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its hard being a pup

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February 27th 2005 6:18 pm
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Mom had a special girls day and I wasn't invited. Aren't I a Girl? But mom told me that today was a day to spend with my dad. So me and Dad and Freckles went for a big long walk. We walked all around the nieghborhood, but since my feet were so tired from the puppy rescue yesterday(we haven't seen them since so we think they found their way home) I had to take my time and rest and visit with everyone. Freckles wanted to run but she showed patience waiting for me to catch up. When mom got home I acted all mad at her, but mom knew I was just pretending. Especially after she had a cookie to share with me. Then I decided to sit with her on the comfy couch again.



February 26th 2005 4:44 pm
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When we went on our walk today,Trixie's mom (Trixie is a little wiener dog) told us about these beagle puppies that were stuck on one side of the fence and their mom was stuck on the other side of the fence. Trixie's mom was trying to reunite them. So we went to help. One of the puppies was easy to catch but the other one just kept getting away. Mom said to call him Trouble. Finally all the humans cornered this pup. They put them back over the fence. So the mom could be with her babies. These pups were about 2 months old. We hope they weren't drop off's but a family that just got loose somehow. I thought it was especially exciting because I got to go into yards I have never been in and meet some dogs I have never met before. Of course Shiloh was there helping out too. Then to make sure the pups and the mom got together, me and dad went down the railroad tracks to see. They all seemed to be heading towards each other, so me and dad made our way home. I was exhausted. It was a super long walk.



February 25th 2005 7:22 am
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Mom is a big fat liar!!! Remember how she told me yesterday that they were giving out free hams in the neighborhood, but I missied it because I wouldn't walk with her? Well, that was not true at all! I know because when I went on my walk today, I went to every house I could to find the free hams. There were no free hams. I asked around, no one got a free ham. I got so far behind mom and dad looking for the free hams that I missed when they turned and I couldn't find them. So I came home through the back yard, disappointed in not getting any hams. The gate to the back yard was locked so I had to bark and bark and bark until mom finally heard me and let me in. I was still mad at her and dad, but what made it even worse(besides the lie about the ham) Shiloh was on the front porch eating my bones. Mom says maybe next time I will keep up and walk with them.(Hey you know teenagers don't like to hang with their parents.)


I run away

February 23rd 2005 7:38 pm
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Today we went for our normal walk. We saw Pork Chop at his wood pile and I stopped to visit with him for a while, but mom and dad said we needed to go get Freckles so we did and we pickedup Harley, too. Just a normal walk. Well we always go past Pork Chop's house twice and the second time Rosie was out so me and Harley stopped to see her. She had some delicious bones for us. But she had some sad news, Buddy has moved away. Buddy, Harley and I were the three musketeers(dogateers) and Buddy moved to the next town over. Oh well, more bones for me to eat. Anyway, after eating Buddy's bones I decided to go down to the creek to see if there was any good dead things to eat. Mom and dad both called me to come but I pretended I couldn't hear them and I went to the creek. Mom and dad did not wait for me. So after I checked out the creek there was no point in sitting on Rosie's porch since she already fed me, so I just went home. I waited on the porch for mom and dad. When they finally got home mom told me they were giving away free hams on the rest of the walk!I can't believe I missed that. I guess tommorow when mom and dad say let's go I'll be there. (or could they be just teasing me about the free hams).



February 22nd 2005 6:07 pm
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First this morning Shiloh stopped by to get some bones. I was really mad because I think he wanted to hang with grandma but That's my grandma! and Grandpa! Dad gave him a few bones so he finally went home. Mom and dad went to work leaving me alone with grandma and grandpa. I helped them cook and eat breakfast and midmorning snacks and lunch and then they left. They did not offer to take me with them. They were going home(with a stop at the Casino on the way). Now who is going to feed me everytime I look sad. Not mom and dad they are on to my tricks. I miss grandma already, but mom told me don't worry, grandma and grandpa will be back again.



February 21st 2005 4:27 pm
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My diary got picked this weekend. I was really happy to see that. Thank you, thank you. Grandma is down visiting and when mom and dad went to work today, It was up to me to help grandma cook dinner. Normally, I am not allowed in the kitchen when people are cooking, but mom and dad were not home. So I helped grandma and if I helped myself to some table food well I guess that is payment. We did have delicious beef strognaoff and I helped. It rained and rained all day today so I didn't go out until I couldn't hold it in any longer. Someone had to keep grandma company all day.



February 18th 2005 4:00 pm
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The rumors are true, grandma is coming to visit us again. And grandpa is coming too. You know what that means-tastee treats for me,their favorite granddog. Grandma usually brings me down a new outfit too. Of course that also means that mom spent the whole day cleaning like a crazy woman, getting rid of stuff that grandma brought down at her last visit to make room for the stuff grandma will bring down for this visit. Mom would like to know how many cans of cranberry sauce do we actually need. She pulled 7 cans out of the cupboard and I don't remember ever eating cranberry sauce at all. But the good news is since mom has got the house all cleaned up, she doesn't want it to get messed up by cooking so she is just ordering take-out. You know there is going to be a hushpuppy for me. I just love when grandma comes, everything is all different.



February 16th 2005 6:01 pm
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So yesterday we went for our daily walk and Shiloh joined us and when we got home, he was still there and he came in my house again!!!and he jumped right on my bed. I couldn't believe it. He's lucky he didn't get into my food bowl but he was just exploring. Today, one of the Rebels was out so he and I romped in the field for a while. Dad thought it was too cold to go for a long walk. Mom doesn't mind the cold. Sometimes she will go for a walk when even I think it is too cold. Mom says it clears her head. Wonder what's clogging it up? I heard a rumor that grandma was coming to visit again this weekend. I heard mom tell dad that maybe 400 miles wasn't far enough away.



February 14th 2005 4:19 pm
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Happy Valentine's day to all my pup pals and all my loyal readers. I know I did not get my picture into the Valentine parade, mom was just too lazy or busy I don't know. But, mom did let me wear my pink bandana for Valentine's day. Mom and dad had a "date" yesterday and I was not invited. They went to the museum and saw a movie about Dolphins and then they saw an exhibit 1000 Dogs- A history of dogs and Photography. Mom thought it was thought provoking, but I don't understand why if it was about dogs they don't allow dogs in to see it. Mom said they didn't want to invite comparisons.
Today is also one of mom's work dog's birthday. Happy Birthday Copper. They found Copper 3 years ago in a box on the side of the road with a balloon tied to her. She was so small she fit in mom's hand and now she is a huge honkin' giant dog. And she is very strong. She can open a garage door. and she thinks nothing of just moving sheets of paneling around. When she was a pup, she chewed a hole in the drywall and she also chewed threw the siding on the house. Fortunately she is out of that stage and now just likes to lay in the sun or play with her sister Molly. Anyway mom made me give Copper some of my bones for a birthday present. I was not tooo happy about that but mom told me to get over it. And then she gave me a special valentine bone, too.



February 11th 2005 11:41 am
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It's snowing, big fluffy flakes of snow!!!I have been waiting all day for someone totake me for a walk in the snow. Finally, my parents see that I am ready to explode and take me for a walk. Every dog in the nieghborhood is outside. I stop to chat with all of them. Most live behind fences but some of them are free range and the free doggies have joined us on our walk. It started with just me, but by the time my walk was over we had Freckles, Scooby, Harley, Shiloh, Zora, Buddy, Cookie and Pup all in the front yard eating bones and playing in the snow. And Barking. Barking for joy on the snow day. How can anyone not love snow???

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