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I love my home

March 22nd 2008 7:07 pm
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I've been at my new home for over 5 months now. I'm all settled in and my personality is beginning to shine! My mommy says that I'm so silly and curious that she thinks I'm not a puppy but a monkey like curious george. I am into EVERYTHING but I'm not tryign to be bad, I just want to explore it all! I have decided that I own the entire couch and make it my goal to spread all nine pounds of me out on it and take up as much room as possible to limit seating. I found an old tenis ball of daddy's in the basement, and I LOVE it! I take it everywhere even to bed. Mommy usually has to put the ball on her dresser overnight because I love it so much I won't stop playing with it to go to sleep, although I have managed to sneak it into bed before. I have also discovered the wonders of the dog park. My mommy and daddy took me there for the first time a few weeks ago. That's a cool place! I can run around like a crazy woman for hours and have other dogs chase me! It's great, especially because I'm the fastest one there! My sister is the second fastest and she gives me a good run, but can't quite beat me yet! THe bigger dogs make me nervous, but they are on the other side of the fence, so I've learned to ignore them. Well, I must go to bed now or so mommy says. We'll see how long I can keep her up playing with me!


My new home

November 3rd 2007 11:56 am
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I'm really starting to like this place. My new mommy is pretty cool and she says I am her little shadow and that I am a momma's girl. I've getting to like my daddy. I was really afraid of him at first, but he seems pretty nice now. I like it when he gives me treats! I'm really starting to like playing with my sister Chloe. It is fun to get her to play chase because I am faster than she is and she can't catch me! We had alot of ran this past week and I really liked beign outside in the rain. Chloe hates it and Mommy isn't a big fan either, but I loved it! I would run around and get all wet and then once we went back in the house, roll around on the carpet to dry myself off. Mommy says that I am silly, bu tit works, just look at my pictures and you will see one where Chloe is soaking wet and I am all dry! Well, that is it for now! I'll write again soon!

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