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October 27th 2009 7:25 am
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Well I am doing great . It iwll be 1 year come dec since I ruputred my spleen and had to have emergancy surgery. I am feeling great and lots of humans can`t believe that I am 9 years young. They are surprised tehy all think i am aboutmaybe 2 years old. I love the doggiepark and wish taht we didn`t ahve such a crazy summer or elese I could`ve went to teh doggie park more. I also love walking at teh park. Mommy is so proud of me that i am finally after 4 years getting over my leash aggression. It`sbeen a long hard road to get to where I am now, but it was worth it. My humans didn`t give up onme. I am still a bit aggressive on athe leash but now it is only when another dog starts and growls at me or wants to come after me. Other then taht I do great !! Most the time I want to play with teh other dogs. Mommy always says that we are to walk or shop at the pet store nto to play man waht a bummer. I will be helping pass out candy on howl o ween well mostly my humans give out candy and I give out kisses. I have gone to 2 howl o ween parties for pups and they were fun well thesecond one was more fun then the first one. The first one I thought teh person in charge was strange. She is a trainer but talks ina strange high pitched baby voice to us pups. We all looked at her liek we could care less. I did getr my picture taken tho. All teh humans say that a husky is too sweet and too pretty to be a devil . BOL little do tehy know hwo stubborn we can be at times. BOL anyw how you look at it it is fun for my humans . I don`t care for being dressed up but I don`t complain if it makes my humans happy.


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