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its hard being a pup

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Sad news

October 20th 2004 5:35 pm
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Freckles, mom passed away last night. We have been walking Freckles because we knew her mom was sick, but last night she died. We took Freckles for a walk today she keeps looking for her mom. I don't know if she will come and live with us or with one of her other relatives. When Freckles' dad died, Freckles chewed herself raw. We will do what we can for her.
Good news is that Sam is out of the hospital, but he is still weak.


Grandma's here!

October 18th 2004 7:07 pm
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Hurray grandma is here! She got here yesterday with grandpa and my uncle,too. Of course as soon as they unpacked they went to the casino, so I really didn't get to see them until today. Grandma bought me some new bandanas, a green one so I can wear it to my best friends games (There colors are green and white). And a boy scout one and one for Halloween. Grandma made delicious home made dinner for us and she gave me a dreamsicle for dessert. Sam is still in the hospital so everyone think good thoughts for him. They think he might get out of the hospital by Tuesday night.


Winter Sleeping

October 17th 2004 11:16 am
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It is cold outside. So I have been sleeping in bed between mom and dad. They son't care, I am allowed on any of the furniture any time, but in the summer, I will usually sleep on the floor right on top of the air conditioner vent. But now that it is cold, I am sleeping in bed. Of course, everytime I get a nice pile of covers, mom yanks them away from me and dad is the biggest pillow hog ever. I guess I will just have to work at it to get the most comfortable spot on the bed. Grandma is STILL not here. I think that if mom brings out the vacuum on more time I am going to bite it. Sam is still in the hospital, but he is doing better.


Clean the house day

October 15th 2004 1:46 pm
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I was all excited because my mom stayed home from work today. I thought we would spend the day together playing outside(It is windy and cold and everything smells good). or at the very least having my mom itch my butt all day, but instead my mom said it ws clean the house day. She even got the dreaded vacuum cleaner out. Everywhere I wanted to sleep, there would be my mom with that mean evil machine. Then, she found all my secrect stash of bones and treats and put them back in my cookie jar. Now, what am I suppose to eat in case of an emergancy. She wouldn't even let me drink out of the toilet because she had cleaning stuff in it. So I had to drink regular kitchen water. She said we had to clean up the house because grandma is coming to visit. Now the house smells all clean and yucky. There is no dog hair on anything so I better get to work and start shedding all over everything before grandma gets here.


Freckles is Chicken

October 14th 2004 6:33 pm
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Today my dad had to work late so my mom took me and Freckles for our walk. Usually I sort of lag behind, take up the rear, but today I walked right with my mom and Freckles. There is a new dog in our neighborhood. He is a scottie and his name is Freeway. He is really cute. We smelled each other and played for a little while, but when he went to smell Freckles, she hid behind my mom. She is a big chicken. We haven't heard how Sam is doing. He is still in the hospital. My grandma and Grandpa and Uncle are coming to visit next week. (Not the ones who have Sam). These grandparents are not really dog people so I can trick them into giving me all kinds of treats I am not really allowed to have. I can't find my two big bones. I have looked everywhere and I think my mom took them to work to give to the dogs there, Molly and Copper. True, I really didn't like them and I never did anything but lick the flavoring off of them, but why should Molly and Copper get them? Mom says grandma will bring me two more bones that I can just look at until the next time grandma comes.



October 11th 2004 7:18 pm
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My grandma's dog, Sam, who I guess would be my uncle is sick. He is a cocker spaniel. They think he got into some poison. He is in the hospital right now. We are all sending good thoughts to Sam and to my grandma and pap.


Mom is FINALLY home!

October 9th 2004 11:41 am
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Well, mom finally made it back home from her ladies church retreat. I wanted to pretend that I was mad at her, but I was just too happy too see her. I sat as close to her as possible and she itched my jbutt as aonl;y she can. Then I brought her all my babies to play with and finally at bedtime I made sure to sleep right on her head. Sure it was fun staying home with just dad, but he doesn't know where all my special treats are at. ( Although he didn make me my own hamburer for dinner). Mom has promised that the next time she goes anywhere I can go too. That will probably be in Novemeber when we go to grandma's house.


Where's mom

October 4th 2004 4:41 pm
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My mom has been gone since Friday. My dad says she'll be back sometime today, but why isn't she home now. I don't want to go for a walk, because what if she comes home when I am walking. I don't want to go to bed, even though my mom told me before she left that I could use her pillows. I guess I could eat something to take my mind off of missing mom. dad says she is at some ladies retreat and he promises she'll be home in two hours, but I don't believe him.


Tummy Ache

September 28th 2004 7:02 pm
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I have had a tummy ache for two days now so I haven't been my usual friendly self. I guess I shouldn't have eaten all that road kill that washed up in the culvert. Fortunately my mom and dad cleaned up the mess and they didn'mad because they know it is hard to be a pup. They let me go out and eat a ton of grass and now I am feeling better.


Freckles takes a bath

September 25th 2004 11:52 am
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When we were going on our walk this morning Freckles found something really good and smelly and rolled all over it before my dad could stop her. She even got it on her leash! I was getting ready to roll to, but my mom stopped me (no fair). So we took Freckles back to our house and she had to take a bath. (Ha-ha I did not). While I was not too happy Freckles was on the porch I was happy that it was her and not me having to hop in the tub. I wish I could have rolled in that good smelly stuff, too but if it means taking a bath when you are done then I am glad I did not.

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