted to look up the address of the restaurant. No luck. Luckily one of the two guys directing traffic knew where it was and helped us out. We saw more bikers, and finally got out. We also saw a float getting ready... or maybe it was a vehicle for the parade? Who knows.

Stop #4 (The real #3) - We made it to the Park Bench Cafe. It was sunny out, a nice breeze, and not a wait! My mommy had the cinnamon roll french toast.... mmm... it had powdered sugar and cinnamon roll frosting! Marley's mommy had the Lumberjack meal... and Marley and I split chicken breast and a hot dog.... yum! They took us around in the grass, after Marley drank about a gallon of water, hoping that we would potty. They were unsuccessful, but I did do a #2! The mommies dragged us on the bench and took photos. Look, I am not a model... I do not need 200 photos taken of me! Just feed me and let me play!

Stop #5 - The Pet Store. So the mommies went to a pet store that my mommy had never been too. We were spoiled with bully sticks, chewwies, and treats!! I must say, we are prettttty spoiled. We finally got home about 1:30.. (we had left at 8:30). I was pooped. I slept.

My mommy and daddy went to daddy's mom's for a while, which Buster and I were NOT happy about. They finally got home about 9pm... as mommy was worried sick about Buster, knowing his fears on fireworks. Where they used to live the fireworks were bad and would go on until midnight or 1am. Here we live by Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland. There were fireworks going off but not badly. They shut the door and turned the window AC on... to block off some noise. After about 10:30 mommy shut it off and went to bed. The fireworks were gone... a good thing about living on a busy street is that there is nowhere to shoot off fireworks, and the parks stop at a decent hour. I was not afraid of them fireworks at all!

And that my friends, his how I spent Independence Day.

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