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its hard being a pup

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July 22nd 2009 1:38 pm
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Yesterday mom was using the evil, evil vacuum. She said the filter for the heater/ac needed cleaned. In the hall is a big vent where the heating/ac filter is at. Mom opened the vent and took the filter out and got the vacuum to sweep it clean. Suddenly-the attachment mom was using to sweep the filter flew right off the end of the sweeper hose and fell down the hole where the vent was.

Ha!Ha! Stupid Evil Sweeper! Now you are sunk! You will not work good without all your stupid evil attachments! No more vacuuming ha!

Mom could see the attachement,but she just couldn't reach it. So she asked dad. It was right out of his reach too. But, dad got the broom and took it apart and taped a stick to the end of it so he could pick it up.

BOO on dad he got the attachment and now mom can vacuum again.


Where's Mom?

July 21st 2009 1:16 pm
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Yesterday started out pretty normal. Dad went to work. Since it is Summer, mom works sporadically so she was home. We did some fun stuff, picked up the house, played the piano, ate lunch. Then someone picked mom up and she was gone! Where did she go? Dad came home from work and mom was still gone? Me and dad had dinner-without mom! Dad said mom had to work a weird time, because Big and Little's mom had to have some surgery. Dad didn't know how long mom would be. It was getting late at night. How could I go to bed without mom! Oh I was so sad! Then FINALLY! mom came home. Big and Little's mom was doing ok. Mom had to give Big and Little dinner and put them to bed.

This morning, mom went to work at the regular time. Both Big and Little thought she stayed all night at their house.

I heard they were coming to my house tomorrow.


Uncle is gone

July 17th 2009 7:03 pm
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Uncle left this morning. I will miss him. I had such a good time with him. We ate so well when he was here. We had seafood and corn on the cob and jambalaya and pizza and chinese. It was such a delicious visit. Uncle and mom and dad went to the movies to see Harry Potter. They went with Jake and his brother, study buddy. I am changing Study Buddy's name to L. They will just be J and L in this diary. Mom and J and L were excited about the movie. When they got home mom had some popcorn. So I was excited about the movie. Uncle had great weather while he was hear and we spent a lot of time outside. Uncle will be back next month. Maybe grandma will be with him.



July 14th 2009 5:32 pm
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Uncle is visiting me. He came on Sunday night. Dad made his world famous wings and rice. It was soo good. When Uncle came, I waited and waited for grandma to come in the house. She moves kind of slow, so I went outside to help her. I walked all around the car waiting for grandma but she wasn't in the car. I looked all over for her, but she wasn't there. Mom told me that grandma didn't come on this visit. She isn't feeling so good. So I hope all my pup pals send grandma some good thoughts so that the next time Uncle comes to visit grandma will be with him.

You know, when grandma visits, I usually get a hot breakfast. But, I resigned myself to eating yogurt like I do every morning. But, for some reason, dad and mom are on vacation ,too. So dad got up this morning and got us delicious sausage biscuits.

Mainly mom and dad and Uncle have been hanging out in the pool. I have been sleeping on the air conditioning.


Good News and Bad News

July 11th 2009 6:51 pm
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First,the bad news. I am super mad at mom and dad. They went out to dinner tonight and when they got home they did not give me what was in the to go box. It is called a Doggie Bag and I am a doggie. But mom just put it in the fridge. I will show her. I will refuse to sleep on her feet all night long. That'll teach her.

Now the good news. We are getting company this week. UNCLE is coming tomorrow! HOORAY! But, grandma is not coming. She still isn't feeling good. So I will miss the hot breakfast everyday.



July 7th 2009 10:17 am
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Ususally when we go on a walk, I try my best to ditch mom and dad. I go super slow til mom and dad get way ahead of us then I run off to Pork Chops. Or I will slip down the secret path while mom and dad are picking up Freckles. Or I will go in the tall grass until mom and dad are out of sight so I can check out the miracle field. But yesterday, mom and dad ditched me!

We were done with our walk and decided to go in through the back gate. The gate leads to the back yard and there is a door that leads to the car port. Well, I was in the back yard and was exploring all the bamboo. I went to the door to the carport and no one was there to open the door. I looked all around. No Mom and Dad. They ditched me! I went over to the back gate, but it was locked! I can't believe I was ditched! How dare mom and dad lock me up alone in the back yard. I bet they were going to Pork Chops or down the secret path. I bet the Miracle Field made food appear that mom and dad were collecting and eating all by themselves.

Oh wait. Mom opened the door. She told me the door to the carport had gotten locked and so mom and dad had to go all the way around the block to come in the front way. Silly dad locking the door. Mom also told me that she and dad do not eat food from the miracle field. I guess that food is for doggies only.


Big, Little and the Big Huge Giant Mutant Bug

July 1st 2009 1:37 pm
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Big and Little came to play today. They are,of course, always fun. We were all playing in the car port when Big came running out. Mom said: "What's wrong?" She thought maybe he got stung by a bee. He told mom he saw a big bug in the carport and mom needed to make sure it was dead.

Mom went over to where Little was studying this bug. And it was BIG! I mean BIG HUGE GIANT Beetle. It was so big it was like a mutant. Mom figured it was about two and half to three inches long. He was laying on his back with all his legs up in the air not moving. Mom figured he was dead. So Little poked him with a stick. And BOING up jumped the BIG HUGE GIANT MUTANT BUG right on Little's knee. He screamed so loud that mom is pretty sure everyone in the world heard him. So if all my pals heard a loud piercing scream-it was just Little.

The BIG HUGE GIANT MUTANT BUG lay on his back squirming. Mom said lets just leave it alone and go on a bike ride. So we did. The BIG HUGE GIANT MUTANT BUG was still there when we came back. The boys checked on him every half hour or so. Mom said we should just flip him over and let him go home. But, Big said that he knew where the bug was right now and if we flipped it over who knows where the bug would be.

Mom and the Boys looked the bug up on google. It was a scavenger water bug. Mom figures that when dad went canoeing on Sunday, the bug hitched a ride home. -Hey- I didn't know dad went canoeing. AND he didn't take ME! (Dad will pay for that).

Oh and all you bug lovers don't need to worry-when the boys weren't looking, mom flipped him over and he went on his way.
Big might think the Devil you know is better than the one you don't know, but, mom believes in out of sight, out of mind.

Oh and Thanks HQ for making me a diary pick on Sunday. That is why I didn't know dad was canoeing. I was glorying in being on the diary page all day.


A Horrible story

June 28th 2009 10:19 am
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Warning! This story might be tooo scary for the younger pups.

Last night mom and dad went out. It was strange, because they had already eaten dinner and it was pretty dark when they left. Mom said for me to be good and they would be back soon.
Well, right after they left there were loud, blasting booms in the sky. And the sky was all lit up with different colors. It wasn't thunder, because I am not afraid of thunder. This was something that I needed to hide from.
First, I hid under the computer desk, but, I kept getting tangled up in wires.
So I went to hide under the guest room bed, but mom decided that would be an excellent place to hide suitcases.
Next I went to hide in mom's closet. I managed to push out all of mom's many, many, many purses and shoes and stuff. Now I would be safe, I thought. When suddenly a pair of crutches fell on my head. Well, not on my head but they could have.
I finally found a good place to hide. Behind mom's piano keyboard. It was a very good place, because once I got behind it, I couldn't get back out.
After an eternity the booming stopped and mom and dad came home.
When they found me, and got me out of my hiding place mom praised me for being so brave and smart-guarding her keyboard and purses and shoes. She said , just in passing, the fireworks were fun.

FIREWORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why didn't someone warn me it was fireworks season! I would not have worried so much if only someone had told me it was firework season.

But, this is the horrible part. Mom and dad went out to a carnival, a street fair as it were and listened to music and met up with friends and watched fireworks and they didn't bring me back anything. No funnel cake or elephant ear. No fried twinkies or cotton candy. No overpriced hot dogs or pizza. No frozen lemonade. Not even a snow cone! How can my mom and dad be soooooooooooooo mean to me. I will make them pay with extra belly itches and a longer walk.



June 23rd 2009 11:04 am
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I got tagged by my pal Murphy!

First the Ice Cream Question:
What flavor of ice cream would I be?
Well, I would say Nutty Buddy, because I am crazy, but mom says that is really a novelty. She said that I was Dulce de Leche because I am so sweet.

Now the get to know your friends part.

Copy these questions into your diary and then tag 6 of your other friends.

1. What color is your collar? I have a silver chain collar. I like it cause it jingles. I usually wear a bandana as well. I have tons of bandanas in different colors and designs. Today I am wearing a red one with little white bones on it.

2. What kind of food do you eat? Whatever is on sale. Right now I am eating Wholesome Medley because mom had a $2.00 off coupon for it. It is pretty good.

3. What are your favorite treats? Can there be a favorite treat? Aren't they all delicious?

4. Do you have a Valentine or significant other? No. I have no time for Romance. They might eat my food.

5. Do you get Table Scraps? Yes I do. I always get a taste of what mom and dad are eating.

6. What is your favorite toy? I have a taco bell chihuahua that growls when you squeeze it. It is my baby.

7. When is your Birthday? I don't know, but mom and dad adopted me on December 19. So that is my Gotcha day.

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?I eat twice a day, breakfast and dinner, but I have to be able to see my food bowl all the time and it has to have food in it or I get really upset. Mom thinks that when I was a pup I didn't get to eat as much as I should and so now I have food issues.

9. What is your favorite color? Well, I am color blind, but everyone says I look great in pink.

10. Do you hope your friends will put this in their diaries? Yes, I do. I like to find out about all my pup pals.


Bath Day

June 22nd 2009 10:39 am
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Today, mom made me take a bath! Can you believe it?! That is so unfair. I was not hardly even dirty. It's not like I got to go canoeing and swim in the river and get all stinky. But, mom said it was time for my summer bath. Then mom told me this (I can't hardly believe this is true, it is so horrible.) Mom told me that some doggies take a bath at least once a week if not more so. I only get a bath 4 times a year, unless I am dirty and stinky. And sometimes mom will rub me down with a baby wipe if I need a spot bath. And sometimes mom will rub me down with an ice cube if it's really hot. But I only get an official bath 4 times a year. I can't believe other doggies take so many baths. Well, my mom takes a bath everyday. So does my dad. (Mom says she wrote that into her marriage vows, because she knows how dirty and stinky boys can be-so she made dad promise to take a bath everyday. I'm glad she didn't make me promise that!)

Anyway, for being such a good girl in the bathtub,mom gave me a special treat. My very own piece of jelly toast. Now I am all sticky mom. I think I need a bath again.

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