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Birthday Celebration

December 3rd 2007 11:38 pm
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Yesterday was my birthday, and I had such a good time. After mom & dad sang happy birthday to me, we all had breakfast and the usual morning round of play. Then mom took me for a walk just with her! There was a marathon running near our house, and mom decided to take me to watch, partly just for something different to do and to see how I am in a crowd. She could immediately tell that I've been in big crowds before. I really enjoyed it. All of the streets were closed off to traffic so I got to run down sidewalks and grassy slopes where I would never get to go. There were people everywhere, a DJ playing loud music, water station with dancing people, just lots of people everywhere. I met a couple of other dogs and really liked this one cute pomeranian in a pink jacket. We were the same size & she smelled really good, like only another dog could! We walked from 1 mile checkpoint to the next, and then back home so we walked over 2 miles! It was so fun. Then I went back home & played more with Finnegan, Georgie & Molly. I had some special treats and got some toys. And lots of hugs & belly rubs. And was told lots of times how glad everyone was that I was in the family. I think I'm going to start relaxing now and maybe keep these guys. I had a great birthday!





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