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its hard being a pup

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One More Day Til Christmas

December 24th 2004 2:34 pm
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One more day until Santa comes. I have been sooo good this year. I know that I will get somthing extra special under the tree. Tody on our walk, I passed out bones to all my dog pals. Buddy decided to come for a walk with us,too. When we got home, Buddy just stayed I guess to help mom and dad with the luminarios. (Except that Buddy kept walking on them. I was good I just sat on the porch and watched.) Now the house smells delicious with food being cooked and I know it isn't even the main course, it's just the appetizers. I hope all my dogster friends have a great holiday too.



December 23rd 2004 10:04 am
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Yesterday, mom had to go to work, but, dad stayed home with me and we had a great day. We got pizza delivered and he gave me a whole slice, we went for a walk and I got to see my best friend pork chop and even Freckles was in a playful mood. Dad let me just hang out on the porch when we got back until mom came home. Mom came home with all kinds of Christmas presents so I guess she was happy she had to work. She made me by presents for all the dogs and cats where she works. I didn't think that was fair( especially buying for the cats) but the dogs and cats got me some bones too so I guess everything worked out in the long run.



December 20th 2004 1:21 pm
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Brrr! It is cold, cold, cold. It is so cold that our pipes froze last night. Fortunately, mom was prepared so I didn't have to go thirsty. She had plenty of water in the fridge. it is so cold mom says we can't go outside for a walk. She told me to go out to do my business and come right back in- she isn't going to stand there with the door wide open until I decide to get off the porch. But I like the cold and the snow. Mom has a big coat and a hat and gloves, why can't she walk me? Well, ok after a minute with the wind blowing I am glad to be inside where it is warm and toasty.



December 19th 2004 4:46 pm
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Today is my birthday. Well, it's really my gotcha day. The day my family got me from the pound. I have been living with mom and dad for eight years. Mom made me a special breakfast of some super delicious dog food that she got in the mail. It was too too cold to have a party, but I did get to see my best girlfriend, Freckles. And it snowed. Mom said it snowed especially for me. Then for dinner, Dad made me a deer neck. It was great. But I wish I had a cake.



December 18th 2004 12:23 pm
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Mom seems to be feeling better, so I am not straving to death. It is a nice sunny day and I have already taken a big walk. We stopped to get Freckles, who is really looking good. All of her hair has grown back. Harley managed to sneak under his fence so he went for the walk too. And then Cookie was running away because she was supposed to take a bath, so Cookie came for the walk as well. The Tree is up and I have my favorite spot under it. Mom says she has everything ready to celebrate the hoildays, but I haven't smelled any cookies baking yet. I hope she didn't forget.



December 16th 2004 5:11 pm
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Mom is sick and dad is out of town. I don't think mom is going to be cooking dinner anytime soon. As soon as she came home from work she went right to bed. I think that means I have to eat dogfood. Unless I can figure out a way to get out of the house, then I can just go see what Pork Chop is making for dinner and eat with him.


A Bad Start today

December 14th 2004 7:04 pm
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I had a bad start this morning. My dad got up really super early - even before my mom. So I thought I would get out of bed and see what was up with him. Well, i misjugded the distance from the bed to the floor and I landed on my paw funny. It is ok now but, I couldn't walk on it for a while. Mom rubbed it an said I would be ok and she was right. But, What was dad doing up. While mom was rubbing my foot, who came in, but Roger!!! Roger only comes this early if we are going camping or fishing Hooray!! But, we wern't going camping(Boo-Hoo). Dad and Roger had a big business meeting early this morning. So I was disappointed all morning long. But, mom made it up to me by making me a delicious dinner of pork chops and doughnuts.(yum). She said it was gilrs night. That's not too bad.



December 13th 2004 1:43 pm
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It is snowing. Hooray!!!!I love snow!!!!! I love being a snow puppy!!!!!Snow is Weather you can eat. I only come in long enough to warm my toes up and then it is back out to play. Hooray for snow!!!!!!!


I trick mom and dad on our walk

December 11th 2004 11:48 am
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It is really terrible weather rainy and cold and windy, but I still wanted to go on a walk and see if that deer head was still around. So finally mom and dad decided we better go for a walk. We went and got Freckles which I was surprised Freckles wanted to go on a walk because she doesn't like to get her feet wet. But this worked right into my plan. I also conviced mom that I could be good without my leash. I knew she would take it off of me if I wanted to go in the field, because mom doesn't like to get wet either, so she wouldn't be trancing around in the field. I walked by mom and dad and Freckles but Iwalked slower and slower until I was too far behind for them to wait for me. Unfortunately the deer head was gone, but I did not have to go for the whole two mile walk in the rain, because I know when I am lost to go home. So I got to sit in the dry and warm garage while mom and dad and Freckles got all wet. I think Dragon took that deer head. He was the only other dog out today. I will deal with him later.


Not an Aunt

December 10th 2004 4:08 pm
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Oops, maw-maw just wrote to tell me the new pup is not a girl but a boy. So I have a new uncle and mom has a new brother. Mom doesn't think that is fair because she has enough brothers (2legged kind). This pup is a rescue who was spending his life in a cage while the owners worked all day. I am sure maw-maw and pap will spoil him. They always spoil me.

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