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its hard being a pup

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January 27th 2005 7:24 pm
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I spent all day on the couch thinking of a way to go see Pork Chop. I knew I had to be clever, because mom is always foiling my plans. So when mom came home from work, I went outside. I just sort of hung outside in the bright sunshine smelling the smells until mom came out with my leash. But she did not have Freckles' leash and Freckles was key to my plan, so I refused to go out of the yard until mom got a leash for Freckles. When mom got the leash I took off, but instead of going up the hill and past Pork chops house first I went the other way so that we would pass Freckles' house first. And while mom was busy with Freckles I took off toPork Chop's house. I used Freckles as a diversion . I knew that mom would never be able to catch up with me if she had Freckles to deal with. And I was right. I made it to Pork Chop's and got to see Pork Chop and eat some of Rosie's cooking before mom made it down the hill. Of course then I was ready to go home but mom said Oh No. I had go on the entire walk even though my toes were cold. Mom siad they weren't cold when I was making my get-a-way or when I was eating Rosies food. Well, cold toes were worth it.



January 26th 2005 6:34 pm
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Ok, normally I love going for a walk, but today was just cold and wet and damp and I really did not want to go out at all. But, China was running up and down the street like crazy, she doesn't usually get out for toots, so I went out on the porch to bark at her and all the people chasing after her.(It looked like she playing a fun game.) Since I was outside mom was right behind me with leash in hand. She said we were going on our walk while it was still daylight. Well, I played along. I went across the street to the field like I normally do and mom walked up ahead to wait on me.As soon as I couldn't see mom anymore I headed on back home. But mom came around the corner telling me to come on, so I pretended I was lost and did what I was taught to do if I get lost, I just sat down and waited. Mom started laughing because she knew I was just pretending(I was right across the street from the house). Mom told me to come so I went over to her but there was this big muddy ditch that I would have to cross to go on the walk and I didn't want to get my feet all wet and muddy.(We won't bring up the fact that I was sitting in the wet muddy field). So mom showed me a place to walk that wasn't in the ditch and it was directly across from the driveway so I just walked up the driveway and went in the house where I plan to take a nap on the heater vent. China, by the way, made it home fine after her big run up and down the road.



January 24th 2005 4:39 pm
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When mom came home from work today she said it was just too too cold to go for a walk. But she let me out to (well you know). It didn't seem all that cold to me. Maybe 15 or so. I kept begging mom to take me for a walk. Finally I saw Matt walking Rusty and Jake so I took off with them. Mom called me back and knew I wasn't giving up. So mom got all bundled up and she got my leash just in case but she said I was on my own walking on the ice. That's when I put my plan into motion. Instead of walking down the road, I headed up the road. I was taking the walk backwards. Then, I took the inner circle. (I got to see some of my friends-Rusty2, Abbie, Blackie and Max), but I had a master plan. And that plan was to go to Pork Chop's house. So as soon as we got to the hill I started to run. I knew mom would never run down an icy hill after me. Then the gates to Stephens yard were open, so I could go through the side gate and cut through their yard and out the front gate and be right in front of Pork Chop's. So I did!!!Pork Chops lights were on and his door was open, but just as I started to knock at his door, mom comes up behind me and snaps the leash on. So I didn't get t0 visit Pork Chop and eat some of Rosie's good good food. I'm disappointed, but tomorrow is another day.



January 23rd 2005 3:44 pm
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So, last night I am having my before bedtime nap when mom goes flying through the air. She says she tripped. She says she tripped over me(but mom is grace incarnate so I doubt that she tripped over me). Anyway, she fell right into the wall, hitting it so hard she left a mom imprint in it. Dad says we will have to patch up the wall. She hit her head on the thermostat and that jerked her head forward and she hit her mouth on the laundry basket she was carrying knocking a tooth out of her mouth. She is ok, just bumped up and bruised and with no tooth(and no dental insurance). The big mystery is what happened to the tooth. We can't find it anywhere. She knows she didn't swallow it and it is not stuck in her lip although her lip is super swelled so how would she know. She thinks I might have eaten the tooth, but I didn't. Maybe if mom ran the sweeper more the tooth wouldn't blend in with all the dog bone crumbs on the floor. We hope all the doggies are keeping warm on this cold cold winter day. According to the news a lot of our dog friends are getting tons of snow. We are not. We are like the hole in the doughnut(MMMMDoughnuts). Keep warm and have fun being snow puppies.



January 21st 2005 9:04 am
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I got picked as a diary pick yesterday!!!!! I was soooo pleased. I told everyone I was related to. Now I am getting rewards and praise from all my family. Yesterday, because I was such a good writer, dad left the CD player on for me all day and mom gave me a chicken carcass. I am so good. But now I am upset. It is a snow day. Mom is not at work. There is a ton of snow outside for me to eat, but is mom taking me for a walk? NO! She is cleaning the house!!! How can she be cleaning on such a beautiful wonderful snowy day? Is grandma coming back.(that is the only time mom cleans). No grandma is not coming back, mom says she just needs to clear a path so we(read dad) doesn't loose everything. She has promised to take me out to play as soon as she is done. Well, I will believe it when I see it.



January 19th 2005 7:43 pm
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As soon as mom came home from work I was ready to go out to play. Did she not know that it had snowed? Could she not see the snow on the ground? Did she forget that snow is my favorite type of weather? It IS weather you can eat. So we went for our walk. There were a lot of kids out sledding down the hill. I went to sit on one of the kids sleds but mom said no. I thought it was a moving bed. Then the kids had a snowball fight and I was right in the middle of it chasing the flying snow. It was great. I did not get to see my boyfriend Shiloh but I got to see my other boyfriend Bear. Plus Harley my second best dog friend came on the walk with us. Harley knows mom's rule about bones.(Any dog who comes in the yard gets a bone). We also got to see Buddy-but he didn't walk with us. he is busy taking care of his owner pork chop who had some kind of stomache trouble and just got out of the hospital. He is doing pretty good. I hope it snows again tomorrow, maybe there will be a snow day and someone will be home with me all day to play in the snow.



January 18th 2005 4:58 pm
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It is still sooo cold out. I don't know why mom and dad don't like to play outside when it is so so cold out. I love the cold weather. Mom did give in and take me for a walk and on our walk I met knew friend. His name is Shiloh. Mom doesn't know what his breed. she says he is just a little black dog. But I sure do like him. I am the oldest female dog in the neighborhood so that sort of makes me the alpha female around here, but mom was shocked because I let Shiloh stand on me. I can't help it I really really like him. I didn't even bark when he came on our porch to get a special treat. I also got to see Buddy. It turns out Buddy and Shiloh are related somehow, but they sure don't look alike. Maybe only their humans are related.



January 17th 2005 6:24 pm
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Brrr!!!It is cold out. But I love the cold weather. Mom and dad didn't have to work today, but they both said it was too too cold to go for a walk. Finally after hours of begging and going in and out, mom finally gave in and took me for a walk. Dad didn't not want to go. Mom said he was a big wienie. It was a great walk. Nice and Brisk with a lot of good smells. I was just about the only dog out. Max and Blackie came out from under the porch when we walked by so mom gave them a bone and told them to go back where they were warm. There was a dog running that we didn't know a very nice black lab. Mom thought it could have been one of the rebels( there are three black labs in our nieghborhood and they are all named Rebel) but he ran away before mom could check him out. It is going to be very very cold tonight, so mom hopes all the doggies are able to go in their houses. But all the doggies know the are welcome to stay in our carport on those cold and wet nights. A lot of times we have some dog company. We have more dog company than mom thinks we have. Sometimes we even have cat company. Nap time.



January 15th 2005 7:18 pm
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When we went on our walk we stopped at my best human friend's house Pork Chop. He just got out of the hospital so my mom and dad went in to see how he was and I went too. I never was inside his house before. My best dog friend Buddy lives at Pork Chops so I got to see Buddy too. I was so happy to see Pork chop. After I visited with him I explored his house. I ate all of Buddy's food and all of the cat's food too. Then it was time to leave. Buddy came with us and when we got back to our house, Buddy ate all my food!!! I can't believe it. What kind of friend would eat all my food. I don't have a lot you know- just that big bag in the kitchen. It's not like buddy doesn't have food -I know because I ate his food. I am still in shock he would eat my food. He even gets to eat cat food. (He's so lucky). Then my mom even gave buddy a special bone treat. I think I better go take a nap. I haven't had one in about 15 minutes.


Hanging with the Guys

January 14th 2005 7:16 pm
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When mom got home from work today, she caught me lounging on the couch. I am allowed on the couch, but I always like to get a boost. So now mom knows my little secret-that i can get up on the couch with no help at all. So mom made me go out to do my business and all the neighbor boys were coming down the street. So I decided to hang out with them. They have a club house in the field. They were going to play football. I like to play football. Then they found a dead squirrel. We were going to do something with it but my mom showed up and told those boys not to touch no dead thing. She made me come in and made all the boys wash their hands. I had a good time hanging out with the boys.

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