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the Start of Family

My Crossing Day

April 11th 2009 5:55 am
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It has been two yrstoday that I crossed. It still hurts Mom to think of that day. Mom could not be with me to help with me crossing. And it makes her so sad . Mom was in the hospital when I fall and hurt me neck,Dad found me on the floor crying in pain. He rushed me to the Vet , I had broke my neck and was in so much pain, even with pain meds I was still crying. They had to make the choice to help me cross. I'm now running free and I just greeted my new fur brother Buddy last week, when he crossed. Mom had both of us laid to rest in the shade of a tree at home so she can watch over us. Thank you for the love.


One Year

April 11th 2008 5:20 am
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It has been a year that I crossed over. Mom and Dad are sad but ok with it. I know that I was loved. Mom made a special stop for me and has it marked with a stepping stone . There is a poem and paw print on it. Mom says that I helped Blackie pick her out to have a new baby to love. And Then I saw Little Man and know that he would be for Dad. They both love and follow them all over the house.

I have a new friend here. Sam crossed this week. He know my family on Earth. So now we can play all the time here. The whole Rainbow Bridge group meets all new members and have a party for them. Will I'm going to go play some more, and make the round.


New Puppies

October 21st 2007 1:29 pm
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Well the family has new puppies. I can watch over them. I think the is helping Mom. Mom knows that I loved puppies. Their is one that mom thinks looks like me. Boy that would great.


waiting for newwpuppies

October 7th 2007 4:21 am
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I just love new puppies. Now I cab watch over then all the time,,
When Chole had her puppies I woud sat out side a gaurd them, Then Snowball had hers she would let me get in and snell if them loved that.


missing Treats

September 30th 2007 7:50 am
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Mom made treats for the Family. She was so sad, I loved the pup pops and would begg to get mine fisrt. Now it is hard for my dog mom to They can say my name and callye starts to look for me, It will get better. Dixie is having new puppies soon and that will help mom.


Best Freind

September 23rd 2007 10:57 am
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Awagging tail,adoring eyes, barking at the door,playful tugging,frequest naps,toys strewn across the floor....With little snorts, and playful barks you made your presence known and knowing you were always there, I never felt alone... You loved it when I scratched your ears, I swear it made you smile. I could never stay angry with you, I couldn't if I tried ... The barking at the door has ceased, no wagging tail to greet me, just memories of a splcial freind and good times are I see.. Although I miss you dearly, I'll try not to feel so blue, because I know that there's a heaven for special dogs like you.

Love Mom


Missing Thumper

September 20th 2007 10:59 am
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Thumper left us April 11,07. I was in the hospital at the time. I had not seen Thum for three days. Thumper was playing with his family,he must have fallen. My husband found him in the living room floor, Thumper was cring. Shannon moved him to a blanket and carried him to the Vet. The vet wanted to xray him. So Shannon left him there and came home , he had to sleep because Shannon worked midnights. The Vet called me at the hospital, to tell me Thumper was in great pain and had broke his neck. I had to make to dec. to have Thum put to sleep.
To this day I cry when I talk about Thump. I'm cring now. I miss him so much.


First Day

September 20th 2007 9:53 am
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Thumper was born in Dec. to Callye. Callye was in labor and want to be in our bed not the box we had madeup for her. So i covered our bed with waterproof pads a her blaket. Thumper was the fourth puppy born.

Thumper's full name is Mischief Thumper Stone. We call him Thum most of the time and Thumper if he is in trouble. He can tell if he is in trouble.

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