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Life is good...

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My Dog Lives Here

November 22nd 2008 8:31 am
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My dog and I live in this house. You are welcome to come and visit me anytime but we have a few things that you must understand before you visit.

You must expect a few dog hairs to stick to your clothes. I vacuum and clean every day but a Dog lives in this house too.

You may be licked and given a paw a few times but he does this because he loves people and wants to say hello, so if you feel that you are too good for his love then you are not welcome here because this is his home too.

My dog is well mannered and very clean but if you are one of those people who think all animals are dirty and smell then go away. You are not the type of person that I care to associate with.

If you don’t like the sound of barking, then my home is not going to be a comfortable place for you to visit. My dog protects me by letting me know I have a visitor. Whether it be a friend or uninvited stranger. If you are a friend, my dog will consider you his friend too but if you are an unwelcome guest, my dog will protect me with his life as I would his. Do not expect me to lock my dog in another room during your visit. I have trained my dog well so he will not do anything to you except maybe want a pat on the head. I will not subject him to feel as if he is being punished by locking him away for no reason. That would just be cruel.

When you walk in my home, be careful not to trip on a squeaky toy or a bone. These are my dog’s little treasures and I will not take them away from him just to show you that I keep a clean house. He knows where all his toys are. They may not look like much to you, but to him, they are worth more than gold.

You see, This is OUR home. We have been together since he was a small pup scampering around the house, a tiny bit of a thing only a few weeks old. I raised him into a well mannered, beautifully behaved dog. I am proud of him.

I consider him my personal gift from God. He has done nothing but give me his endless love and devotion for many years. I love him dearly and want to make his years happy ones. As happy as he makes mine. When you go home to your family, he stays here with me. A fine and loving companion. He is MY family and I wouldn’t change that for the world. When times were hard, we both went hungry. When it was cold and there was no heat, we both kept each warm. When I was sick, he stayed right by my side as I did his when he was not having a good day.

A better friend I could not ask for. When no one else cared, my dog did. He has given me nothing but pure joy and I love him endlessly.

So please understand that I am not being rude. I’m just looking out for my best friend.

Author Unknown


Obama Puppy

November 5th 2008 1:50 am
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Remember when they had a poll to choose which puppy the Obama family should get? It's posted here: The poodle was chosen as #1. Now that President-elect Obama was publicly promised his daughters a puppy, let's see if they take the advice of the poll! I still think a Miniature Schnauzer would be best!!!




October 6th 2008 10:27 am
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I finally have learned to retrieve the proper way. I've always been good at chasing balls but hanging on to them. Mom tired something different that the Triad suggested once - throw a second ball. That works. I always drop the ball in my mouth to go get the new one! Thanks guys. But if I have a toy in my mouth and mom throws another while I'm across the yard, I try to pick up both of them - BOL!!!



Tortoise hatchlings

September 24th 2008 8:50 pm
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My mom's friends are caretakers for about 6 different sized desert tortoises. One of them had some babies hatch. I have a photo of them on my page. I would love to play with them!!!


I Am Your Dog

July 13th 2008 2:21 am
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I Am Your Dog -- Author Unknown

I am your dog, and I have a little something I'd like to whisper in your ear. I know that you humans lead busy lives. Some have to work, some have children to raise. It always seems like you are running here and there, often much too fast, often never noticing the truly grand things in life. Look down at me now, while you sit there at your computer. See the way my dark brown eyes look at yours? They are slightly cloudy now. That comes with age. The gray hairs are beginning to ring my soft muzzle.

You smile at me; I see love in your eyes. What do you see in mine? Do you see a spirit? A soul inside, who loves you as no other could in the world? A spirit that would forgive all trespasses of prior wrong doing for the just a simple moment of your time? That is all I ask. To slow down, if even for a few minutes to be with me. So many times you have been saddened by the words you read on that screen, of others of my kind, passing. Sometimes we die young and oh so quickly, sometimes so suddenly it wrenches your heart out of your throat. Sometimes, we age so slowly before your eyes that you may not even seem to know until the very end, when we look at you with grizzled muzzles and cataract clouded eyes. Still the love is always there, even when we must take that long sleep, to run free in a distant land.

I may not be here tomorrow; I may not be here next week. Someday you will shed the water from your eyes, that humans have when deep grief fills their souls, and you will be angry at yourself that you did not have just 'One more day' with me. Because I love you so, your sorrow touches my spirit and grieves me. We have NOW, together. So come, sit down here next to me on the floor, and look deep into my eyes. What do you see? If you look hard and deep enough we will talk, you and I, heart to heart. Come to me not as 'alpha' or as 'trainer' or even 'Mom or Dad', come to me as a living soul and stroke my fur and let us look deep into one another?s eyes, and talk.

I may tell you something about the fun of chasing a tennis ball, or I may tell you something profound about myself, or even life in general. You decided to have me in your life because you wanted a soul to share such things with. Someone very different from you, and here I am. I am a dog, but I am alive. I feel emotion, I feel physical senses, and I can revel in the differences of our spirits and souls I do not think of you as a 'Dog on two feet'. I know what you are. You are human, in all your quirkiness, and I love you still.

Now come sit with me, on the floor. Enter my world, and let time slow down if only for 15 minutes. Look deep into my eyes, and whisper to my ears Speak with your heart, with your joy and I will know your true self. We may not have tomorrow, and life is oh so very short.
Love today!
(on behalf of canines everywhere)


A 4th of July poem for dogs!

July 3rd 2008 1:38 pm
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It’s the 4 of July , reason to celebrate is because we’re free.
It gives us the chance for you to be you and for me to be me.
Without a fight this would not have been and it’s all thanks to you.
And I certainly hope everyone continues to do what they do.

You see, without the men and women going out to fight
For what they believe in, to keep our rights in sight.
We would not have the country that we do have now.
So to all the men and women alike, to them I take a bow.

This not only goes for those who fought to keep our country free
This also goes out to all those who fought, for all the animals like me.
For all you kind people who fought to free us from this cage
You have helped to free us from our prison and the miller’s rage.

And also to those who continued to fight to free us from our chain
No longer are we all alone and stuck outside on the terrain
We now can have a real home, with people who care about us
Where would we be without you, and we thank you very much.

To all you rescuers, I take a bow and thank you immensely
You gave us all the care in the world and the chance to be free.
We thank you all for coming to us and giving us a hand
To have a home and a family and to run upon this land.

Happy 4th of July!
Love, A Dog

Candi Lynn


Happy Father's Day

June 15th 2008 11:03 am
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__000________000__000__ ____ __000___
000__________ ___00___ __________000_
000____________________________ 000_
000____________HAPPY__________ 000__
__000________ ___ DAY__________000___
__ ___000______♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥_____000______

_______ __000___________000__________
____________000_____ 000_____________
____ ________ ____ 00_________________

Here's a great poem posted by SAMSON in the Schnauzer Scoop today!

We may not shower him with praise
Nor mention his name in song,
And sometimes it seems that we forget
The joy he spreads as he goes along,
But it doesn’t mean that we don’t know
The wonderful role that he has had.
And away down deep in every heart
There’s a place that is just for Dad.....

Author Unknown


I Love My Daddy & My Daddy Loves Me!

June 14th 2008 8:20 pm
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I love my daddy because he said no more dogs, but when he met me his heart melted immediately. He is very gentle with me as I learn to trust & love again. I sleep next to him & mom every night in bed. He tells me what a good boy I am and gives me lots of hugs and kisses. He always gives us more chicken than mom at our meals, and sneaks treats once in a while. He likes when I have my crazy spells and run around like a wild doggie! He set up a special spot for me next to his computer so I can sit with him. He's a good daddy and I love him!




June 9th 2008 8:41 pm
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Well it's my first summer in California. I'm not sure what to expect. It was hot today but not humid, so it seems ok to me. Finn keeps talking about swimming...they don't know if I've ever done that. I'll keep it a secret until the day we get in the pool. We seem to walk early or late now ~ which is fine with me as long as we go for a walk. I have to keep Finnegan in line on our walks though! Every time he tries to run after a squirrel or wiggles his way up to see some person, I bark at him. I keep telling him he's not supposed to do that. But does he listen to me? NO!!! So I'll keep working on him!



Remember our Troops & K9s

May 24th 2008 8:22 am
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I would like to take a moment on this Memorial Day weekend to thank and think about our present and past troops who have served our country.

Also our K9s who are serving in our current war. There is a great website honoring them, and if you click on the "Operation Military Care" link you can see how to help them. One of our dogsters mothers contacted the website admin & felt it was a valuable effort.


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