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its hard being a pup

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News since the crash

August 19th 2009 3:39 pm
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It looks like our computer is up and running, thanks to my favorite Uncle. That's right, Uncle has come down for a visit. Unfortunately, Grandma still isn't up to traveling, but Uncle says she is doing much, much better since she had her medicine changed. Maybe she will come next time Uncle visits.

I think that Uncle came to visit at a perfect time. Our computer crashed and I needed a new one before Thursday. Thursday is my Dogster 5 year anniversary. I wanted to give everyone some kind of gift, but I spent all my zealies already. So if you didn't get a gift or a bunch of bones I still want to say Thanks for being my pup pals.

The weather here has been hot and humid and sticky and one minute it is dry and the next minute it is wet. It is like living in a rain forest. Fortunately, I don't mind the thunder.

I do mind the new couch. It is higher than the old couch and it isn't so mushy like my perfect old couch. But mom and dad saved the cushions off the old couch. They thought I might like them to use as a bed or to sit on. But, now that they are off the old couch, I have avoided them like the plague. Mom has tried wrapping them up in my favorite blankies and putting treats and toys on them but I won't go near them. I have always been allowed to sit on the furniture including these couch cushions. Mom doesn't understand what the problem is and I ain't telling. Mom says if anyone wants to explain it to her, leave a comment or a paw mail.

I had to go to the Vet for my yearly physical and shots. I enjoyed myself. I like going to the Vet. I am always the best doggie there and the most popular. (At least that's what mom says). I am fine. I have lost some weight and I have a little bit of arthiritis, my teeth aren't the best but the bumps and tumors on my legs and feet are nothing to worry about.

So that is all the news I have since the computer crashed. I am glad to be back on line. Now I must go and take a walk before it starts to rain again.



August 18th 2009 2:09 pm
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Our computer has crashed and we have lost almost everything! Hopefully we will be up and running by Wednesday. I have so much news. Plus-Thursday is my 5 year anniversary on the Dogster and I wanted to celebrate. But now I will be happy just to have a working computer. (Also I am happy that when our computer was broken, I didn't win dog of the dayor week or diary of the day, because that is always my luck).



August 11th 2009 5:08 pm
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This evening, after dinner, me and mom and dad were just hanging out. Chilling after a hard day of napping(me) and work (them) when Mom looks out the door and said:"Here's Roger."

Roger! I didn't even know we were going camping. I jumped off the couch to get into camping mode. Dad and mom went outside, to see Roger I guess. I went outside too. When I came back in-MY COUCH WAS MISSING! Where did my couch go! My best sleeping place. I had just got it perfectly covered in dog hair. It just disappeared. It was stolen! While I was busy outside thinking about camping and mom and dad were visiting with Roger, someone snuck in and stole my couch.

I went outside to look for my couch. I was so sad. Couch. Couch. Where are you. You were so comfortable. You fit my behind so perfectly. Ok you were a little saggy. But that only added to the comfort and ease of jumping up on it.

When I got back in from my search(I thought I saw it in the carport) there was a new couch in it's place. Hmm. I don't know if I will like this new couch or not. I better like it, because Roger is not taking me camping. He was only bringing this new couch to us. I am going to try it now. It is blue so my dog hair will show up nicely.


Dead Mouse in the Middle of the Hall

August 6th 2009 8:14 am
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Ok, is that song going through your head now?

For a while now mom has had a feeling that the mousiecabra or perhaps his brother was back. Mom never actually saw this new mouse, but she was hearing strange noises at night.

Sometimes she thought she heard me walking around at night, but when she would tell me to go back to sleep she would see that I was already asleep.

One day, a decorative bottle that mom keeps on the window seal came crashing down. But maybe it just was sitting crooked. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, mom.

And the other night mom heard strange rustling in the kitchen. When she asked dad to see what it was, he told her some cockamamie story about the couch vibrating up against the wall and that is why you shouldn't put furniture up against the wall or your house will fall down. Now mom thinks dad actually did see mousiecabra in the kitchen and was just telling her a story to make mom feel better.

See mom had a bad experience with a devil rat while in college ( cheap student housing) and while she doesn't mind bugs and spiders and slugs she draws the line at rats and mice.

So this morning, mom gets up and right in the middle of the hall is a dead mouse. So mom gets the broom to sweep it up and it's little legs started twitching. Mom is freaking out but she hurled the dead mouse and the dust pan out in the yard. I think we are going to need a new dust pan.

Then she starts yelling at me! She says I am a terrible mouser. Well of course I am! I am a dalmation mix! I like to ride on firetrucks and hang out with horses. I don't have no time for mouse catching. Maybe mom should get a cat. I hear cat food is delicious.


Big and Little Wednesday

August 5th 2009 12:15 pm
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It is Wednesday and that means Big and Little come to play at my house. Of course I kept my eyes on Little hands because when he is done eating something, he just drops the rest. But today it was Big that ate us out of house and home. Mom (who knows a lot of kids) says that Big is the pickest eater she ever met. But today not only did he eat all the food he brought, he also ate most of Little's food and a lot of our food. And I just don't mean the junk food, I mean the real food too. He ate almost all of our bread. He says he likes our bread because it is big and fat. They only have diet bread at his house. Mom is happy he's eating better.

Since it was raining, we couldn't play outside, much. When the rain slowed mom and the kids went out to puddle jump. That is when I took a nap.

When they came back in we had a rock and roll party. Big played the keyboard and Little played the electric guitar. It is still a little too heavy for him so mom held it like a stand-up bass for him to play. Mom says that once school starts she is going to start him on real music lessons.

After the rock and roll party, they played Taboo. Little was the time keeper and the buzzer presser. I did not like the buzzer at all. If it wasn't raining, I would have gone outside. Mom was once again super impressed with Big's reading skill. He will be starting kindergarten this month and he was reading words like aroma and subway. And he knew what they meant. Mom thinks that his kindergarden teacher will have her hands full.

The boys wanted to go to Pork Chop's funeral, but mom said it would be too crowded. Mom and dad went to the wake yesterday, they waited in line for over an hour to pay their respects. It certainly shows how loved Pork Chop was.

So the boys explored all over the house but when mom says it's time to clean up they did pretty good. There are still some things mom needs to put away.

Those boys did tire me out. I only got three naps today instead of the usual six. So I am going to go try to take a big nap to make up for the lack of sleep.



August 4th 2009 10:25 am
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I wanted to say thank-you to all my pup pals for all the kind thoughts and sympathy. I walked passed Pork Chop's house today and it was just so strange not to see him on the porch, not hear him hollering: "Hello!" not to share a cookie with him. I am so happy that I have such good friends sending me good thoughts.
Mom and dad and the entire neighborhood are going to the wake tonight. Mom says it is very telling that the entire neighborhood is going. It shows what a good neighbor Pork Chop was.

This is one story that mom tells so everyone knows the kind of man Pork Chop was. Our neighborhood is small. You would need to walk around it twice to walk a mile. Everyone knows everyone else. Sometimes when we walk, it takes an hour because we are always stopping to talk to people. We had this unofficial thing called Adopt an Old Person. That was when you would pick a neighbor who was older and just make sure they had what the needed. You know, a ride to the store, heat in the winter, a fan in the summer, someone to talk to, you get the point. Pork Chop was 86. He adopted an old person. He found the oldest person in the neighborhood and always checked up on him.
Pork Chop taught us all in the neighborhood how to be a good neighbor. Boy will I miss him.


Sad News

August 2nd 2009 7:47 pm
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I got some sad news today. Pork Chop, one of my closest friends has died. Pork Chop was a man not a dog. Mom says his real name was James. He was such a good friend. Whenever I would run away, I would always go right to his house. He always had a cookie or a treat for me. He didn't care if I hung out on his porch all day. Mom said he was pretty old, in his 80's. He fought in World War II. He was a crossing guard for the school so all he knew all the kids in the neighborhood. I am so sad that my friend is not here anymore but mom says he is watching us from heaven making sure everyone crosses the street safely.



July 29th 2009 2:48 pm
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As most of my dogster pals know, rain doesn't normally bother me and only the loudest of thunder makes me upset. But today we had a huge, huge, HUGE rainstorm. It didn't even thunder and this rain got me upset. I needed to find a good place to hunker down.

Fortunately, mom's closet door was open. But before I could hide, oops I mean hunker down, I had to make some space. The last time I hi-hunkered down in mom's closet, dad's crutches fell and hit me on the head. It was a good thing I didn't have to get them out of the way today. Mom told dad to put his crutches in his own closet. I think mom replaced them with purses.

So I had to take all of mom's purses out of the closet. Why does mom need so many purses anyway? It's not like she has any money in any of them. More importantly she did not have any food in any of them. The only thing I found in the all those purses was an earing and an old klennex.

Anyway, I managed to get all of mom's purses out and what was under the purses but tote bags! Geeze mom you don't have that much stuff.

AND THEN under the purses were shoes! OK mom I know you only have two feet. I have twice as many feet as you do and I don't have any shoes!

So after working all day I finally got a nice hiding place-I mean special spot to chill out in-in the closet. I got all comfy and mom comes home from work.

"Dorothy! Why are all my shoes and totes and purses scattered all over the house! You need to get out of the closet and help me clean up!"

I think I will need a hiding place after all.


I am NOT jealous

July 28th 2009 10:39 am
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Huck is a doggie who lives across the street from me. My miracle field actually belongs to Huck. Huck is just a typical doggie, a West Virginia Brown Dog. I have know Huck all of my life. He is someone fun to play with. Plus I really like his person, George. George always gives me treats.

So like I said, me and Huck have known each other forever. We sometimes play together, but mostly I check his field for food that mysteriously appears. I really didn't pay that much attention to him. I am a strong independant doggie and I don't need a boyfriend for validation.

Molly is a new doggie that moved in next door to me. She is a little tiny wiener dog. She is always going over to my oops I mean Huck's field and playing with Huck. If Molly wasn't so little, maybe I could actually see her and I would be able to tell her to get her paws off my stuff. (But, I can never see her. I am always right on top of her before I realize that she is there).

Mom says I am jealous and that I like Huck and I don't like Molly. Silly mom. It is not Huck I like. It is his miracle field. I haven't seen any food appear for a while. I just know that little tiny Molly has stolen it. GRRRRRRRRR!


Big and Little and the Secret Passageway

July 23rd 2009 3:08 pm
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My house has a secret passageway. Yes, I know it is too cool. It goes from the company room to the master bedroom. When I was a much younger pup, mom used to do a magic trick with me-making me appear in the guest room. (Ta-da). Then mom and dad decided to use the secret passageway for storage so that kind of blocked it in. (Which was good, because I really didn't think that magic trick was as funny as mom thought it was.)

Yesterday, Big and Little came to play. They were both in bad moods. They hated each other as only brothers can:

"I Hate you."
"Well I hate you more."
"Do you know who I hate? You.""

Well, you get the point. Finally, mom had had enough. She said: "Since you two hate each other so much, then Big you play in the company room and Little you play in the master bedroom. And don't come out until you can play nice."

Little got super mad at that and slammed and locked the door to the bedroom he was assigned in. And he couldn't get it unlocked. Mom, of course didn't have a key and anything she could have used to pick the lock was locked in the bedroom. So mom had to take all the things out of the secret passageway and send Big in to rescue his brother.

Big did rescue Little. Little was so happy he forgot he hated Big. They have been playing in the secret passageway all day long leaving me alone to sleep. I just hope they don't need me to do any magic tricks.

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