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As The Biscuits Turn

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My second woofday

July 17th 2009 9:26 am
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One thing I'm learning is that time goes first year as little puppy I don't remember too well.....but this last year I've grown up..I've learned that bees can sting...some plants I shouldn't eat...cheese is the greatest thing on the planet..tug of war is my favorite game....I shouldn't chase moms birds away...if I put on a sad face I get anything I want...but mostly importantly I realize that I am truly blessed to have made so many wonderful pup friends and am thankful for each and every one of them.


I've been tagged....Getting to know each other.....

February 18th 2009 5:37 pm
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Copy this diary entry, and paste it into your own diary. Read and then delete my answers. Then you can fill in your own! We can get to know our pals better ~~ Have fun with it ~~ Then send a rosette or pawmail to 4 pals and ask them to post it in their diary too!
1. What color is your collar?
I have is pink...and one is red......

2. What kind of food do you eat?
I eat Dick VanPatten's Natural Balance Sweet Potato and Fish

3. What are your favorite treats?
I love the sweet potato sticks moms gets for us......

4. Do you have a sweetheart or significant other?
No.........but I love my bruther and kitty sisters

5. Do you get Table Scraps?
Not much....only little broccoli or other vegs...or potato skins..

6. What is your favorite toy:
My squeaky duck

When is your Birthday?
July 18th

8. How many times a day do you get to eat?
Twice a day in the morning and eveing and some snacks in between.

9. Do you have a favorite color?

Do you hope all your pals put this in their diary? Golly, I hope so, it’s truly fun to *howls* “getting to know you, getting to know all about you, getting to like you, getting to hope you like me!”


I"ve Been Naughty Tagged

January 30th 2009 10:49 am
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I've been Naughty Tagged!!!!
January 30th 2009 1:40 pm [link to this entry]
I was naughty Tagged by Abbey
I am supposed to name 5 things about me that are naughty..
BOL - that shouldn't be too hard..

Here goes...
Well I think I"m pawfect so this won't be easy for me...BOL...
1 - When mom feeds Thatch and I ...I try to eat really really fast...just gulp it down and then I try to get into Thatchies bowl.
2 - When I want to play...I take a toy and keep putting it in front of Thatchies face..but as soon as he goes to grab it...I turn away...I'm a such tease.
3 - I have two sissy cats who stay mostly in the screened in patio...but I wait and watch for them to come through the doggie dog to the living room....and as soon as I see them..I chase them down the hallway.
4 - When some people come to the tells me to sit and be quiet...but I don't listen cause I"m just so excited.....Thatch is the same way...and mom can't ever open the front door...she has to go out the garage....
5 - As long as I"m awake...I never let Thatch sit, stand, or lay next to mom...I push him out of the way........I'll always have to be first and get all the attention....

I am supposed to tag 5 pups and have you share your naughty side... Be watching for a rosette - to see if you get tagged!!!


I thank my lucky stars

January 16th 2009 10:20 am
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I never realized just how lucky I am until recently........see not every pup gets to live indoors.....not every pup gets to cuddle up on the couch with mom or dad ...not every pup gets to sleep in their pawrents bed...or warm up inside when it's cold out or keep dry from the rain and snow......not every pup knows what unconditional love from humans is.....I do.
I'm not here for only a short time......I"m here as a member of the family and treated as such......I"m here until I get old or sick and pass away........I'm here because I"m so very loved...
I don't have to worry about getting old and not being of use to my pawrents by producing puppies and traded in for a younger pup. I don't have to worry if the weather gets bad if I can go inside and get rubbed dry with a warm fluffy towel..........I don't have to worry that my pawrents won't love me for my whole life....or send me away. I have no worries and so many other pups do. I pray for them......I pray that they never end up in homes where they aren't treated like a member of the family. I pray for them that they can all someday know the kind of pawrents and home that I have. And I pray that someday laws are passed that force puppy mills and breeders to truly treat these pups like the unconditional loving pups we all are. Maybe one day....until then I'll put my paws together every night and thank the powers to be that I"m one of the lucky ones...and mom will continue to fight for laws that protect all the unlucky ones.


Tick Tock...

June 18th 2008 5:01 pm
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Wow it's been so long since I"ve many trips and parties and fun stuff.......Shelbys woofday is coming soon....I'm so excited for her.......yet I"m afraid as mine gets closer.....then I have to go back to the vet and figure out when my operation will be.......I've had so much fun swimming, and being with my pup friends...I don't want to have an operation......I'll miss all the fun.......well at least it will be after Emma and Thatch get married.....He's so happy.....and though I don't tell him ...I'm really happy for him too....he's been so much nicer to me.....
I've met so many wonderful pups since mom told everyone about my hips...everyone's been so kind and caring and there are so many other pups that have worse problems then I's very encouraging to me to talk to them and see how brave and positive they are. Mom said I will get a special gift after my surgery...wonder what it could be..Well I"m just hoping the whole thing isn't until after the summer...I love swimming and the water is warm enough for me to go it would be better when the weather is colder...and in the meantime I'm just going to enjoy every minute with all my special friends......


Ace Ventura --Pet detective

March 28th 2008 1:57 pm
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Well I might not be the brightest star in the galaxy........but I know when Thatch is keeping a secret.........all day long he's been smiling.....not that he never smiles....but this grin isn't coming off....He's been out cleaning his truck all day...whistling up a storm....practically skipped into the house for lunch..didn't even want to take an afternoon nap....So I ask...why are you so happy? And he pats me on the head and says something dumb back ...the sun is shining what's not to be happy about? Oh I would believe that....I followed him all day...Thatch who is an avid lizard hunter in our backyard?...he practically tripped over one this afternoon. I sat in anticipation for him to leap at it and make the kill........but no, he smiles at it and says hey how ya doing? He even asked mom if she needed help with her garden...VOLUNTEERED to work? And then he walked over to a squirrel and asked how his day was going!!!!!...I almost fainted..he's been trying to catch one for he's talking to it?....I thought he actually might be sick at that point..I tried to tell mom something is up but she said oh no Thatch is just being nice......I can't believe I'm the only one who notices this....he's too happy to be sick........I didn't see him fall and bump his head or anything......this is definitely the works of a big secret........and why he doesn't trust me I don't know...but I'm going to keep gathering clues and following his tail.....I just have to find the right clothes to wear for the job........hmmmmm


Lifes a party

March 18th 2008 7:33 am
[ Leave A Comment ]'s been a really special let Thatchie and I go on a cruise to Jamaica.......and we have the best time.....met lots of new great pups...Max and Tink even got engaged.....and we saw some really neat some new clothes and had soooo much food....and Thatchie and I even got along.....he's finally not treating me like a baby so much.....
And then last night Thatch and I went to cinemadogs St. Pats party........and I had the greatest night.......Austin came , he looked so handsome and we danced, and held paws and even kissed.......oh and he said he'd go with me on the next cruise..he's just the best pup...and my best friends Shelby,Emma,Hannah,Zoey, Mud and Painter were there too...the place looked so pretty......and the food was great.....
The only thing that didn't go well was my first swim strapped this life jacket thing on me and tried to lower me into the pool......I weigh close to what mom does so this was not a graceful thing....and the water was cold and I didn't see the steps to get out...and I panicked.....and I tried to claw my way up and out over the side.......and ended up scratching mom and hurting my now I"m going to sit on the couch for the day and relax...moms even giving me a massage.......I'm sure I"ll feel better by tomorrow......I'm ready for another party.............


Love makes the world go round

March 4th 2008 10:22 am
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I always knew my mom and dad loved me....but it's been so special to me to learn just how many loving and caring pups there are.......Since mom said that I have hip dysplacia and will need an and Thatch have gotten so many pup mails from so many pups, a lot from ones I never knew before.....and I want to thank all my pup and old for giving me hope and sending me love (makes my mommy cry, but I love it). I'm getting lots of extra attention, and what lil pup doesn't like that? Even Thatchie is being really really nice...he sleeps next to me every night now, and I can't tell anyone , but he kisses me goodnight too.
I've made a lot of great pals...Shelby my best pupfriend...all the pups at cinemadog , doggie connection, the rainbow bridge angel puppies, the hip dyslapsia group, creategreeting/photo group, Dudley lab group, and oh at least 20 other groups ..too many to list......and of course my many close pup pals whom mean so much to me ...... I want to thank everyone of them....
and I will continue to lap up all the extra labbie attention I'm getting because I'm one smart lil lab pup..and when I can figure out where to get a green dress from...I'll see everyone at the party on St. Patricks day .......


On the road again

February 15th 2008 7:50 am
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Well my operation is all over more lampshade on my head, and I can run and play with Thatchie again......we went to a Valentines Day party at doggieconnection, and I got to wear my red gown.......Shelby and I went without our boypupfriends....but had a really good time and looked all grown up. We rode in Bentleys purple pick up truck........and Thatch won an award. He stood in front of the mirror all day, and was dancing around the he wants a red truck of his own and he's bothering mom about it.........I want one too...I'll ask for a black mustang....I'm a big girl now and I know I could drive. When mom takes him out for a driving lesson, I'm going to sit in the back seat and watch everything they do and then try it myself. If I can bake pretzels, and bread and cookies and clean and iron, I can drive......I would go visit Guinness, Shelby, Emma,Zoey and Hannah and everyone else..and I can wear my red high heels...and look really hard can it be? ........I can't wait........


The Blurry world of Chef Emma

January 24th 2008 8:52 am
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What a great day I had yesterday...mommy and I spent the day in the kitchen......baking pretzels !!!! We both wore our aprons.....I did have a little hard time with the helmet on...kept fogging up, and got a little dirty with flour cause I kept trying to move it out of my way.......scared mommy a little bit when I was tryin to take the tray of pretzels out of the oven and almost got my helmet stuck in the oven door.....but I wasn't stuck...the heel of my new high heels broke and I slipped forward...and my helmet only got a little burned.....I wiped the drippy plastic out of the pretzels....and they looked butiful.......Thatchie was of no help...we couldn't find him all day....but then he likes to play hide and seek with me since I got my helmet...he's always hiding...and then I try to find him....sometimes I can't though. Anyway I'm saving him lots of pretzels...and I know I'll see him when he comes to get the yogurt treats we also made yesterday (thanks for Kodah). And if mommy lets me go to cinamadog tonight to go riding with Shelby (my best friend) I"m going to bring a tray of the pretzels with me so everyone gets to have one......I wish Guinness could go sometime...but until I get my stitches out and this dumb helmet off I don't want him to see me......but we'll bake him a fresh batch as soon as I'm all better.....can't wait for him to taste them....

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