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its hard being a pup

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December 10th 2004 3:29 pm
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We just got the news that maw-maw and pap got a new dog. They are trying to post her pictucure on Dogster, but maw-maw is not having any luck at all. Maw-Maw and Pap were the ones who owned Sam, who died earlier this year. They were not planning on getting another pup until summer but this dog just fell into their lives. We can't wait to meet her, but we think it will probably be Summer before we do. So I guess now I have an new aunt and my mom has a new four legged sister. PS Mom found all my clothes so now I can't run around naked anymore.


Naked Walk

December 9th 2004 7:22 pm
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Mom had made me a christmas bandana by twisting together my red one and green one. It looks pretty cool but sometime in the middle of the night I lost it in the bed. But, I wasn't completely naked. I still had my necklace collar on. So Yesterday we went for a walk and since I had gotten in trouble on my walk the day before, I was on the leash. Well, Scooby had somehow slipped his collar and was out on a big toot. His grandma asked my mom and dad if we could keep an eye out for him and maybe get him back to his house. Well, that was no problem, because all the dogs in my neighborhood love (I mean LOVE) my mom. (Is she a pet physic? or does she just have a pocket full of dog bones)Scooby came right to her. But, she couldn't get him to stay. So she took off my necklace collar and leash, to put it on scooby but his head was too big. But I was naked. Naked and free. and I knew where there was a deer head just laying on the road. Whoo Whoo freedom and deer heads. But as I was on my way, Scooby's mom came by and got scooby into the yard. So I couldn't make my escape. But mom hasn't put my collar or bandana on me yet. I am still naked. But I can't get to the deer head.


I'm in trouble

December 7th 2004 10:59 am
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We were going on our normal daily walk and it is a nice day so everyone is outside, including my best human friend Pork Chop. We stopped to talk for a while and then continued on our walk to pick up Freckles. Our nieghborhood is shaped like a letterB. Freckles lives on the top of the B and Pork Chop lives at the bottom of the B. There is what I thought was a secret path in the middle of the B. So when Mom and Dad were getting Freckles I headed down the secret path to see my best friend Pork Chop again. I was not done visiting him, He didn't even feed me yet. While apparently, that path is not secret as I thought because who do I see standing at the bottom of the path but my dad so I pretended I was just smelling something and turned around to go back to Freckles house and who is at the top of the path but my mom. I was trapped. I was in trouble and I knew it. So I just sat down. I could wait them out. But dad said the N word (NOW). Now means now and so I had to go. Mom says I have to be on the leash until I learn who the boss of the walk again. (That's ok- I don't really mind being on the leash, especially since we walk with Freckles.)Freckles by the way is doing pretty good. She is still grieving the loss of her mom, but her brother is doing a good job taking care of her. Most of her fur has come back although she has that dalmation licking thing(I have it to You just start licking and you can't stop I take some medicine for it, But I almost went as St. Francis for Halloween, My paws looked like stigmata). Oh I digress I was giving everyone a Freckles update. Freckles is skinny but she is eating (No one is as fat as me- I can't help it I know who feeds you in the neighborhood and who doesn't). The rumor is that we are getting a digital camera for Christmas so I will have tons of pictures of me and Freckles and all the nieghbor dogs(Mom says Ranger is not a dog but a horse, but horses don't live in subdivisions do they?).



December 6th 2004 5:08 pm
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Happy St. Nicholas day everyone! If you put your shoes out last night (and put something nice in them for St. Nicholas' horse Peter) when you woke up this morning, you would find a gift in your shoe. (And not one from Peter). Since I do not wear shoes, I did not think I would get a present, but I did- A whole pack of Puparonis. Of course I wanted to eat them all right away, but mom said no and just gave me one for breakfast. I had to wait forever for mom to come home to get another one. I did want to give the puppies some advice about the trees that many families are bringing into the house now. They are so cool. They are perfect to lay underneath and they are perfect to hide behind. But all the stuff that your humans are putting on the tree, DO NOT EAT ! I know they only look good but they taste lousy. Also these trees can fall down easily, especially when you are chasing one of your pup friends. That happened the first year that I came to live with these humans. I was playing with my friend Whitters and the tree fell down, It scared us both but our humans thought it was funny. Anyway don't eat the ornaments. Oh mom wanted to mention that St. Nicholas day is really good if you have kids, it sort of takes the edge off the holidays if you can get a present early. It sure took the edge off for me. I'm going to try to charm some more puparonis off of mom. (Grandma would let me eat the whole package).



December 5th 2004 7:50 am
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Well, I am finally home from deer camp. It was great. All of my uncles and boy cousins were there, plus some other people I am not related to. Only one deer was taken, but, I know that we are getting deer from family friends and also one of our neighbors cuts deer meat and has promised me any deer heads (or other deer parts) that would just get thrown out. Mom says I have to eat them outside. (She eats deer inside so what is the difference). I can't really tell what goes on at deer camp it is a big secret. My cousin Andy (two legged) took me for a walk and we were gone for about three hours. After that I was content just to sit in front of the fire for the rest of the week. My cousin Beau(4 legged golden retrevier) was at camp too. I had to let him know that all the food was mine, but he didn't pay attention to me. Anyway, I had a good time and I am glad to be home. Now we are getting ready for Christmas, mom is still looking for the best Christmas outfit for me. (I don't like to wear hats).



November 27th 2004 7:56 pm
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What a fun week I am having. On wednesday morning mom and dad were so busy packing and loading up the car and deciding what they needed to take. I was getting a little worried because I didn't see my suitcase at all, but that was because mm had to go to the store to buy a travel size bag of dog food. Finally (about 3 hours later than planned) we got in the car for a major car ride. The first place we stopped was to see my mom and dad's old college buddies and their three kids. They didn't have any dogs and really did not want any dogs in the house so I had to stay in the basement while mom and dad visited. Of course the kids all stayed and played with me, so it wasn't so bad. Then back into the car so we could go to grandma's house. Grandma was in bed by the time we got there, but grandpa was still up. He gave me some treats and then it was bedtime. Thursday was, of course Thanksgiving. I got up with grandma to help her cook. Mom reminded me that I was not allowed in anyone's kitchen while cooking was going on so I just laid by the kitchen door to watch. Finally it was dinner time. My Aunt J and Uncle D came over and so did my uncle A. They were all full of love and would let me have little tastes of grandma's delicious thanksgiving dinner. ( Don't tell mom and dad). Friday we went to visit Aunt J and Uncle D and all of my dog cousins. They have 8 of them. 4 of the bigger ones were outside so I didn't get to meet them but I got to meet the 4 little ones. Aunt J does a lot of foster work for the local shelter. I got my picture made with some of my dog cousins and maybe one day if my mom ever gets her film deveoped you can see them. After we left Aunt J's we went to my other Aunt J's, but she is a cat person so I just waited outside on the porch while mom and dad visited and then we were off for another car ride. This time when we stopped it was to my Aunt A's and Uncle J's. But I didn't go in. We were just picking up my cousin(2legged not 4) A. And the car was so crowded I had to sit on A's lap. I didn't mind. Finally we made it to Maw-Maw's. Hurray!!!! Maw-Maw and Pap were the ones who owned Sam who died recently. They seem real happy to have a dog to pet,and will probably adopt another one once it is summer. Now I am on my way to Deer camp with my dad and cousin A. I heard that my Pap is there and my cousin J(2legged) and my Uncle J and a bunch of other guys who always go. Plus I heard my cousin Beau a golden retrevier is coming to deer camp too. So I will have another dog to play with, because of course we are not allowed outside while the hunting is going on. I also wanted to make it clear that my dad doesn't hunt. He is the camp cook. I can't tell what goes on in deer camp that is a secret, but we will be having a good time. I will write when I get back. (Poor mom has to stay with maw-maw and do boring things like shop and go to the spa).



November 23rd 2004 4:00 pm
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Only one more day until vacation. Then its off to grandma's for Thanksgiving and then to maw-maw's for thanksgiving and then to deer camp. I don't hunt but my dad does all the cooking. It is my paw-paw's camp. It is in a different state. Yesterday was the first day of deer here. Yesterday a human boy that I've known for nine years came to visit me. I was soo happy. Everytime he went to the door to go home, I would bark and bark. I wanted him to play with me all day. But my mom said he had to go home before it got dark. I will try to keep up a diary entry while I am at my maw-maw's(she has a computer).



November 19th 2004 7:22 pm
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Today is mom's birthday. She came home from work with lots and lots of treats, cookies and cupcakes and fudge. But she said I couldn't have any. I did manage to steal a cupcake paper. She told me that her and dad are going out to dinner tommorow and she will bring me something back. (I hope it is Chinese or Mexican and not just chicken). Mom showed me her presents but since it wasn't dog stuff (just some movie money and a gift certificate to the music store) I was not impressed. Grandma went home today. I guess she won big at the casino because she said she wouldn't be back until spring. I won't miss her because in four days we are going to her house for Thanxgiving dinner. When we went for our walk today, Dragon ( a lab mix) had a toy moose. She was playing with it. I realy wanted to play with it but mom said I have enough babies at home. Freckles wanted to play with it to, but mom said it was Dragon's and we could play with our own toys. Freckles' skin seems to be clearing up. She doens't have a lot to worry about now.



November 17th 2004 1:05 pm
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I have been having a good time visiting with my grandma. She makes me delicious food and let's me eat it, even though mom and dad say I have had enough. She always buys me tasty treats when she goes out and she will pet me nonstop. I have just found out that I am going to grandma's for Thanksgiving next week. Then I am going to MawMaw's after that and then I get to go to DEER CAMP!!!!! Hooray. I love deer camp. On;y teo more weeks. Deer camp is better than Christmas.



November 15th 2004 6:43 pm
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So I was just laying around trying to find the most comfortable spot in the living room and also where I could see what everyone was eating, when who should come walking in the door but grandma. Hooray Grandma is here again. And mom didn't even tell me! So I spent all day with grandma. She cooked some delicious cabbage and noodles and homemade soup and then she cleaned the house. After she was done doing all moms chores( what does maom do all day-it sure isn't cleaning) grandma went to the casino. Good Luck Grandma. Mom is making a todo list for when you get back. #1. Clean the Oven. #2. Wash the curtains.

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